Muzzleloader Scopes

Best Muzzleloader Scopes: Reviews & How to Choose

You might be wondering how to choose the best muzzleloader scope for yourself, you do not have to worry at all as we have useful details and honest reviews penned down for you.

These suggested scopes are of the patented design. Furthermore, they are featured with a Patented BDC 300 Reticle that comes with a unique as well as open circle design.

Moreover, these are the kind of scopes that help you make your long-range shots completely easy and seamless.

If you are looking for the best muzzleloader scope that gives you consistent and constant 5-Inch of eye relief, then you should try any of these suggestions. In addition, these scopes manage to keep your brows all safe and secure.

No matter, you are using the heaviest recoil, these scopes are going to make your job easy. Regarding their main and primary construction.

They are composed of fully multicoated optics so that you can see maximum brightness and also super light transmission time.

Let us have a look at the reviews now and see which muzzleloader scope you have picked and selected:

Best Muzzleloader Scopes Review:Muzzleloader Scopes

10. VORTEX Muzzleloader Scope

VORTEX Muzzleloader Scope

VORTEX brand has always made the best muzzleloader scope versions and it is their respective scope that has gained so much popularity.

Most importantly, this one is a 2-7×32 Crossfire II riflescope that is packed with so many extensive and modern configurations!

This version has this Dead-Hold BDC reticle and an ideal option for you if you love to do hunting/shooting at different and varying ranges.

If estimating holdover is your main and primary concern, then you should buy this reviewed and the best muzzleloader scope for yourself.

Its great part is that it gives long eye relief and comes with an ultra-forgiving kind of eye box.

This particular scope helps and aids you in getting the perfect sight picture and also assists you in acquiring your target with ease and no hassle.

If you are using the fast focus eyepiece of this scope, then you can see that it allows and helps you quickly go for reticle focusing.

What We Like:

  • It is ideal for hunting/shooting.
  • It gives long eye relief.
  • It offers easy reticle focusing

9. Nikon Muzzleloader Scope

Nikon Muzzleloader Scope

Next, we have this Nikon muzzleloader scope that is identified and rated as the best muzzleloader scope for all times.

It has multi-coated optics and gives around and about up to 92% light transmission.

Most noteworthy, this scope is 100% waterproof and at the same time, it is fog proof and shockproof.

It is of absolute compact size and ideal to be mounted on all kinds of muzzleloaders.

You can see that this best muzzleloader scope allows 1/4-minute click hand-turn kind of reticle adjustments and that is the main USP of it.

It offers 5″ eye relief and keeps you protected against all sorts of magnum-charge recoil. We have suggested this option as it has a Bullet Drop Compensating (BDC) reticle.

This scope makes use of a 150-grain Pyrodex charge and also a 250-grain bullet so that you can accurately and effectively up to 250 yards.

Hence, for longer and extensive shorts, this is an appropriate scope version for you. Get this and use it right now.

And if you have any questions on the use of this muzzleloader scope, then share that with us.

What We Like:

  • It has multicoated optics.
  • It is 100% Waterproof.
  • It is of compact size.

8. Traditions Muzzleloader Scope

Traditions Muzzleloader Scope

Traditions scope is ideal and the best recommendation is you hunt and shoot under all lighting conditions. You can shop for this best muzzleloader scope as it is surrounded by multi-coated sort of crystal lenses.

These lenses help you in getting increased clarity and at the same time ideal to be availed under all low light conditions.

You can well notice that this scope is nitrogen filled and it is made by embedding a compact design. Furthermore, it gives 3″ eye relief along with the presence of rubber fast-focus eyepiece in it.

You can make up your mind and have this best muzzleloader scope as it runs on the twilight light management system.

It gives and serves you with industry-leading brightness and 100% clarity. This respective scope balances the element of light transmission, glare reduction, and even image contrasting.

This scope offers high resolution and delivers crisp images whenever you use this scope.

Do share with us your feedback and reviews if you buy and use this particular scope any time.

What We Like:

  • It is installed with Multi-coated crystal lenses.
  • It is Nitrogen Filled.
  • It gives 3″ eye relief.

7. Leupold Muzzleloader Scope

Leupold Muzzleloader Scope

Leupold scope is the kind of scope that is all go tested and guaranteed. You can note down that this best muzzleloader scope is made by only using 6061-T6 aircraft quality and high end aluminum.

You may have observed that it is punisher tested and guarantee to give you the best lifetime experience and performance.

It is operated on this Twilight Light Management System and claims to offer relentless performance each time you use this scope.

When you use this best muzzleloader scope, then you will see that it is packed with all new and advanced features it.

It is super lightweight and gives a rugged performance. Moreover, this scope gives unparalleled low light performance and it is completely designed, machined as well as assembled in the USA.

So, what have you planned right now? Do you want to buy this scope for your muzzleloader rifle or not?

What We Like:

  • It is of a Matte finish.
  • It is completely shockproof.
  • It gives you a lifetime of performance.

6. Black power Products Muzzleloader Scope

Black power Products Muzzleloader Scope

Black power Products scope is the next recommendation from our side. Most probably, this best muzzleloader scope will be liked by you too as it has got a blue finish on it.

In the package, you are going to see all the needed and necessary screws for mounting this scope.

You will be delivered with all needed rings that are important and essential for mounting.

The kit of this best muzzleloader scope is included with a variable power 3-9X32 Sharpshooter scope and also all of the CVA universal mounts.

If you think that your current scope is not working up to the mark for your muzzleloader, then try this version.

Scopes quality deteriorates with each passing day, that is why it is important for you to replace your muzzleloader scopes.

You can have this version and see if it suits you.

What We Like:

  • It is included with all necessary screws for the job of mounting.
  • It is packed with a blue finish.
  • It demands a low mount.

5. Bushnell Muzzleloader Scope

Bushnell Muzzleloader Scope

Bushnell scope allows 3-D magnification and that is the catchy quality of this recommendation.

If you just decided to buy this best muzzleloader scope, then trust us you have the right and wisest decision.

This scope is surrounded and infused with multi-coated optics. In addition, it offers a rain guard and provides up to 91% light transmission.

We guarantee and claim that you are going to find this best muzzleloader scope as 100% waterproof, Fog proof as well as shockproof.

It is packed with 1-inch one-piece tube construction and even comes with an integrated saddle.

The demand for this scope is getting higher day by day as it shows 3-D magnification along with the presence of doa 250 reticle and offers 4-inch eye relief to the user.

What We Like:

  • It delivers 91% light transmission during all kinds of weather times.
  • It shows 1-inch one-piece tube construction.
  • It gives 3-D magnification.

4. Konus Muzzleloader Scope

Konus Muzzleloader Scope

Konus scope is next on our list. This best muzzleloader scope is all anti-reflective in nature and covered with the element of multi-coated lenses.

It gives bright as well as clear views and the maximum elevation adjustment offered by this scope is 60 MOA.

It is a single-piece tube constructed and this whole scope is made by using aircraft-grade aluminum and manages to ensure the aspect of utmost strength.

This brand has claimed that their scopes offer shockproof performance, O-ring sealed as well as nitrogen purged.

It is time to see the legendary performance from your muzzleloader scope and you can do that by grabbing this best muzzleloader scope only.

It is a suitable option for all shooters and beginner level hunters.

What We Like:

  • It carries 3-9×40 Ballistic Blackpowder Reticle
  • It gives an immense Field of View.
  • Eye relief is its important property.

3. BSA Muzzleloader Scope

BSA Muzzleloader Scope

Next, you can have this BSA muzzleloader scope that ensures and fully promises to give a limited lifetime warranty to its customers.

This respective and positively reviewed best muzzleloader scope has Fully Multi-Coated Optics.

It constantly and all the time gives generous eye relief to the user. This best muzzleloader scope gives 1/4 MOA windage and even flexible elevation adjustments.

This scope is infused with the element of a Glass-etched deer reticle and that is the main and primary selling point of it.

It offers you a super bright exit pupil of the range of 7.2mm and packed with a fully multicoated lens so that you can perfectly and ideally hunt right up to the end section of your legal shooting time.

You can see that this scope has a durable one-inch tube and it is featured with the element of hand turn 1/4 MOA adjustment as well as100-yard parallax setting.

So, if you are having these thoughts that this scope is going to meet your target hitting and aiming job, then do pick this scope model as soon as possible.

Once you buy this muzzleloader scope, then you can share and forward to us your views and explore more of the features of this scope on your own.

What We Like:

  • It is composed of Fully Multi-Coated Optics.
  • It always gives generous eye relief.
  • You will be given with Limited Lifetime Warranty.

2. Nikon Omega Muzzleloader Scope

Nikon Omega Muzzleloader Scope

On the second spot, we have a Nikon Omega scope that is fully fog proof and also shockproof.

In addition, it contains BDC 300 reticle and provides you with instant points of aiming, targeting, and hitting.

The ideal part of this best muzzleloader scope is that it is the very first and initial one muzzle-loading scope that comes with a Bullet Drop Compensating (BDC) reticle.

Moreover, this suggestion has the Omega 3-9×40 so that you can realize and aim at your potential to your fullest.

If you think that your guesswork is not up to the mark when it comes to aiming at longer and lengthy shots, then try this top recommendation right now.

Apart from that, this best muzzleloader scope is officially calibrated for the sake of ballistic tipped and sabot muzzleloader bullets.

It is of compact size and ideal to be utilized on all muzzleloaders that you have got in your collection. This scope offers five full inches of extensive and thorough eye relief.

Regarding mounting this scope, you will not see any hassle and discomfort. No matter, you have got the hardest kicking muzzleloaders, you can conveniently mount this scope on them.

What We Like:

  • It gives 5″ eye relief protection.
  • It is guaranteed against all kinds of weather times.
  • It allows reticle adjustments.

1. Leupold VX-Freedom Muzzleloader Scope

Leupold VX-Freedom Muzzleloader Scope

Leupold VX-Freedom scope handover industry-leading clarity and that is the attractive quality of this best muzzleloader scope.

It gives legendary and updated performance and this respective model is in demand for years and years.

It has improved features and guaranteed to get done with your aiming, targeting, and hunting job with ease.

Another quality of this best muzzleloader scope is that it can survive and withstand a minimum of 5,000 impacts right on the Punisher.

It operates on the Twilight Light Management systems and gives industry-leading and unmatchable brightness.

This specific function is performed by this scope as it ideally balances light transmission and offers image contrast and even maximum resolution by giving out and providing a crisp image.

What We Like:

  • It delivers legendary performance.
  • It is ideal for all shooters and hunters.
  • It has new and improved features.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Scope for Muzzleloader:Scope for Muzzleloader

There are many factors that you have to keep in mind when buying the best muzzleloader scope. Below we have collected easy to read and easy to comprehend information for you.

You can check out this buying guide and know how to get the right scope for your muzzleloader.

Before you jump on the required guide, you need to have the rough idea that you should only choose and prefer the top-notch brands.

If you get the right scope in your hands, then you will end up experiencing and seeing the perfect shooting range at your end.

Furthermore, if you are a new and beginner level rifle owner, then we are sure that this buying guide will help you.

The Aspect of Magnification:

First of all, you have to get the best muzzleloader scope that offers huge magnification at its end.

In other words, look for the model whose magnification ability enhances your overall image quality.

Avoid buying that scope that fails to give you a high magnification range. Moreover, this aspect is of high and supreme importance for all kinds of seasoned hunters as well as rifle enthusiasts.

We have seen that the normal magnification range falls up to 3 to 9x and some of the scopes even manage to give the highest and maximum magnification power.

So, when you buy a muzzleloader scope, you need to make this thing immensely sure what magnification range it offers and serves!

High lens Quality:

Most importantly, high and top-notch lens quality is always present in the best muzzleloader scope. This is a critical factor that you have to remember when shopping and selecting such a scope.

Just keep in mind that the lens quality should be made in a way that it can withstand all tough and weather condition times.

Lots of muzzleloader scopes are packed and injected with multi-coated lenses. Such scopes are easily available in the market.

Moreover, these kinds of lenses allow light to get into your scope chamber and thus successfully gives you crisp as well as crystal clear images.

The more high-quality your scope lens is, the more expensive it will be! But the high-end lenses improve and enhance your image accuracy.

Besides, you can have such muzzleloader scopes that are accompanied with scratch-proof lenses.

These lenses are also of supreme quality and prevent the hassle and mess of replacing your scope lenses again and again.


If you are thinking about what kind of reticle you should be going for when choosing the best muzzleloader scope, then we can help you in this area.

This is a highly crucial consideration that you have to understand when purchasing a scope for your rifle or muzzleloader.

Your status of accuracy is determined if you choose and select the right reticle. In addition, there are varied kinds and types of reticles that are available and currently present in the market.

Crosshairs Reticle:

Firstly, we have a crosshairs reticle that is one of the traditional reticles we have for you. It comes with a red dot.

Using this reticle is not a popular choice because it is not much liked by the hunters and shooters. If you avail this crosshairs reticle, then you may end up missing your hitting game.

You can well know about this interesting fact that human hair was once used to make these crosshair reticles, yes it is true.

With the passage of time and as more and more progress started to get intervened, then human hair was replaced by spider silk for making these reticles.

The use of spider silk while making a scope reticle does not at all obstruct light as soon as it makes its way into the scope chamber.

Now, wires are used for making and manufacturing reticles and spider silk is no longer used.

Laser Engraved Reticles:

The next reticle type we have for you is this engraved reticle. All kinds and types of high lenses are accompanied and surrounded by these laser engraved reticles. 

Besides, you should not ever believe in the fact that laser engraved reticles are weaker and not much stronger as compared to these traditional looking crosshair reticles.

Such sort of engraved reticles are usually and generally long-lasting and they do not damage your lens section as well.

Apart from that, they are expensive because of their top-notch nature and quality.

These reticles have got internal lubrication as well as coating and waterproofing quality and also high-quality nature at their end.

Premium Construction:

It is advised and recommended to have the muzzleloader scopes that show premium construction.

If your scope is made of high-end materials, then that is great. It will be pointless for you to go on buying that scope that is not made of high and premium quality materials.

You need to make efforts to choose the durable muzzleloader scope and it is just these high-quality scopes that are made of durable construction materials.

In other words, whenever you are out to shop for the muzzleloader scopes, then it is imperative and important for you to look into the details of its construction materials.

Or if it is made of aircraft-grade materials, then that scope is going to definitely guarantee and ensure durability.

Friendly Customer Service:

Lastly, have those versions of muzzleloader scopes that give friendly customer service too.

There might come a point when your scope starts to show some issues and defects in it, so if the brand offers friendly customer service, then you can contact their team right away.

So, you have to look and hunt for those sellers that give professional, on-time and friendly customer service.

Moreover, it needs to offer an extensive and satisfactory time of warranty. This is how you can choose and shortlist the best muzzleloader scope.

And if you think that you are an expert in buying such scopes, then share your suggestions and guide with us as well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between muzzleloader scopes and rifle scopes?

There is a difference and clear-cut distinction existing between muzzleloader scopes and these rifle scopes and here you can check and read out about that!

One needs to know that there are lots of factors and elements that set these muzzleloader scopes and rifle scopes all and completely apart.

The very first difference is their distance limitation. We have seen that the best muzzleloader scope gets less than 100 yards as compared to rifle scopes that manage to pick up and go farther than that.

The next difference is their magnification range. This is an important factor that differentiates right between muzzleloader scopes and rifle scopes.

Keep in mind that if you are using a rifle scope, then you can easily see small objects better and ideally from a great distance.

On the other hand, it is these muzzleloader scopes that manage to magnify your target and game just within the range of 100 yards.

Then next comes the power difference! We have noticed and seen that the power of muzzleloader scopes is less or you can say lower because of their provision of short-distance shooting ability.

For a muzzleloader, the magnification power and range is 2x or you can say it is 3x. On the other hand, in the case and situation of the rifle scope, their offer power ability is higher.

Their magnification reaches to10x up to 20x.

The last difference that sets apart both of these versions is this aspect of the reticle. We have observed that the muzzleloader scopes are simple looking as compared to other kinds of rifle scopes.

It is these rifle scopes that can tell you the details about wind velocity and also about the actual distance existing between the shooter and the target.

But if you are using these muzzleloader scopes, then they can just show and display you with the round part right at the center.

What is the difference between muzzleloader iron sights and muzzleloader scopes?

Talking about these muzzleloader iron sights, they allow and permit you to shoot without needing and requiring any of the scopes. Furthermore, they help and guide you in aiming at your target with perfection.

Besides, if you are using muzzleloader scopes, then note down that they can aid and help out the hunters to improve and enhance their accuracy levels.

The best muzzleloader scope magnifies and boosts the target image and these scopes are usually and commonly mounted right at the top section of the muzzleloader.

Does a muzzleloader need a special scope?

If you have bought a muzzleloader rifle, then you can make it to work without buying any special scope. So, it is suggested to avoid buying a special scope for your muzzleloader.

If you still plan to do so, then this practice will hardly bring any improvement in the firing power of your rifle.

On the other hand, a few of the experts have claimed that special scopes are now needed for all muzzleloaders. You can have the best muzzleloader scope and enhance your rifle power instantly.

For improving your accuracy and hitting game, these special scopes have become the need of the demand. These scopes give you clean shots and make your big game hunting jobs more enjoyable.

How to mount a scope on a muzzleloader?

If you have purchased the best muzzleloader scope, then you should know how to mount it. We have seen that a large number of modern muzzleloaders are pre-drilled as well as customized for scopes.

Furthermore, to mount this scope, you have to make sure that you have got all of the mounting accessories at your end.

In the second step, you have to mount the bases and your bases should not at all touch the barrel surface of yours.

Start attaching the scope on your muzzleloader with the right and correct tools.

In addition, once you have decided the proper distance range right between the barrel and your scope, then you can tighten up the screws.

To further ensure yourself whether you have properly mounted the scope or not, you can double-check again and again.

How to zero a muzzleloader scope?

To zero the best muzzleloader scope, you need to have an understanding of your muzzleloader’s trajectory.

Most importantly, when at the close range, you need to consider this point that at a zero range, it allows and permits us to hit on a target without thinking about any of the holdovers.

This practice is even given the name of point-blank range. Once you are going to determine and decide the point-blank range, then you will be able to establish and create the right zero distance.

As an example, if you are going with a six-inch target, then keep in mind that your bullet’s trajectory will not be able to travel all and completely outside the six-inch range.

It means that at 100 yards, the impact point will come out to be 1.75 inches.


So, what’s the bottom line? Catch up with the best muzzleloader scope and share your views.

In addition, these top recommendations give you a bright sight picture and are embedded with fully multicoated lenses.

They have got a Patented BDC reticle and at the same time deliver consistent eye relief. Apart from that, these scopes are fog proof, shockproof as well as waterproof.

You are allowed to adjust these scopes with the help of their Spring-Loaded and Instant Zero-Reset Turrets.

They are exclusively optimized and run on the Ballistic Match Technology. Keep tuned and connected with us as more updated muzzleloader scope models are coming up.