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10 Best Pellet Pistols of 2021 [Reviewed]

Today we are going to tell you everything about the best pellet pistols. A pellet is a projectile that is nonspherical and shoots from an air gun.

An air gun that shoots pellets is known as a pellet pistol. The main purpose of the pellet pistol is to hit your target. You can only hit the target by using a gun.

So it’s important to select the best pistol so that you can easily adjust the target.

In this article, all the information about different pellet pistols is given.

First, we will tell you about the accessories of a pellet pistol. Then how it works so perfectly.

Then, in the end, we will tell you about the most frequent question that helps you to solve your confusion about pellet pistols.

Let’s get started

Without wasting your precious time let’s first talk about the accessories of the best pellet pistols.

Best Pellet Pistols Reviewed:

1- Crosman 2240 Bolt Action CO2 Pellet Pistol (0.22)

Crosman 2240

It is the best pellet pistol that increases accuracy and focus. Crosman provides a safe and exciting experience during shooting. Also, it is a single-shot pistol and shoots a .22 pellet.

The weight of the pistol is 1.8 pounds with a full length of 11.2 inches. It offers a great gripping facility with a unique design. This facility allows both left-handed or right-handed shooters to use it properly.

For accuracy, it has a rifle barrel. CO2 works with Crosman pistol. 

A bullet of .22 caliber can reach up to 460 fps when it is passed through the barrel.

For good testing, it gives a checkered surface and thumb rest facility. 


  • Consist of high-quality components
  • Product of a reputed company with good equipment and accessories
  • Looks like an air gun but not a real air gun 
  • Best for target shooting
  • Available at an affordable price


  • Produce a loud volume when the gun is shot.
  • Most of the gun is plinking.

2- Crosman Vigilante 357 Co2 Air Pistol Lit with Holster

Crosman Vigilante 357 Co2 Air Pistol Lit with Holster

It is a well-made gun with high-quality material. Crosman Vigilante is the best pellet pistol of a reliable revolver style. The FPS velocity of the gun is low but still, it has good accuracy.

It is a semi-automatic air gun of revolver style having a capacity of 10-shot. Crosman uses .177 caliber pellets. The length of the Crosman Vigilante is 11.5 inches.

435 fps can reach by the pellets when bullets leave the barrel. It follows the mechanism of CO2. You can also use a nylon holster. You can attach this holster to your belt.

Crosman offers 6-BBs clips and almost 3 10-pellets clips. Also, you can shoot BBs as well as a pellet pistol.


  • It can perform both single and double action
  • Has an attractive design
  • Available at an affordable price
  • BBs and Pellets are powered by CO2


  • Due to its design, it is difficult to use with thick fingers
  • Produce low velocity than your expectations

3- Beretta PX4 Strom .177 Caliber Steel BB Airgun Pistol

Beretta PX4 Strom .177 Caliber Steel BB Airgun Pistol

The Beretta is developed in a way that it resembles the existing members of the Beretta family. It is a well-known family in the firearms market. 

It is a good tribute to its family. Beretta is famous for its accuracy and great ergonomics. It gives a balanced feel due to its perfect size. 

It becomes a shooting pellet pistol and a near-range eyelid when its velocity is less than expectations. The caliber of Beretta PX4 is .177.

It works exactly like a real firearm. 

Beretta is a 16-shot repeater. The faster you shoot, the more you can pull the trigger. It has 2 rotary clips of 8-shot at both ends.


  • Looks like a real fire gun
  • Pellets or BB’s can be shot using PX4
  • High capacity pistol
  • Performs double action


  • Have low velocity
  • PX4 does not contain CO2 cylinder

4- Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Pistol (.22)

Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Pistol (.22)

Benjamin Air is the best pellet pistol for hunting. It is one of the outstanding brands in the firearm market. They provide a good quality product with amazing performance.

Due to its features, you may find it costly. The best thing about Benjamin air pistol is that it can target up to 33 yards and use a pre-charge pneumatic system.

It contains two indexing systems that can perform a bolt action. The caliber of Benjamin air pistol is .22. With lighter pellets of .22/5.5mm, it can achieve a fast shooting capability.

The shooting speed can be equal to the lightning speed.


  • The structure is made up of stainless steel and best for hunting purposes 
  • According to its prices range, it gives the best performance that you can expect
  • With the use of 8 shot magazine, it can perform bolt action
  • It has a two-stage trigger
  • It has a velocity of 700 feet per second which makes it the best pellet pistol with more power
  • Multiple accessories are available that you can use


  • Due to its features, it is costly
  • Make a loud noise on shooting
  • A separate pump is required to operate PX4
  • This model has no open sights

5- Dan Wesson ASG 2.5″ CO2 Powered Air Revolver, Silver

Dan Wesson ASG 2.CO2 Powered Air Revolver Silver

It is a well made best BB revolver. Dan Wesson has a caliber of .177 BB. It has very lightweight components but still looks like a proper revolver. 

The structure is made up of metal instead of ergonomic grips. Usually, ABS plastic manufacture these grips. It has a CO2 cartridge of weight 12g. This cartridge is placed in the grip so that you can easily access it by sliding back the style of easy-load. 

It consists of almost 6 cartridges. Each has a BB of 4.5 mm. These cartridges are kept in the metal cylinder that is fired every round. When you buy a Dan Wesson you will get it with a speed loader and tactical rails that are attached to the best pellet pistol.


  • Has a compact and stylish look
  • You can adjust the rear sight
  • The structure is made up of solid metal
  • Safe to use


  • You can not adjust the front sight because it is fixed
  • It only shoots BB’s not pellets
  • It has a low velocity as compared to other best pellet pistols 

6- Duke SAA Colt Peacemaker CO2 BB Revolver, Nickle air pistol

Duke SAA Colt Peacemaker CO2 BB Revolver, Nickle air pistol

Duke SAA Colt has a fixed front sight and rear sight performs only a single action. It also has a working ejector rod which is used for a manual safety. The best thing about the Duke SAA pistol is that it includes 6 shells.

The size of the CO2 cylinder used in Duke SAA is 12-grams and has a 6RD cartridge cylinder. It has a stylish and attractive design that includes it in the best pellet pistol list. It has a good finishing look.

It has not a very high range of velocity and has good accuracy. It is made best according to its price range. For new shooters, it is considered as an aid in training. 

It has a comfortable structure so that you get an overwhelming experience whenever you use it.


  • It has a manual safety system
  • Finish is nickel-plates
  • The front sight is fixed
  • The structure is made up of solid metal


  • Have low velocity as compared to other best pellet pistol of the same price range
  • It performs only a single action
  • Do not shoot pellets but only BB’s

7- Colt Python CO2 Revolver Chrome air pistol

Colt Python CO2 Revolver Chrome air pistol

The best thing about Colt Python is its grips of faux wood and a chrome finish. Faux wood grips make it easy for you to hold Colt python in your hands for a long time. 

And its stylish chrome finish makes it attractive. The front sight of the Colt python pistol is fixed while you can easily adjust the rear sight.

It has a CO2 cartridge cylinder of 6-RD with a weight of 12-gram.

It can perform both single and double actions. For manual safety, it provides a working ejector rod. The gun nickel is stored in a cartridge shell box. In this box, each shell with a steel BB is loaded.


  • For manual security, it provides a working ejector rod
  • The full structure is made up of a solid metal
  • Cylinder can swing-out
  • It has a stunning quality to its price range
  • The finish of the chrome-plated metal


  • You can not adjust the front sight because it is fixed
  • Has an extra replica in it

8- Smith and Wesson M&P Airgun (Black, Medium)

Smith and Wesson M&P Airgun (Black, Medium)

For shooting enthusiasts, Smith and Wesson provide the best pellet pistols. This pistol has a caliber of .177 BBs and can achieve a speed up to 480 FPS. 

It has a rear sight of fiber optic. CO2 capsules are used for electricity because this model is semi-automatic. The best thing about this pistol is that you can customize it with the help of a barrel rail.

To improve the accuracy, under the barrel you can mount to the flashlight or laser sight. 


  • Best for backyard plinking and training purposes
  • It is semi-automatic
  • Gives the facility of a manual safety
  • Available at an affordable price


  • Looks like an original firearm

9- Alfa Competition PCP Pistol air pistol

Alfa Competition PCP Pistol air pistol

It is built with the best quality components that make it more accurate.

Alpha competition PCP pistol is a legitimate gun used in competitions. It is used by experts only. 

You can adjust the front sight to 3 widths and for height, you can adjust the rear sight. It works on both stages. You can set the pistol on a single-stage or 2-phase.

Alpha Pistol uses a dry-fire mechanism. You can also adjust the trigger and position so that you can carry it with you. You can remove a 6-oz from the pistol.

Its excellent material quality makes it the first legitimate gun for serious competitions.


  • It has a velocity of 500 ft per sec
  • It uses a Dry-fire mechanism
  • Best for 10-meter long shooting matches
  • Match rifle is of legitimate quality


  • On the top of the barrel, it just has an 11m rail 
  • Expensive for the ones who do not take shooting competitions seriously 

10- Air Venturi V10 Match Air Pistol

Air Venturi V10 Match Air Pistol

Air venturi is considered the best pellet pistols because of its stylish look and one year warranty.

It is a pro summer model that air venturi produces. This pistol is best for target shooting.

It has the best features that suit its price range. You can adjust the trigger to make it more accurate.


  • It gives highly accurate results
  • Gives a stylish and accurate look
  • It is a single-stroke pneumatic 
  • Available at an affordable price


  • It is only a single-shot
  • It can become an addiction to the shooters. This addiction will lead them to more expensive guns because of their good shooting capabilities.

Best Pellet Pistols – Buyer’s Guide:Pellet Pistols

Before buying a gun you should check its quality and durability. It is important to buy a product from a reputable and legal brand.

Keep in mind the purpose of buying a pistol so that you can select according to the requirements. 

Here are some important factors that you should keep in mind before buying a pistol. 


It is the most important factor that you should consider before you buy a gun. Velocity is changed according to the purpose

For Example:

If you buy a gun for hunting. Then how much velocity is needed to kill the animal safely and from what distance you shot the gun

Pellets do not travel much and can not penetrate through solid surfaces.

Due to this reason, there is a chance that they will reflect and cause some serious problems.

For shooting competitions, higher velocity is needed. So that you can reach the target while standing at a larger distance. Also, you can adjust the sight to target the aim.

Do not waste your money on buying cheap pistols because they can cause unexpected issues.

Power Source:

Most of the best pellet pistols used CO2 and pneumatic air pressure by using an external pump.

Less time is used to install CO2 cartridges and also they are easy to use. But they are expensive. Also, CO2 has many limitations.

External pumps are available at a low price and last for a lifetime.

But you need some knowledge to install them and more focus is required to keep them consistent.

We can not say which one is better or which is not. But you should buy the one which fulfills your all requirements.

Distance Achievable:

The best pellet pistols that we mentioned in this article can cover a distance of 50 yards.

CO2 has less range but it is more consistent in the range that its cartridge allows.

While hand pumps can achieve a higher range but are less consistent than CO2.

Also, CO2 gives more accurate results. Single stroke pneumatics used to keep the velocity consistent.

It can benefit you with all types of delivery within a system.

These guidelines are not difficult to remember. In the end, choose the one that fulfills all the tasks that you want in the best pellet pistol.

Air Pistol Accessories:Air Pistol Accessories

Having the best pellet pistol is not enough. You can enhance its features by using some accessories.

These accessories increase the performance of a pistol and make your shooting experience better.

With the right gun components and accessories, you can aim your target with ease. 

Getting the right aim for the target may take some time. But you must feel comfortable during shooting.

Here are some important accessories that you should use to increase the best pellet pistol performance.

1- Air Gun Scopes:

To magnify the image in front of you it uses a series of lenses. As a beginner, it is important to use air gun scopes. They make it easy for a shooter to get a clear and closer look at the target.

Moreover, you can get a clear view of the target even at a large distance. The best thing about air gun scopes is its shockproof and waterproof ability.

2- Scope Mount 

To get the best scope you must have a scope mount. Your scope will be held in a right place after firing if you use the correct scope mount.

You will want the one that can adjust to the different height levels. Because of this feature, you will be able to set multiple levels at different levels. 

3- Side Shot Scope Cam Mount:

It is one of the coolest accessories that you can use with the best pellet pistol. With the help of this feature, you can record your shot video with the help of a phone.

Moreover, you can record slow-motion shots of the scene. You can also improve your shooting time or aim by seeing your shooting videos. 

4- Suppressor/Silencer:

For beginners, the silencer is very helpful. It reduces the noise at a very low level.

Due to this, the shooter can easily concentrate on the target. It makes your gun attractive and improves performance.

5- Bipod:

Beginners can not handle a gun with accurate stability. Their hands tremble a little. Due to this, their aim disbalance a little.

To resolve this issue, they should use a bipod. It helps to add stability to the gun even if you place it at different locations.

Bipod also makes your shooting experience more comfortable. Until you get a better hold on your aim you can adjust the stance and height of the bipod.

6. Magazine:

With the help of a magazine, you can put many rounds of pellets in the best pellet pistol. It looks like a gun clip.

If your aim is not perfect then this accessory is best for you. As it allows you to shoot many times within a short duration of time. It also reduces gun loading time.

The magazine is one of the best accessories that saves your time and increases pistol performance by increasing its shooting speed.

How Do Pellet Pistols Work?How Do Pellet Pistols Work

Best pellet pistols use two mechanisms on which it works.

These two mechanisms are pump and CO2. Both have their method and advantages. Let’s have a deep look at these mechanisms.

1- Pump Mechanism:

It is simple to use the pump mechanism. You are free to start the pumping process when you place a pellet inside the gun. Between the pellet and pressure chamber, you can found the pellet.

This mechanism allows you to pump multiple times when you use multiple types of pellet guns. Some best pistol pellets can handle 10 pumps at a time.

Pressure builds up and resists your attempt to fill the chamber. When you continuously pump them 5 to 6 times.

Aim the gun and pull the trigger when you are satisfied with the pump.

Just behind the pellet, a leak-proof barrier is raised and all the pressure is released when you pull the trigger.

Through the muzzle of the gun, this accumulated pressure propels the pellet forward.

2- CO2 Mechanism

It mostly works on the pump mechanism but has some differences. This mechanism uses CO2 batteries filled with pressed CO2.

A leak-proof barrier is raised when you pull the trigger. This leads some of the pressure gas to release. The muzzle pushes the pellet when the gas is released.

Frequently Asked Questions:

These are some of the most frequently asked questions that can help you a great deal.  

What Is The Best Pellet Pistol For Self Defense?

There are many best pellet pistols available in the market that you can get at a low price. Here are some important factors that you should consider before buying the best pellet pistol.


According to your budget, you can buy any pellet pistol. The best pistol pellet price range starts from $90 and can go to $300+. It is also good to use a plastic body pistol.

Types and uses

The jack of all trades is a CO2 air pistol. It is a great option for beginners to use. For serious target shooting and pest control, you need an air pistol. For more power accuracy, you should pump an air pistol.


You can use BBs, pellets, or both to shoot through the air pistols. Pellets are accurate and more powerful while steel BBs are cheap and common.


With a regular CO2 pistol you can get the maximum power of 480 FPS. Large pistols can shoot up to 700 FPS. But they are heavy. You can use any gun that can generate power at this level.


Best pellet pistols have a magazine of 8 rounds. The most powerful and accurate air pistols are single-loading.

Blowback Action

You can stimulate the actual handgun recoil with a blowback action using a CO2 pistol. A blowback action gives you a more realistic experience of shooting. Added realism is worth it even when CO2 is less efficient.

Self Defence

A good looking air pistol is best for most self-defense situations that you face. There are more chances of scaring your attacker until he thinks it is real.

Pellet Pistols vs. BB Pistols: Which Are More Powerful?

Pellet pistols are most powerful than BB pistols. If you use better quality pellets you will get better results.

This is because of the aero dynamism of air gun pellets that is far better than bb.

Here are more factors that you should consider before concluding that which pistol is more powerful.

These are some features that make pellet pistols different from BB pistols.

1- Shape

This is the first difference that you notice between pellet pistol and BB pistol. Here are several types of pellet pistols but now will we discuss slug pellets in detail.

A slug pellet gives more traditional bullet looks. These shape bullets existed in the market since 1832. When fired for bullet expansion hollow a cylinder-conoidal ammunition has a base. Many people like a slug pellet to mine balls which not actually ball-shaped.

While the BB gun ammunition is small. It looks like a rounded metal ball that is first founded in 1886. A BB is more noticeable than a pellet. It is difficult to differentiate between a pellet pistol and a BB pistol until the pellet was squashed down after you use it.

2- Size

BBs available in the market have a diameter of about 0.173 inches. But not all the BBs have the same size. Some have a diameter of 1.71 inches and some have the largest diameter of 0.177 inches that makes it more heavily than others.

The size of gun pellets is measured by its caliber. Depending upon the type of gun caliber size also varies. Gun pellets are available in the following size

  • 0.20 inches
  • 0.22 inches
  • 0.25 inches
  • 0.30 inches
  • 5 0.375 inches
  • 0.45 inches and 0.50 inches

3- Weight

The weight of a BB gun is light until you do not use a big one. There are three classes of BB guns according to their range. These classes are heavy, mid-range, and light.

Light BBs have a weight of 0.12 grams and more than that. BB guns operate at 250 frames per second. These lightweight BBs can travel a long distance after a fire with the help of spring loading.

The mid-range BBs weights 0.20 to 0.28 grams. You can not cover a long distance with this weight. BBs that have a weight of 0.30 or 0.40 included in the heavy BB class. They can travel a long distance.

While pellets have more size than that and can shoot the target even at a large distance.

4- Magazine fit

Magazines ammunition fits are the biggest difference between BB and pellet guns. In your BB guns, you can sort of stack on top of each other when loading up the magazine of the dun. While in the pellet gun you can not do that.

Depending upon the ammunition the size of the magazine varies. You will find a stick or attacked ammo magazine with a BB gun. This allows you to do the stacking of your BBs.

Many other types of the rifle have a rotary type of magazine.

5- Behavior

This is the most important difference between a BB gun and a pellet gun. BB will bounce a lot when fired with their metal bodies. For this reason, they are favored for plinking. It is a type of target practice that involves shooting at tin cans and soda bottles.

Due to the soft lead alloy bodies of pellets, they bounce less on fire. Depending upon the type of gun accuracy also varies.

If you buy a better quality gun then you also get better results of accuracy. This is because of the aero dynamism of the best pellet pistol that is better than BBs.

How Many Shots Can You Get Out Of A CO2 Cartridge?

A CO2 cartridge can shoot from 30 to 200 shots from the best pellet pistol.

How Far Will You Be Shooting?

The distance traveled by a pellet depends upon its shape and weight. A .177 best pellet pistol has a long-range of almost 400 yards. But in the case of the BB gun, the largest range is 240 to 360 yards.

How Much Do You Want To Spend?

When it comes to buying the best pellet pistol you want the one that suits your budget. A pellet gun is itself a very simple device. If you provide more and velocity it works the best.

Here are the three best pellet pistols that you can use.

1- Tactical crusader break-barrel .177 caliber pellet rifle

The best pellet rifle is made up of wood and weighs heavy metal. This makes it easy to hold it. For optimal visuals of aiming it has a front sight and adjustable rear sights.

With a caliber of .177, it can shoot 750 feet per second. It gives you the facility of a variety of shoots. Also, with a cocking lever it has a fixed barrel.

2- Cros man 1077 repeater scoped pellet rifle

It has a caliber shooting power of .117 with a velocity of 625 feet per second. It is a semi-automatic pistol that uses a CO2 mechanism.

Its center point has a scope range of 4×32. Its body is made up of steel that you can use in any weather. For general use, you can buy this pellet rifle.

3- Best quality and a power pellet gun

It is made for both left-handed and right-handed shooters. It has an adjustable scope and can use in all types of weather. It gives you all the comfort so that you can practice for your target with ease. 

This best pellet rifle has a velocity of 1200 feet per second. It also has two-stage trigger action that you can easily adjust. This quality makes it best among others. The weight of a power pellet gun is less than 10 pounds that makes it more usable.

Will A Pellet Gun Stop An Intruder?

If you set the correct aim then a shot from the best pellet pistol can stop an intruder. But always remember laws and consult with a lawyer.

Aim a correct shot at the intruder if you want to hit. Also, use the legitimate pistol to keep for safety. Moreover, the best pellet can kill a person with a single shot.

Are Air Pistols Legal? (Pellet & BB)

Yes, Air pistol guns are legal if you use it for a safety purpose. But there is a law about these guns that you should follow.

Without a reasonable excuse, you can not have an air weapon in a public place. It is totally up to the court whether it accepts your reason or rejects it.

You can not use the best pellet pistol to harm anyone or destroy any property. Because if you do so intentionally or unintentionally it will go against the law.

If your age is less than 18 then you can not purchase or have any weapon in your hand. If you want to use a gun then hold it under proper supervision or wait until you are 21 years old.

What Is Your Intended Use Of The Air Pistol?

Best pistol pellet has an effective range of 500 yards but if you fire at a small area then it can cause problems.

For example

If you fire in a short room or a close area then it can affect sensitive parts of the body like the eyes. Pellets can penetrate soft tissues. Moreover, it can injure a person and cause a lot of pain.


These are the best pistol pellet that you get in the market. All products are different from each other due to their amazing multiple features. You should select the one according to your requirement.

Carefully look at the specifications of each type and then select it. Still, if you have any confusion then the frequently asked question section is for you.

Here we answer the most common question that people usually ask. This section will surely help you to select the best one.

As a beginner goes for the lightweight pellet pistol first. Then by the time if you feel that you have become used to it and have enough knowledge about its switch to a better one.