The Mosin Nagant Pistol aka Obrez

The Mosin Nagant Pistol, or Obrez pistol, emerged during World War II when the Soviets had more rifles than pistols.

The Mosin Nagrant rifle is one of the best rifles ever made. So when the soldiers needed a short range weapon, they looked to their trusty rifles. They would convert the rifles into pistols by cutting down the stock and barrel of a Mosin Nagant rifle. That’s how the makeshift Mosin Nagant pistol was born.

Since this “pistol” is literally just a Mosin Nagant rifle with a short barrel and stock, it uses the same 7.62 x 39 caliber round as the rifle. That mean it packs a serious punch and sounds like a cannon.

Mosin Nagant Pistol Obrez Test Firing

Enjoy the fireworks in this video demonstration of this unique gun that looks like something Jack Sparrow would fire from the crows nest.

Here’s questionable photo of a mosin nagant pistol (Obrez) that seems like it could be photoshopped.

Mosin Nagant Pistol / Obrez
Mosin Nagant Pistol / Obrez (probably photoshopped) 

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