Riccardo Mariconda

Airsoft Players

How to Make Money Playing Airsoft

Airsoft is a wonderful sport. For some it is even a passion. The airsoft sport has won over more and more people in the past decade, becoming a true lifestyle. ...

Riccardo Mariconda

President of Assault Recon and Support Tactical Simulation Team (ARES TST)

I’m an Italian MILSM and airsoft simulator and trekking and survival enthusiast. I like spending my spare time out in the woods, shooting firearms at the range, training FOF with airsoft guns and learning and developing new skills about survival, both in urban and wild scenarios. I’m a Psychology graduate, and I like to approach any tactical subject through psychology, studying human behavior. I had the opportunity to train with Italian Special Forces during survival courses. I’m also into SERE programs, stealth camping, mantracking, and other fields of the kind. My aim is to get better and better in those disciplines that I love, helping others to develop their own skills.