Best Thermal Scopes – Top 10 Reviews

Thermal scopes give you an obvious tactical advantage in any situation.

When hunting, defending, or operating in military settings, your vision is critical.

Thermal vision is a super power. 

The best thermal scopes can help you see through darkness, smoke, fog, dust storms, sand storms, rain, snow, and even some thin plastics to detect sources of heat.

And by heat, we’re talking about the bodies of animals or enemies.

The quicker you can acquire your target, the faster you can make a decision about the threat or opportunity that life form represents.

To help you decide faster about which product is worth your attention, we reviewed the 10 best thermal scopes on the market.

Why You Should Use Thermal Scopes?

You might be thinking and wondering regarding why shooters or hunters use Thermal Scope and they do not prefer to use some other scope! ?

Here we are going to tell you. You can also call these scopes “thermographic weapon sight equipment”.

They are given the name of “thermal imagery scopes” or they are termed and marked as thermal weapon sight tools.

Most importantly, this is a sighting device. It consists of a compact thermographic camera as well as an aiming reticle.

You can mount and install this scope on a variety and an extensive number of small arms and guns. They can be easily mounted even on heavier weapons too.

They are packed with regular ultraviolet sensors. For the reason that these thermal weapon sights can be conveniently operated during the time of total darkness.

Using a thermal scope will always be beneficial for you. If you want to shoot or hunt a game in places that are fully covered with snow, then always use such a scope.

In addition, these scopes make it easy and trouble-free for you to locate any of the heat sources against its background setting of low-temperature range.

{ Top 10 } Best Thermal Scope Reviews:

Now, let’s get started with the review of thermal scopes.

10. The OpticGuru ATN Thor-HD Thermal Scope – Infused With Innovative Sensor

You can try out the theOpticGuru ATN Thor-HD Thermal Scope. It is packed with an Innovative sensor. Most importantly, it detects and recognizes the target thermal energy during the time of absolute darkness.

It helps you in targeting and aiming in times of adverse weather conditions. This scope claims to give you crisp images all in black-and-white palettes and also in bright color palettes.

It has got a built-in rangefinder so that you can get precise and accurate of all distance measurements. Apart from that, this thermal scope has a Ballistic Calculator.

It makes use of an automatic point for the sake of impact adjustment. With the help of the Recoil Activated Video property, you can record for a pre-set interval of time frame.

Lastly, this scope has a Smooth Zoom. This feature is going to seamlessly get adapt to the image right to your natural eyesight.

What We Like:

  • Ballistic Calculator is present in it.
  • It records Recoil Activated Video.
  • It shows the Smooth Zoom feature.

9. ATN Thor LT Thermal Rifle Scope – Gives Maximum Performance 

Then we have this ATN Thor LT Thermal Rifle Scope. Most probably, you will buy it as it gives Maximum performance and included in the budget-friendly price category.

This one is a top-quality thermal scope. It has broken all of the price barriers. It is incorporated with advance and high-end heat detection sensors.

This way, you can trouble-free see in the time phase of total darkness. This scope makes it possible for you to see and target at your game in the phase of dense fog, smoke, and even in heavy vegetation conditions.

If you are looking for a thermal scope that has a traditional design, then you can try this suggestion. It consists of a 30mm tube scope. And this scope is made by using hardened aluminum alloy.

It comprises recoil resistant trait so that you can use it for any of the higher caliber weapons.

What We Like

  • Advanced heat detection sensors are infused in it.
  • It is constructed by hardened aluminum alloy.
  • Maximum performance is shown by it.

8. Sig Sauer SOE11011 ECH01B 1-2X Thermal Scope – Ideal For Hunting And Camping

Sig Sauer SOE11011 ECH01B 1-2X Thermal Scope is an ideal option for hunting and camping times. It is made by using the highest quality materials.

In addition, it is made in the United States. Besides, it gives you clear target images regardless of the fact whatever the light conditions are! It works and functions in the form of conventional reflex sight.

You will enjoy getting a fast and intuitive kind of target acquisition experience. There are five default reticles present in it.

You can even upload new reticles in it. This same product is accompanied by a color LCD display and offers multiple temperature settings. It has an electronic zoom up to the range from 1x to 2x and embossed with IPX-6 waterproofing.

We suggest you try this thermal scope as it has a 30 Hz frame rate, and serve you with an 8-hour minimum runtime.

What We Like

  • The highest quality materials are used in it.
  • It is ideal for hunting times.
  • It is made in the USA.

7. Pulsar ThermionPulsar Thermion XM Thermal Riflescope – Gives 320×240 Resolution

How about trying this Pulsar ThermionPulsar Thermion XM Thermal Riflescope! It gives the user a 1,850 yd detection range.

Furthermore, this scope is installed with 320×240 resolution and also 12um pixel pitch core. You get 8x digital zoom in the form of continuous zoom as well as stepped zoom.

You can make use of a Stream Vision app so that you can connect your thermal scope right to your mobile phone. It has a Built-in Recording feature that comes and packed with recoil activation property.

You can order this scope right now for yourself. It has 13 variable electronic reticles, 1 shot zeroing and runs on freeze functioning.

It gives the user with top-class and High Definition Images. You may prefer buying it because of Customizable Reticle Options present in it.

What We Like

  • It has 12um pixel pitch core
  • Built-in Recording feature is there in it.
  • It has 13 variable electronic reticles.

6. Armasight by FLIR Zeus 640 3-24x75mm Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope – 3-Year Warranty Time


Most certainly, this Armasight by FLIR Zeus 640 3-24x75mm Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope will meet all your requirements.

Customers will get a 3-year warranty time. It is composed of Selectable Color and also 6-Pattern Reticle and this property is included with no Reticle Option.

You can record videos for sure as this scope has a Built-in Memory. Hence, this is the latest and one of the most technologically advanced scopes that we have picked for you.

It is best to be used by Sporting, Law Enforcement markets, and Military markets. This is a magnified and dedicated weapon scope that is suitable to be used for all kinds of day and night engagements.

It detects targets no matter the area is covered with snow, dust or smoke, fog, or even with haze.

What We Like

  • The 3-year warranty time is offered
  • You can record Videos.
  • It can be ideally used by anyone.

5. FLIR Thermosight Pro PTS233 1.5-6x19mm Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope – Multiple Color Palette

Have you tried out a thermal scope that has a Multiple color palette! If not, then try this FLIR Thermosight Pro PTS233 1.5-6x19mm Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope.

It is featured with a 12 μm Pixel pitch. It is made by an industry-leading brand and runs on on-chip video processing.

Do use and try its On-board video recording property. Furthermore, this scope has a bright FLCOS display so that you can get absolute clarity.

It consists of a Digital compass and the feature of the Inclinometer. Thus, this scope makes sure that you experience a precise range and 100% perfect target orientation.

You tend to get Exceptional Vision and this scope completely eliminates the possibility of guesswork.

What We Like

  • It has a 12 μm Pixel pitch.
  • Multiple color palette is injected in it.
  • It shows images with absolute clarity.

4. IR Defense IR Hunter Mark II 640 60hz 35mm Thermal Rifle Scope – Lightweight

Next, we have this IR Defense IR Hunter Mark II 640 60hz 35mm Thermal Rifle Scope. Its Detection Range is up to 1000+ yds. On the other hand, its Resolution scale is 640 x 480.

Its provided Video Frame Rate is 30hz and the Magnification scale is 2.5x, 20x. Moreover, the Digital Battery Life of this scope is up to 5 hours.

It consists of a Display of 640 x 480 OLED and goes an Environmental Rating by being termed as Water-resistant and fog-resistant.

Make sure that its Operating Temperature is from -40°C to +50°C and the Storage Temperature lies in between -40°C to +71°C. If you plan to order this thermal scope, then keep in mind the dimensions, they are 7.4” L x 2.9” W x 3.1” H, and its weight is only 840 Grams.

What We Like

  • It is Water-resistant.
  • It is fully fog-resistant.
  • It gives a Warranty time of 3 Years.

3. Trijicon Teo Reap-IR Mini Thermal Scope – Made in the USA

Trijicon Teo Reap-IR Mini Thermal Scope is the next recommendation from our side. It is quite easy and Made in the USA. Along with that, this one of the top-picks is compact, lightweight.

Most noteworthy, this scope is infused with a 640×480 thermal sensor and digital contrast enhancement feature. It gives you with digital focus control and edge detection property.

It offers magnification power that is 1x optical/8x and fused with a digital OLED display. Other features that are present in it, they are e-zoom and this scope Polarity start-up time is almost 5 seconds.

What We Like

  • It is best for all outdoor enthusiast
  • It is manufactured in the USA
  • It is simple to use.

2. ATN Thermal Riflescope – Build-in Smart Rangefinder

ATN Thermal Riflescope has a Build-in Smart Rangefinder in it. In addition, it gives Excellent Image Performance. This scope is encompassed by 384×288 Sensor.

It detects heat energy and lets you see clearly even in whole and complete darkness. With the use of a ballistic calculator, you can calculate and compute the trajectory of your bullet.

The purpose of using Build-in Smart Rangefinder is that you will be able to improve your target shooting game. Lastly, with the usage of Smooth Zoom, you can instantly magnify your target.

What We Like

  • Excellent Image Performance is given by it.
  • Ballistic Calculator is the main feature of it.
  • It gives High-Resolution HD display.

1. Zeus 336 3-12x50mm Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope – Gives Best Price-To-Performance Value

The last suggestion is about this Zeus 336 3-12x50mm Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope. Most probably, you might be able to find this scope as a High Performance and top-class working Thermal Imaging Camera.

It fits on any of the Picatinny MIL-STD 1913 rails and Weaver rail. Even more, you are given with Optional External Power Supply option and Video Recording option.

Its installation process is easy. Hence, this is a unique and user-friendly thermal scope that runs on a quick-release locking mechanism.

It guarantees to give maximum reticle contrast and along with that, you will be delivered with high-level target accuracy.

The level of accuracy and preciseness that is given by this scope, it is quite surprising.

What We Like

  • The 3-year warranty time is given to the customers.
  • This is a High-Performance scope.
  • It fits and adjusts to any Picatinny MIL-STD 1913 as well as Weaver rail.

How to Choose the BEST Thermal Scope? – Buyer’s Guide

The TOP Thermal Scope of 2020 (Guide & Review)

Quick To Mount

You can have that thermal scope that is quick and simple to mount. If it is tough to mount, then avoid buying it. It is the quality of high-end thermal scopes that they are quick to install and set up.

They should give you flawless operation and swapping time if you want to change the scopes between one gun to another.

Compact And Lightweight

It is better to have thermal scope models that are compact and also lightweight. It will be difficult for you to use those scopes that are heavy-weight.

Lightweight scopes tend to make you more active. Your gun remains to stay balanced. Moreover, your hunting, shooting job becomes easy.

One-Shot Zero functioning

It is recommended to have a thermal scope that shows one-shot zero functioning. This way, sighting in your scope will always come out to be easier for you.

Furthermore, with the use of one-shot zero, you only have to move zero reticle right to the first point of impact.

Consume Less Power And Offer Long Run Time

Avoid buying that thermal scope that consumes more power. Top-quality scopes, show a low power consumption rate.

You need to understand that batteries are marked as an important part of any kind of thermal scope. Choose that model whose battery run time is almost up to 10+ hours and need to deliver continuous use.

Quick Detach Mount

Most probably, shooters like to use that thermal scope version that is injected with Quick Detach Mount properties. If it has a Quick Detach Mount, then that will be considered as a great addition for your thermal cope.

This feature will allow you to move your scope from one platform to another and still be able to retain zero.

Cooled VS Uncooled Thermals

Here you know the clear difference between Cooled thermals and Uncooled Thermals.

If you are using a cooled thermal imaging device, then you are going to see that they have their detectors all stored in a unit section that cools them up to the range of -32 degrees F (0 degrees C) or it can be lower as well.

Most importantly, these devices run on cryogenically-cooled systems.

They are installed with an incredibly amazing high-resolution range. They give out high sensitivity when their elements are cooled.

These thermal scopes are more expensive. On the other hand, they are more susceptible when it comes to wear and tear.

Uncooled Thermals are the infrared-detecting elements. They are usually and generally contained in a unit. These thermal scopes operate and function at room temperature.

Besides, they operate quietly and you are free to activate them immediately.

Thermal VS Night Vision

Now, we are going to talk about the Thermal scope vs Night Vision scope.

If the person is using a thermal imaging scope, then that scope can detect any of the minute differences in heat sources during the process of detecting the game.

Besides, they can detect radiation. They do not need any kind of visible light for the sake of producing images. You can use these scopes at any time of the day.

Like, you can operate them at day or at night, it is up to you. As animals generate heat and they tend to say warmer, that is why it becomes easy for the person to target those animals at a great distance by using a thermal scope.

Night vision rifle scope relies and somewhat dependent on the least amount of ambient light. They can carry out the job of detection at great distances.

If you are aiming and hunting a game at night, then make sure that enough amount of light is produced and generated by the moon and stars.

If there is no natural light, then IR illuminators present in a night vision scope are going to generate light. You can say that they act in the form of flashlights for these scopes.

The drawback is that one cannot use these scopes during the time of bright light. By doing so, you may damage your scope intensifier tubes.

Best Thermal Scopes – Frequently Asked Questions:

Can A Thermal Scope See Through Walls?

No. Thermal scopes cannot see through walls.

Unlike video games, like Call of Duty, that let you see other players through glass windows with thermal scopes, this is not how real thermal optics work.

A human body doesn’t produce enough heat to go through a house wall with normal insulation. So if someone is hiding behind a wall, or even a glass window, in real life your thermal scope won’t see them.

The only exception would be if an extreme heat source behind the wall was strong enough to change the temperature of the outside surface of the wall.

But in normal conditions, the infrared waves are reflected off the outside surface of the wall. So the thermal scope cannot pick up on the heat on the other side of the wall.

Can A Thermal Scope Be Used In The Daylight?

Yes. You can use a thermal scope in the daylight. Unlike night-vision scopes that can only be used in darkness, thermal scopes can be used during the day because the infrared technology is detecting different levels of heat, not

However, when it comes to thermal scopes, you are free to use them in the daylight and thus take your job of scouting and hunting to an exciting new level.

What Thermal Scope Does The Military Use?

Thermal scopes can be used for military purposes. You can get any reliable brand thermal scope and use it for military applications. Like, you can have this L3 LWTS scope.

It gives a high resolution. This one is a rugged and durable military thermal scope. It is designed in the form of a handheld and also precision thermal sighting tool.

Can I Use A Thermal Scope For Bow Hunting?

You can use a thermal scope for bow hunting. You can avail them for scouting as well. Moreover, you can use these thermal imagers all along the roadways and field roads during the times of low light or even at night.

The only thing that you need to check and verify is that the use of the thermal imaging apparatus needs to be legal in that particular area.


This is all about the thermal scopes.

So, are you interested in trying these recommendations! Their best part is that they offer 10 plus hours of battery use and they even show Ultra-Low Power Consumption.

They allow more focus. Furthermore, they let you target your game with minimum efforts.

They run on revolutionary technology. Their only con side is that they are expensive. But if your job is tough and heavy, then do go for this heavy investment.

These scopes easily detect any of the animal body heat and do not need any visible light to create sharp images. Keep in touch with us, more reviews are coming up.