Body Armors

Best Body Armor Review: The Ultimate Guide

What if you wake up and find out that nuclear war has been started? Or what if a war is started in your country?

Let me tell you a little more,

Sometimes the things get bad chaos envelopes and you need to prepare for it. You need to make sure that you and your family are out of risk.

What will you do if these things happen?

In this age of 2020, when technology has been advanced so much, there are many things and options that you can avail of to protect yourself and your fam.

Want to know what are these options?

Body armor is from one of those options. It is a miracle not only for military men and police forces or the people who are at risky places.


If you are a reputed personality or a renowned businessman even if a celebrity, and you want to stay safe against the likelihoods then you also need this bad boy.

Do you know what is the basic concept of body armor?

The basic concept about these is that they are associated with wars and crime scenes, terror strikes, and bad situations.

Let us get into some details of body armor,

10 Body Armor: The Ultimate Guide

I have looked into many body armors manufactured by different companies and selected 10 of the best.

Now, I am going to review them in detail so you can get yourself what is best for you.

1. TBDLG Tactical Vest

TBDLG is the one that makes high quality and very affordable body vests. There is no exception in these. They are made up of very fine material.

These vests which are made by TBDLG are soft to touch, are waterproof, and also wear-resistant.    

These vests are consist of a jacket, the protective layer, and the cover of that protective layer.

And do you know what?

This protective layer is consists of 50 layers of PE UD. They are capable to protect you from the bullet of a 7.62mm gun.

They also come with a bulletproof backpack. They are on level 3 ranking by NIJ.


  • Lightweight and flexible.
  • Affordable.
  • Multi-Purpose Design.


  • Not a full body armor.

2. SDS Tactical Assault Vest

SDS Official US Military MOLLE II Army ACU...
  • Official U.S. military ACU fighting load carrier vest
  • Constructed of heavy-duty 1000D Cardura nylon material, snap buckle...
  • MOLLE/MPLLE II compatible, one size fits all and adjustable waist belt

 If you are participating in night patrolling then vests by SDS are best for this protocol.

Also, if you are in the security profession and you have to deal with the harmful situation now and then.

You should want to grab your hands on SDS Tactical Assault Vest for the protection of your whole body.

These vests are capable to protect you from the front, back, and even from the side when you are going into the streets of the US.

This one is sleek and highly affordable. These are covert ones which you are going to wear under your clothes or jackets. They are made up of nylon.


  • More than average coverage.
  • Made for a cover-up.
  • Taper Off layers.


  • Might offer too much coverage.

3. GFIRE Tactical Vest

GFIRE Tactical Vest Modular Vest Breathable...
  • Tactical vest with emergency drag handle; removable anti-slip padded...
  • Adjustable shoulder straps; hook and loop webbing. Heavyweight webbing...
  • Its' Front map pocket with snap, hook and loop closure; side release...

GFIRE is next in the game. They offer their customers cost-effective, durable, and high-quality tactical vests.

Do you know what is an amazing feature of these?

They offer you a two-year warranty.  They have a removable anti-slip padded shoulder. Also, they are easily adjustable.

It also has a front map pocket with an advantage of snap. These vests have got so much professional attention. They come in different sizes, shapes, and designs.

There are also pockets inside of the vest for important docs, sometimes for maps and also for arrest warrants.


  • Durable handles.
  • High-quality zippers.
  • Breathable.


  • A little expensive.

4. UTG 547 Tactical Vest

UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest, Black

The UTG 547 tactical vest is another serious vest in the game that is used by many professionals and law enforcement agencies.

This is one size fit tactical vest that has several pockets and pouches in different sizes, shapes, and designs.

The right shoulder of these vests is padded so that it can easily absorb the recoil of the rifle or gun.

They are offering these vests at the price of $59.42 that is a little bit expensive. All in all, these are the one that is going to serve you the best.


  • Fully functional.
  • Easily concealable.
  • Flexible.


  • Heavy.

5. MARMOT Tactical Vest

Marmot Tactical Vest Durable Mesh Vest with...
  • Adjustable Size - Adjust Both Side Straps and Belt to Fit You. The...
  • Detachable - Detachable Shotgun Shell Holder , Equipment Pouch ,...
  • High Quality and Lightweight - Made Of Durable Comfortable Lightweight...

If we say that they are the most robust version of tactical vest then it would not be wrong. They have the most adjustable shoulder with closure strips.

There are also tensions straps attached to it for a snug fit. They are adjustable enough that a person of average height can easily wear it.

Like all the best vest out in the market, they are made up of highly flexible material and first-rate ventilation.

These vests are the choice of SWAT, hunters, mountaineer’s, security guards, and military men.


  • Stab resistant.
  • Level III NIJ rating.
  • Extremely tough.


  • Coverage is not that good.

6. WarTechGears Tactical Vest

Next, we are going to talk about WarTechGears Tactical Vest. This company is one of the best ones in making army stuff.

They are highly durable, waterproof, and resistant. They have many pockets and pouches with it that can be used for multiple purposes.

There are three pouches for rifles and one for radio as well. Also, there are pockets for small tools like GPS and maps.   

It also has a padded should that helps you in protecting against the gun recoil. They are offering these vests at $59.99.


  • Available in various size.
  • Lightweight.
  • Extremely flexible.


  • Not for AP caliber.

7. ATG Tactical Expert Vest

ATG Tactical Expert Vest 8"X10" MOLLE and...
  • MOLLE webbing for the ultimate in custom configuration
  • Adjustable for length cummerbund with MOLLE webbing
  • Adjustable for length shoulder straps with large heavy duty quick...

ATG Tactical Expert Vest is the one with a cross-draw hostler, different pouches, and pockets for your tools and equipment.

They are capable to cope with any kind of stress you are facing in the situation. Another advantage of these vests is that there is a detachable gun holder that comes with them.

They are made up of tough material that makes them heavyweight and highly durable.

They are easily adjustable and are water-resistant, double and reinforced stitching is a specialty of them.


  • Two coating option.
  • Protection from high velocity.
  • Ballistic core toughness.


  • Heavy weighted.

8. BARSKA Tactical Vest

BARSKA mens Black Loaded Gear BI12016 VX 100...
  • Full Body Platform: The vest comes with 2 uility pouches, 2 double...
  • Web System: The vest is tough mesh webbing designed with MOLLE...
  • Functional Design: The vest features front and back velcro areas for...

BARSKA is next in the game, it is also one of the best brands that are pro in making a tactical vest. The vest made by this come with different purposes. There are pouches for utility purposes, for guns.

They also offer to drop leg, radio pouch, and whatnot. They are adjustable with an adult body type and are easy to configure.

Some law enforcement agency prefers these vest to provide their employee. Although they are the best in their job but are highly expensive.

They also offer you a warranty with them and are made of sleek design and high-quality material. 


  • Level IV NIJ rating.
  • Multi-purpose  vest.
  • Water-resistant.


  • Highly expensive.

9. Jipemtra Tactical Vest

Jipemtra Tactical MOLLE Military Style Vest...
  • ❶ADJUSTABLE SIZE: S~4XL for US men’s clothing, waist from...
  • ❷STRUCTURE: The detachable vest tactical has many pouches for...
  • ❸HIGH QUALITY: The military training vest has tough nylon mesh...

These Jipemtra Tactical Vests have come in different sizes that are adjustable and easy to carry along.

They are highly durable, water-resistant, cost-effective, and light in weight. There are different pouches and pockets to carry tools and equipment.

They offer you the proper coverage from the high-velocity bullet and a long-range gun attack. Their shoulders are easy to adjust and padded to avoid the effect of recoil.

This tactical vest comes at the price of $36.99 which is pretty affordable and is the choice of many professionals.


  • Cost-effective.
  • Highly durable.
  • Offers full coverage.


  • Less curvature.

10. Scorpion Covert Tactical Vest

ScorpionEXO Covert Tactical Vest (Black -...
  • Resistant 600D polyester main chassis with contrasting 600D polyester...
  • 2 conceal carry pockets reinforced with holster-ready female hook and...
  • 2 YKK zipper secured utility pockets (upper chest)

Lastly, we are going to talk about the scorpion covert tactical vest that you are going to wear directly on the clothes and not under the clothes or jackets.

All you need to do is to through it over your hoodie or jacket and are ready to go. They are made up of mesh material and have many compartments for storing equipment and tool.

They are adjustable and compatible with any adult’s body. They come in different shapes and designs, are of  $149.95.


  • Tough but ergonomic.
  • Different curve design.
  • Protection from multi shots.


  • Deficient in size choices.

 Legality And Restrictions Related To The Purchase Of Body Armor:Body Armor

If you are purchasing an armor jacket then firstly you need to provide proof that you are legal for it i;e should be 18 and above.


That you are not a felon or does not have any criminal record. According to US Federal law, it is illegal to sell such stuff to minors and felons.

 Now let’s have an eye on some laws related to body armor,           

Laws For Felon According 18 U.S. Code § 931:

In general, it is mentioned in section (b), it is against the law that a person to acquire, own up, or occupy a body armor. Act of felony include

  1.           A crime of violent behavior ( mentioned in section 16)
  2.           An offense under the law of the state.

Favorable Defense Under 18 U.S. Code § 931:

In general, it shall be an affirmative defense under section (b) that the perpetrator must obtain the prior written certification from the employer.

Laws For Employer U.S. Code § 931: 

In this employer is referred to as a common man, if he provides the prior written instruction then he can get this body armor

What Does The NIJ Rating Of Body Armor Mean?NIJ Rating Of Body Armor

You turn on the TV and hear the news of another shooting incident, it can be a shooting in a school, a racially provoked attack, or an out of no blue terrorist attack, it is disturbing.

Isn’t it so?

People are afraid to handle such kinds of tasks without proper protection. You decide to get yourself one to protect your workplace, school, or whatnot.

Is there any problem with protecting yourself? 

When you go out to buy one thing to become complicated. Every manufacturer of these states that they are offering the best and different protection services.

Especially those protection standards that are set by the National Institute Of Justice(NIJ).

But, What does the NIJ rating even means?    

Let us have a look at what it is and what does it do for you.

What is the NIJ and What Does It Do for You?

 The National Institute Of Justice (NIJ) is a research, assessment, and evolving agency of the United States Department Of Justice.

This department is responsible for maintaining the law and crime rate low.

Big deal!!!

So what does it mean for a simple man?

This department is associated with the setting, testing, and advancing the ballistic safety standards.

These standards make sure that particular a quantity of safety from ballistic protection.

In short, these standards are helpful to select which protection works best to fulfill your needs.

Testing And Establishment Of NIJ Ratings:

Let’s make things simple and short, various ratings are established by NIJ that refer to the ballistic performance of body armors.

Or the ability to cope with the impact of the bullet without being infiltrated and also without any kind of blunt trauma to your body.

Now have a look at how they test their standards,

The NIJ takes different samples from the company and wears and tears them for the long period. They continue testing them for months and even for years.

It is said,

If the equipment is rated from NIJ, a large amount of honesty is following it.

NIJ Ratings Which Suits You:

So if you want to know which ballistic protection is easy to go for you then first you need to know why you need it and where you are going to use it.

The fact is,

The higher the rating ballistic protection gets from NIJ the more protection it will offer.

Most commonly,

One that is highly-priced is bulky and heavier in weight as compared to those which are lower in price.

This can not only make it difficult to use them but also make them difficult to store in place.

But also,

You don’t need to spend much of the money that is lightweight and offers you less protection.

What Kind Of Body Armor Should I Buy?Body Armor

If you find yourself in a situation when bullets are flying everywhere then it is a time that now you will buy yourself a bulletproof vest.

Don’t you think so?

For max protection, you have to make sure that the body armor you are going to purchase fits you properly.

Most importantly,

You should do your homework about the permission of buying body armor in your area. Sometimes it is illegal for some people to buy body armor. Especially to those who are convicted to courts and are criminals.


There are many countries in which you have to take proper permission to wear body armor.

For this purpose,

Search on google about the federal law or the law of your area that whether as a normal being they are allowing you to wear body armor or not.

Now, let’s have look at what kind of Body armor is for you.     

Consider these recommendations

  • If you are a civilian who has no work in a war zone then get yourself a body armor that is light in weight and affordable.
  • If you are the one that has to deal with some kind of rival parties and enemies then a level II ranted equipment will be best for your protection. As it is made to protect from the bullet coming out of the handguns from the velocity of 9mm.
  • If you are army men and are mostly in a war zone dealing with enemies and terrorists then the equipment with the level III rating is best for you because it is capable of protecting you from the guns of a higher caliber
  • For more and more protection you need a body armor of level IV.

Which Type Of Body Armor Is Right For Me?Body Armor

I think this is the most frequently asked quest from the sellers by the buyers that what kind of body armor is them because it is the better of life or death.


You are going to waste your money if you are buying a vest that is not going to protect yours from the threat that you are going to face in the future.

Side by side,

You do not get yourself a piece of equipment that is offering you extra protection. Mainly body armor comes in two styles. They are covert and overt.  

You just need to figure out the type of threat you are more likely to face and then according to that get yourself an overt or covert vest.

Well-maintained Armor Will Serve You Better:

This is an obvious thing that well-maintained things offer you the most. And when it comes to body armor then maintenance is a priority.

Because they are built to protect you from different attacks and especially from the bullet attack that is why they should be properly maintained.

Maintain your armor regularly as you maintain your guns and also inspect them for potential irregularities.

Pay close attention to the stitching and closing of the body armor also if there is any raw ballistic material then change your vest as soon as possible.

Plus, if you see any other major problem with it then contact the manufacturer so he can assist you regarding the condition of the Armor.

When it comes to security then you must get yourself a body armor that offers you maximum protection.

Stab And Spike-proof Armor:

If you are working in any law enforcement agency or any of your friends is in then you must be aware of the threats that occur to you or your friend.

Stab and spike-proof armor are as important as bulletproof vests.  Stab and spike-proof body armors are available in different styles and require high-quality material to provide max protection.

An edged blade can easily cut your normal vest which is made up of the fabric that is used to stop the bullet.


The spiked weapons are also cut through the fiber and left your vest useless on which you spent lots of money.

Stab proof or spike proof materials like chainmail offer you protection against stabbing and spiking because they made the surface so tough that stabbing won’t affect it.

This material absorbs all the energy that is applied to it and decreases the chances of the weapon penetrating through the vest.

What Are Plate Carriers And Their Functions?

The plate carrier is multi-purpose equipment that can be used in many fields for example you can use them in the gym for fitness purposes and in the law enforcement field to carry extra equipment.

Military men carry these during the war and many law enforcement agencies lot them to almost every policeman so they can easily carry extra weight with them.

Isn’t it amazing?

They are plenty of packets and moles to add knives, bullets, and whatnot. You just need to make sure that you are placing equipment in the right place. As they are not affecting the normal functioning of your body.

Bulletproof Clothing – A Complementary Safety Gear:

In this time, when everyone is on the verge of ending the game of every other state or country, not only about the country but also personally the need for body armor is increasing day by day.

As technology advances, the need for protecting yourself from this advancement also increases.

Bulletproof clothing is necessary when you are facing threats that can harm your life. Or also it is necessary when you belong to a field that is related to the war zone.  


All in all, body armor is one of the most important pieces of equipment if you are in a situation where it is a matter of death and life.

In such an area, it will help you in protecting yourself against the threat. You just need to make sure that you are eligible to own this.

Be safe!!