Fallout 4 video game cover
Fallout 4 video game cover

Fallout 4 Tactical Gun Mods

In this article I will be telling you about some of the best tactical gun mods for the video game Fallout 4 that are available on Nexus Mods, as well as your gaming console.

I’ve played Fallout 4 about 5 years.

I’ve tested lots of different gun mods for hours each to find the best ones out there.

I will specifically be talking about the following gun mods:

These mods can be downloaded on PC as well as console.

They do not require you to have any of the Fallout 4 DLCs installed to use them.

But you do need the original Fallout 4 game (obviously).


The SIG MCX Rifle Mod

The SIG MCX rifle mod is one of the best tactical assault rifle mods for Fallout 4.

It has a very clean look and it has a lot of customization options.

You can add a long range scope with a longer stock and a laser attachment to make it single fire so that it becomes a sniper rifle.

You could increase the magazine size and give it a shorter stock with a short range scope or no scope to create a tactical assault rifle submachine gun hybrid.

You can even customize the sprint animation so that when you hold the gun and run you hold the gun as you sprint just like the sprint in call of duty modern warfare.

fallout 4 real tactical gun mod sig mcx rifle
Fallout 4 gameplay screenshot of the realistic tactical gun mod for the Sig MCX Rifle.

The SIG MCX also has a damage modifier so you can change the amount of damage the gun deals.

You can make a very overpowered gun that can kill just about anything with one shot, or if you think the gun deals too much damage by default then you can lower the amount of damage the gun deals which is what I ended up doing.

Some of the other attachments include a scope modifier that has short range and medium range scopes.

The medium range scopes are similar to most scopes used in Fallout 4 for assault rifles and other video games for assault rifles.

Screenshot of the reloading animation from the Fallout 4 SIG MCX mod
Screenshot of the reloading animation from the Fallout 4 SIG MCX mod

The SIG MCX has a variety of long range scopes that are perfect for someone who doesn’t like to get close to their enemies and prefers to not be seen.

There is also a bullet and magazine modifier, depending on what bullet you use it will make your gun deal more damage or less damage or the same amount.

Depending on the magazine you use, you can give your gun more ammo which is great if you want to just hold down the trigger and obliterate your enemies without reloading your weapon.

There are laser and flashlight attachments that can go on the bottom, top, left side, or right side of the gun.

The flashlight attachment replaces the pipboy flashlight which means the light will now come from the gun instead and it makes the light slightly brighter.

The laser attachment comes in the color green so unfortunately you can’t have a red or blue laser or any other color.

The laser works like any other laser would.

Zoom view through scope of the fallout 4 sig mcx rifle mod
Zoom view through scope of the Fallout 4 sig mcx rifle mod

You can attach a grip to the front of the SIG MCX but from my experience the grip doesn’t really do a lot but it still looks cool.

The gun’s chamber is also modifiable, depending on what chamber you use you can make the gun fully automatic or single fire.

You’re also able to customize the barrel and muzzle of the gun.

You can extend or shorten the length of the barrel.

With the mussel the best thing you can add is a suppressor because it will make your gun a lot quieter and you can also add a flash guard.

At last, the final thing that you can modify on the gun is the stock.

Depending on the stock you use, you can have a longer stock or short stock.

You can also make your gun have less recoil which is perfect if you also want to have a high rate of fire.

This mod is available on Nexus Mods and it is also available on console as well.


The Mossberg shotgun mod

The Mossberg shotgun is the best tactical shotgun mod out there that is available on both Nexus Mods and console.

It has a very clean sleek black look and custom reload animations.

The shotgun also has custom sound effects that make it feel more tactical.

It makes the gun sound and feel amazing.

Probably one of the best things about the Mossberg shotgun is that you can customize the ammo type.

The best ammo type for this gun is the incendiary rounds (flaming bullets).

The Mossberg shotgun also has a damage modifier so that you can raise the damage of the gun or lower it if you think it’s too strong.

The Mossberg shotgun has a laser/flashlight modification and since you’re not gonna need to aim that much with this gun I recommend using the tactical flashlight.


The Mossberg shotgun has a good bit of range for a shotgun.

Even though its bullets spread it will still deal a good bit of damage from far away even if most of the bullets don’t hit.

It has a scope modifier and most of the scopes are short range but that’s fine since it’s a shotgun.

There’s a scope modifier but it is best to have no scope or a very short range scope since it’s a shotgun and you will most likely be using it for short range combat.

Also there are different stock options which just change the way the stock looks and the stability of the gun.

This mod is available on console and on this Nexus Mods page.


The HK-USP pistol mod

The HK-USP pistol is an amazing pistol mod because it’s the most customizable pistol mod out there.

I’m gonna start off by saying the USP pistol has a damage modifier and it works the same as the SIG MCX damage modifier.

Now one of the better things that you can modify is the trigger pull speed/fire rate which can make the gun semi automatic.

Now there is a newer version of this mod that came out recently called the HK-USP .45.

I recommend getting the original mod which is the mod I have been talking about.

The reason why is because when I downloaded the HK-USP .45 mod the gun was simply invisible and it didn’t fire properly so I recommend getting the HK-USP pistol mod and not the HK-USP .45 mod.


The HK-USP pistol has an extendable mag and a quicker reload modifier so if you combine that with the faster rate of fire modification and a silencer then you have the perfect pistol.

There are a few different scopes that you can choose from even though they have about the same zoom the reticles are slightly different on each scope.

There are some different barrel options but the best thing you can have on your barrel is a suppressor.

This mod can be downloaded on console and this Nexus Mods page.