Airsoft Gun

10 Best Airsoft Guns Reviewed: Buyer’s Guide

Today we are going to tell you everything about the best airsoft guns.

Airsoft is a war based game. Just like you play fighting games on the Computer. The only difference is this you are physically present in this game.

The main purpose of the game is to hit your enemy.

You can only hit the person by using a gun. So it’s important to select the best gun.

In this article, we will go over all the information about different airsoft guns.

First, we will tell you about an airsoft gun. Then the pros and cons of the top 10 airsoft guns that you can buy.

Then at the end, we will tell you about the things that you should keep in mind before buying the best airsoft gun.

Let’s get started

Without wasting your precious time let’s first talk about an airsoft gun.

What Is An Airsoft Gun?What Is An Airsoft Gun

An airsoft gun is a replica toy gun that is designed to shoot BBs. They shoot in the same way as a real firearm discharges a bullet. BBs are made up of a biodegradable resin or a plastic material.

 It comes in multiple styles and sizes. You can buy the best airsoft gun that works properly in long ranges.

The most important thing about an airsoft gun is its real steel counterparts.

You can easily tell the difference between a firearm and an airsoft gun if you buy a cheap airsoft gun. While, if you use expensive airsoft guns then it will be difficult to differentiate them.

Different Types Of Airsoft Guns:

Three are three ways to powerup the airsoft gun. But their main purpose is to fire BBs which are plastic projectiles.

All three types of airsoft guns are different from one another that can change your game level. Let’s take a low at them.

1- Spring-powered Airsoft guns

To propel the BB at a target, spring-powered airsoft guns use a spring. It means that to fire spring must be cocked back in a style format of bolt-action.

This type of gun is useless or highly sought in a game competition depending upon the specific gun. The power of spring determines the desirability of a spring airsoft dun. 

Spring airsoft guns are cheap and simple to operate. For beginners, it best to practice simple target shooting. When you think you know enough about target shooting and have an easy grip on guns then buy an upper-level gun. So that you can easily handle it.


  • Spring guns are cheap.
  • Operations are reliable.
  • Electricity or gas are not required.
  • They do not produce any noise after a shot.


  • Fire rate is slow.
  • Low-quality material.
  • Batteries need to be recharged.
  • Stormy and Rainy weather can damage or destroy the gun.

2- Electric Airsoft guns

They can fire at a high rate but require a battery to do so. Electric airsoft guns are both fully automatic and semi-automatic. It’s your choice which mode you want to work in. 

You can use it in competitions or for your personal use because of its fire rate and durable construction. Also, they are growing in the market. Electric guns are easy to operate due to their ergonomic design.

Electric airsoft guns are a bit expensive and difficult to use if we compared it with spring guns. But they give better quality results. Also, electric best airsoft guns are more reliable and durable.


  • High fire rates.
  • Easy to play with and can use in competitions.
  • It gives a wide range of options.


  • More things can break due to its complex construction.
  • It is more expensive than the other best airsoft guns.

3- Gas Powered Airsoft Guns

The most common source of gas in the best airsoft gun is CO2. Gas-powered guns are the best airsoft guns available in the market. Most of the guns generate a real weapon blowback feeling to make the experience more exciting for the user.

These guns fire with high velocity even if the blowback system does not simulate. Gas airsoft guns are expensive and heavy in size. Only professionals can use it with ease because beginners will face a high level of difficulty.

These guns are also used in professional training. Due to its metallic structure, the weight is equal to the original gun. You can feel the fun of real weapons by using Gas airsoft guns.


  • It has great accuracy
  • Some models create more realistic effects
  • It is fun to use the gas airsoft gun 


  • Costly than a spring airsoft gun
  • It is a bit complex to use
  • Fuel is required to work properly

Why You Should Choose A High-quality Airsoft Gun:You Should Choose

As you beginner, low price airsoft gun will attract you more because of its attractive looks. It saves your money at first purchase and also you can afford ammunition.

You will get the exactly same thing that you expect from the gun. Also, lightweight material is used to make low price BBs. As a result, on firing there is a high chance that BB will go off course due to external factors like wind.

Moreover, you can not compare low-quality guns with high-quality airsoft guns.

You surely want a good performance from your gun that you only get by using a high-quality airsoft gun.

The best thing about high-quality guns is that they jam less so that you shoot repeatedly. This gives you more advantage over your enemies.

Moreover, it gives you the feels of original weapons by generating more accurate results. If you use professionals’ advice, then a high-quality airsoft gun has all the features that you want.

A high-quality airsoft gun is costly due to its quality components. It only takes your money on the first purchase. After that, it will last long due to its long durability.

On the other hand, a low-quality airsoft gun will save your money on the first purchase.

After that its poor results disappoint you and its low-quality components stop working after a certain time. You need to repair them for further usage.

For all these reasons, you should choose a high-quality gun.

Best Airsoft Guns Reviews:Best Airsoft Guns1

1- G&G Combat 16 Raider Machine

G&G Combat Machine 16 Raider-L Battery &...
  • 380-390 Feet Per Second
  • 450 Round magazine
  • Smart Charger Included

G&G is the biggest renowned brand used by different skills level players. Its most popular brand is the G&G 16 Raider combat machine which is the best airsoft gun. This gun is reliable for beginners.

It uses a butterfly-style battery. Quality material is used to make Raider combat which makes it more reliable and durable.

It offers shots high per second in short bursts. In mounting accessories, an M4 realistic platform is used with a quad-rail.

Also, G&G 16 Raider includes a great set of sights and a reliable collapsible stock.

You can easily upgrade its gearbox made up of metal. It is easy to adjust and can be used at a large distance due to its hop-up system.

It has a medium rate of fire per second due to its muzzle velocity range of 380 to 390 ft per second. It is the best airsoft gun that is compatible with other high-end gun models.

Raider helps you to increase your winning chances by setting more accurate targets.

This is because of its adjustable sights and optics. Due to its amazing features, it is considered best for multiple games.


  • Hop-up system is adjustable
  • Flexible hand grip due to ergonomic design
  • Sights are adjustable
  • Has a good sighting system
  • Motor of high-torque


  • The structure is made up of polymer
  • The metal gearbox is weak

2- Lancer Tactical Interceptor SPR

Lancer Tactical Interceptor SPR (Black...
  • Molded Hand Grip Lower Receiver
  • Material : Polymer
  • Lancer Tactical Gun

Lancer tactical is a well-reputed company in the market that makes the best airsoft gun. It is famous for manufacturing high-quality guns at a low price range.

The weight of Lancer tactical is less than 4 pounds that makes it the most lightweight airsoft gun. It has dual firing capabilities. This means its system is both automatic and semi-automatic. Due to this reason, it may look like a real-rifles.

After repeated fires, the gun handle becomes hot. Because this is a place where batteries are kept. For an airsoft rifle, the lancer tactical best airsoft gun is a good option. At longer ranges, the drop can be reduced due to its adjustable hop-up system.

Lancer tactical handgun can send six-millimeter airsoft BBs at 400 feet per second downrange. It is the best choice to use in an airsoft battle. It is lightweight but still has high firepower. Also, for airsoft assault rifle lancer tactical handgun is the best choice.


  • Firing speed of 400 FPS
  • Total weight is less than 4 pounds
  • Front and rear sights can be removed
  • Hop-up system is adjustable
  • It has a retractable stock
  • The structure is made up of metal
  • The magazine has a capacity of 300-round


  • Due to repeated fires, the handle becomes hot

3- Walther P99 Blowback

Walther P99 Blowback CO2 Powered 6mm BB...
  • Metal slide blows back creating a realistic kick
  • Built-in hop-up system
  • Shoots 6mm plastic airsoft BBs at up to 320 fps

It is the best airsoft gun that is dependable and cheap. Walther P99 has a metal slide with a magazine release of a paddle-style. It also has an ambidextrous. 

The magazine of Walther P99 can hold 15 rounds of ammunition. A CO2 cartridge of 12-ounce gives power to this pistol. Walther 99 does not come with a cartridge.

To give handgun a power you need an additional cartridge. The inside body of a barrel is made up of brass while the outside body is of metal. With the use of metal, Walther P99 durability increases.

It is a well-made semi-automatic best airsoft pistol that is affordable.


  • The magazine has a capacity of 15-rounds
  • It has a barrel made up of brass
  • It has a slide of metal
  • Shooting velocity of 320 FPS
  • Removable magazine of a paddle-style


  • Its removable magazine is thin
  • Do not have a default CO2 cartridge

4- CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1

ASG CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1 Airsoft Gun
  • Easy velocity change. Energy: 1.4 joule
  • 4-Position fire selector with genuine 3-shot burst
  • New designed gearbox

The best decision that ASG made was to grabbed the Scorpion. From the start, Scorpion is constantly gaining popularity. 

It is a sub-machine that is fully recreated by ASG. Scorpion has a very comfortable hold because of its ergonomic and compact design.

Due to its useful features, you can use it for multiple purposes. It gives you a real experience of the best airsoft gun when you use it in a field.

Because, when it is empty, it does not fire. In such a situation, the only thing you can do is to reload the gun. 

You can upgrade the Scorpion with ease. Because it has powerful interior parts that can bear the powerful up-gradation. Scorpion has reliable parts that last for a long time.

With a functional bolt lock, it has a velocity of 394 FPS. It has a durable and lightweight reinforced polymer, battery monitor, and a 4-position fire selector. 


  • For left-hand people, it has a very ergonomic design
  • Good quality Internal parts
  • It is light weighted
  • Scorpion has four firing modes
  • A stylish look that attracts more attention


  • The battery size is small
  • During battery swapping, it is easy to drop parts.
  • Proprietary gearbox stuck with the pistol 

5- KJW M9A1 Airsoft Pistol/ Handgun

For many players, this model is the best sidearm. Also, it is easy to handle. But the best thing about KJW M9A1 is its versatility. Many holsters can fit with it.

You can attach a flashlight with the best airsoft gun easily due to its rail. This handgun has the best rail that many other guns do not have. It is one of the advantages of KJW M9A1.

Its removable magazine has a capacity of 23-round. With a capacity of 23-round, you can access multiple ammo. Due to this reason you get a great benefit during the encounter of the target within a short-range.

You can easily hold the pistol in your hands for a long time due to its ergonomic design. The whole structure of KJW M9A1 is made up of metal. Its semi-automatic operating system runs with the help of a green gas motor.

After you pull the trigger, you will get a blowback action that gives a more realistic look. The top muzzle speed of the best airsoft gun range between 330 and 300 feet per second.

This muzzle speed is enough to increase your performance. Especially when you are on the field. Moreover, it has an adjustable hop-up system.


  • It gives you multiple support options. The most important of which is the lanyard loop
  • After your last shot, the slide will automatically lock open
  • It has realistic disassembly
  • The working of the Safety system is great
  • Semi-automatic operating system
  • Comfortable grip due to its ergonomic style
  • The structure is made up of metal which made it durable


  • Firing is manual

6- JG Bar-10 Airsoft Sniper Rifle

JG BAR-10 Airsoft Metal Bolt Action...
  • JG BAR-10 G sniper rifle with extension barrel

To level up your gameplay, JG 366a is the best airsoft gun. It has a traditional bolt-action design. It is dependable and gives a more realistic feel.

JG 366a has an exterior of high quality, that plays an important role in enhancing the rifle’s classic design. It looks like a real sniper rifle and due to its functionalities, it is costly. Due to the high price, it is included in the list of premium best airsoft guns.

Its magazine has a capacity of 30 rounds. It gives more accurate results. Even if you use a .20g BBS, you will still get an amazing output. For beginners, it is best to practice. They can learn to shoot at long range.

JG 366a is useful for beginners. Because it is easy to illuminate its X40 scope. Also, this rifle has more accuracy.

The other good thing about JG Bar-10 is that it is compatible with other rifles that are top-rated. It means that you can easily get its spare parts.

The JG ripple has a high muzzle speed that generates the output of 400FPS. It is because the gun has a capability of 50 FPS.


  • Generate a high output of 400 to 500 FPS
  • It has high accuracy
  • The structure is made of quality metal
  • Its rubberized coating makes it easy for you to grip the best airsoft gun for a long time.
  • It gives you many options to upgrade


  • It is a little on the heavy side.

7- CYMA M870 Tri-Shot

Evike - CYMA Polymer M870 3-Round Burst...
  • ◙ This is not a listing for an individual Airsoft part. No parts are...
  • Tri-shot system; fires 3 BBs with one pull of the trigger
  • Polymer receiver, pistol grip, and metal barrel assembly

CYMA tri-shot is a high quality best airsoft gun available in the market. For a professional and a beginner, this gun is a bit difficult to handle. It has many high-quality features that give the best possible performance.

Due to its tri-shot functionality, it shoots three BBs at a time. It has a muzzle velocity of 350 FPS which is relatively high. You can easily use CYMA in the CQB games, or outdoor games of short-range.

CYMA shotgun is loaded with strong and high-capacity magazines of shell-shaped. These magazines can easily fit in the standard shell holders. Also, the magazine can carry enough ammo that ensures at least 10 bursts of BBs.


  • For short-range outdoor and CQB games, the muzzle has a good speed
  • Available at affordable price
  • For shotgun, you can use it with a standard shell mags 


  • Plastic is used in its construction
  • Upgrade options are limited 

8- WE 5.1 Hi-Capa T-REX Airsoft Pistols

Evike - WE-Tech Hi-Capa 5.1 T-Rex Competition...
  • ◙ This is not a listing for an individual Airsoft part. No parts are...
  • Beveled magwell assists in reloads
  • Anti-glare grooving along the spine of the pistol reduces glare

After having some knowledge about the best airsoft pistols, you know carrying a secondary weapon is the best option.

You should not just buy an extra gun, but a powerful gun that increases your winning chances in the field. This model is easy to use.

Due to its good performance, this pistol has a good reputation in the market. It is the alternate of old modeled handguns. It has a magazine of the capacity of 29 rounds. 

It is a gas-powered pistol that produces a high degree of efficiency. Due to all these features, it is the best sidearm or many people. It takes power from the odorless green gas. This green gas is made up of a combination of propane and silicone oil.

It gives hundred of options to upgrade. It means you can replace any part of the shotgun with a new one.


  • It has an affordable price range
  • It easily accepts other model parts and also give the best options to upgrade
  • It has an ergonomic design


  • It does not have reliable quality controls
  • Pistol consumes a high amount of gas

9- CYMA AK-47 CM022

cyma aeg full auto airsoft full size full...
  • It is a CYMA brand cm08s model airsoft toy gun

It is one of the most affordable automatic best airsoft guns. Both professionals and beginners can get this gun at a low price. AK-47 is designed after World War II and made with real steel.

The replica of the AK-47 is the best deal. But it is not more powerful and reliable. Also, its accuracy is less than other models. It has an amazing rail. In many scenarios. beginners can get benefit from its rail.

Also, it is very safe to use. After the gun has done its work, its design is incompatible with high-end models of CYMA airsoft rifle.

This rifle has a velocity of 240 to 250 FPS. It can shoot of .12g BB. An ABS polymer is used to make a gearbox of rifles. It has both automatic and semi-automatic modes for firing.


  • It has low pricing ranges that make it affordable
  • You can easily get a spare mage
  • Hop-up system is adjustable
  • You can choose the option of firing that helps you a lot


  • The durability of the gun decreases due to its ABS plastic construction
  • Most of the interior parts of the best airsoft gun are proprietary 

10- A&K M249 Airsoft Paratrooper

A&K M249 is the best option for you. With its impressive rail, it gives the best possible performance to produce exceptional results. It is the best airsoft gun available in the market.

It has a short barrel as compared to other best airsoft guns. Due to its compact design, it is light in weight, and with this gun, you can maneuver closed quarters with ease. The best thing about A&K M249 is its collapsible stock.

It has an adjustable hop-up system and uses a butterfly battery. To engage your targets using high pressure, you have a stable platform because of the shotgun bipod.

It has a box magazine of large capacity that can hold almost 2400 BBs. Its structure is made up of metal. The muzzle velocity ranges from 350 to 390 ft per second. You can also adjust it’s rear and front sides. 


  • It has durable parts
  • Magazine box can hold 2400 BBs
  • Compatible with M4 and M16 mags
  • Have high muzzle velocity as compared to other best airsoft guns
  • It has adjustable front and rear sights
  • You get a real-life feel due to its compact size and style


  • Gearbox requires regular maintenance and also not durable
  • Have flimsy handles

Best Airsoft Guns – Buyer’s Guide:Best Airsoft Guns

Airsoft is a wargame simulation where different players enter. It is a sport of combat themed game where a player uses toy guns. The structure of the best airsoft guns keeps the same as the original guns.

So that you will get a real feel every time you use the gun. But their plastic bullets do not provide harm as the original ones do.

Selecting the right gun is the most important part of this game.

While buying a given you should keep some guidelines in mind so that you can get the best airsoft gun.

These are some tips for you to select the right gun:

1. Think Long Rang

Do not just go for the one who fits your budget. Select the one who gives you the confidence that this is the right weapon for you to win the game.

The right gun will give you this motivation. In the game, your main goal is to hit your enemy. To do so you should have a long-range gun so that you can target your enemy from a large distance.

This is a point where you need the adjustable hop-up system. So that you can target your enemy at a longer distance.

Also, you need to adjust the direction of each BB. So make sure that the gun you are buying has an adjustable hop-up system.

2. Get the Power

Most beginners think that the competence of the gun can be decided by its power. This concept is completely wrong. It is nice to hit your enemy from a large distance but there is a limited range for that.

Targeting your enemy 100 yards away is a very rare thing that you can just imagine it. Moreover, never lose your sleepover upgrades before you have a gun.

In the starting, you do not need a velocity of 400 FPS. Only the gun who can bear BBs between 0.20 to o.25 gram is enough for the game.

3. Scopes or Sights?

Sometimes scopes take time to get back on target when they lose during maneuvers. In such a case you should use a red dot sight. It is affordable and quicker on target than a scope. You can use the save money to get airsoft other accessories.

4. Figure Out the Strategy

Each of your strategies should depend upon the situations. It is an important step to win the game. You should learn when to stay calm and keep and when to be bold and attack.

No one can teach you all the tricks. You have to learn these by yourself. By practicing a lot you will be able to make such decisions. The same goes for the weight of the gun.

A beginner can not handle the weight of 300 BBs while a professional player can win a game using the same magazine.

5. Spring, Gas, or Electrical?

These are the three types of the best airsoft guns. Every type has its advantage and disadvantage. You should select the one according to your game situation. To select between these three you should practice the game a lot.

6. Metal Trumps Plastic

In the game, both plastic and metal body guns work best. You should start with a plastic body gun then move to a metal body after you get some experience.


The main thing about any airsoft gun is its power, accuracy, durability, and system. When you find these important factors in a gun immediately buy it without having a second thought.

You might find this type of gun costly, but it will last long due to its quality components.

But if you go for a low price then you will only get a low-quality airsoft gun that has short durability and not give you the desired results.