10 Best Hidden Gun Safe Reviewed: (Buyer’s Guide)

Camouflaged or hidden gun safes. they have become a trendy thing these days, For the reason that here we are with 10 best hidden gun safe options.

They ideally conceal passports and documents, jewelry, and even cash, bank cards. These safes designed in working analog clock form or in air vent form.

They make sure to safeguard your valuables against any of the potential burglaries.

Our sleek and smartly designed safes are available at the absolute best price. They have passed through the rigorous and tough quality control process.

These are not counterfeit products and not manufactured by any of the unauthorized sellers. Moreover, these safes are not only functional, they look stylish as well.

They are a 2 in 1 product because you use them for security and decor purposes. So, stash your jewelry, cash, guns, and credit cards in them. Check out and have a look at the details:

The Advantages of Hidden Gun Safes

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Let us talk about the advantages and main benefits of hidden gun safe, below you can see important details. These safes are called and termed as hidden or camouflaged gun safes.

You can store multiple numbers of items in them like cash, guns and gold. Thieves will not get an idea as if this is safe. These safes come in the form of wall clocks, books and air vent designs.

It becomes difficult for thieves to judge whether this is a wall clock or a hidden gun safe. These are smartly designed and hardly get accessed by thieves.

They are usually and generally small and lightweight. If you are worried about the fact that your home may get invaded by thieves, then make sure to install such gun safes in your home.

These hidden gun safes give the other person feel if they are ordinary pieces and items of household furniture. There is less probability that any guest or burglar will spot or find these safes.

Rules to Using Hidden Gun Safes

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While you plan to install and keep hidden gun safes in your home, then make sure that you keep in mind certain rules. If you do not follow these rules, then you will not see the purpose showcased by a hidden safe:

First of all, you do not have to tell anyone or to any outside person that you have kept these hidden safes in your home. Just zip your mouth in this case.

There is no point of keeping a gun safe if you are disclosing this secret to everyone. As this will be a disguised safe, so avoid informing about it to anyone.

Make sure that your hidden gun safe looks completely hidden. It has to give a camouflage look. It should not give this obvious feeling that you have placed something in this safe.

If its compartment looks clear and obvious, then avoid buying that safe.

No matter it is a gun safe, you can keep your other valuables in it as well. You are free to store your extra ammunition and other magazines in it. Stuff it with cash and gold.

All in all, utilize that smartly designed gun safe most smartly. It does not offer restricted or limited use. So throw and secure as much of your valuables in it as you can.

Now, let’s start with our reviews…

10. Stealth Defense Vault DV652 Under Bed Hidden Gun Safe – Five Point Slide Locking Bar

This is an amazing looking Stealth Defense Vault DV652 Under Bed Gun Safe. You might be wondering why to buy it, here we will tell you. The other person will not know whether this is safe or not.

Most importantly, you can keep it under your bedside or consider it as a shotgun safe. It is made of 14 Gauge Steel. This great product comes with a Five Point Slide Locking Bat.

It carries ESL5 Electronic Lock and accompanied by the feature of Backlight. This way, you can use this safe, even in the dark. Its further best part is that it is CA DOJ Approved. It is marked as a reliable Firearm Safety Device

Its external dimensions are 6″H x 52″L x 14″D. And the Inside Tray Dimensions are 3 3/8″ H x 43 1/4″ W x 13″ D. If you want to keep your cash, shotgun or your rifle in a secured place, then try out this hidden gun safe option.

It works best for you. It cannot be accessed by your kids as well. Lastly, it is truly and genuinely engineered to the topmost and highest quality specifications.

It is identified as one of the high-security gun safes, so why not give it a try. Hopefully, you will like this suggestion.

What We Like:

  • It has a 14 Gauge Steel construction.
  • It runs on Five Point Slide Locking Bar.
  • It has a Backlight.

9. Casual Home Hidden Gun Safe – Contains a Felt-lined Drawer

This is another amazing recommendation for you. Want to know the best part of it, here you are. This Casual Home Hidden Gun Safe contains and composed of Felt-lined drawer.

It let and allow you securely and conceal all of your valuables and much more. None of the thief or any other strange person will get the feel as if you have kept something in this safe.

This option will not give any scratches to your guns or valuable. Most noteworthy, it is injected with easy access and magnetic trigger design. This way, you will be given with instant access when required and needed.

The best part of this hidden gun safe is that it comprises a Regal Nightstand design. It manages to hide your home valuables in seamless and plain sight. There are two drawers present in it.

It is composed of a large open shelf. It gives you plenty of storage space to keep your valuables or guns in it. This is a premium product as it shows Solid wood construction.

It guarantees to show lasting beauty as well as longevity. It acts and functions More than concealment. The presence of a rich Mocha finish is going to give a modern and trendy look to this statement piece.

What We Like:

  • Easy access, as well as magnetic trigger design, is present in it.
  • It perfectly hides your home valuables.
  • 2 drawers are infused in it.

8. Rocket Offroad RO-JP-LK1 Black Locking Underseat Hidden Gun Safe – Easy installation

Rocket Offroad RO-JP-LK1 Black Locking Underseat Storage Box offers Easy installation job to you and that is the catchy part of it. We have given our thumbs up to this gun safe because it carries a stunning and smart design.

It is designed in the form of Lockable storage safe. You can keep it under the driver seat of a car. Not a single person will be able to see whether you have kept something over there or not.

In addition, this safe is made of carbon steel. And there is a black powder-coated finish present in it.

This safe is included and come along with a pick resistant lock as well as two keys. Using such kind of gun safes have become the need of the hour.

They are for our security and also for the protection of our valuables. So, if you often carry cash with you and you like to keep a gun with you for security sake, the keep these valuables in this safe.

It works best and guarantees to give satisfactory results.

What We Like:

  • Lockable storage space is offered by it.
  • It provides quick and easy installation
  • It is constructed of carbon steel.

7. Willa-Hide Picture Frame Hidden Gun Cabinet – Installed With A Steel Locking Pin System

Can you believe that this is a hidden gun safe model, yes it is! We are talking about Willa-Hide Picture Frame Hidden Gun Cabinet. This cabinet offers you one of the simplest and smartest ways to secure your valuables.

In addition, you can freely keep it anywhere in your home. Besides, this cabinet comes in the form of a 16 x 20-inch picture frame. The metal of this cabinet door manages to glide just to one side.

Moreover, this whole product runs on the steel locking pin system. The package is included with a magnetic key that is going to unlock the door.

So, what have you decided? Are you making plans to try to this recommendation! This is a great place to hide and secure your guns and also ammo. This one is a U.S.-made picture frame pistol gun storage.

It acts as a decoration piece and as a safety box for you. It gives you roomy storage to hide your valuables. Your guns and cash are going to be both concealed as well as secured.

As it runs on the patented locking system, that is why it is a reliable recommendation for you. You can keep your passports or any kind of expensive jewellery in this Willa-Hide hidden wall safe.

What We Like:

  • It operates on a steel locking pin system.
  • The package comes with a magnetic key.
  • It secures your valuables ideally.

6. PS Products Ps Concealment Clock Hidden Gun Safe – Fully Functional

This is the kind of gun safe that is in the shape of a wall clock. Most probably, you may prefer to buy this PS Products Ps Concealment Clock. This is a fully functional gun safe.

As you can see that is is a decorative rectangular clock. And at the same time, it is modified in the form of a diversion safe. Moreover, it comes with a large secret stash box or you can say compartment.

Here in this compartment, you can hide your valuables. Note down that this clock makes use of a hinge and also magnetic clasp for the sake of opening and closing this clock with much ease.

We encourage you to try out this hidden storage space. You will for sure like it. If you are thinking about what you can store in this hidden safe, then we can tell you.

You can keep your keys, cash or your jewellery, credit cards in it. Furthermore, it can fit and be able to adjust all kinds of handguns. You need to have one AA battery for the running and functioning of this piece of unit.

Apart from that, it is made and engineered by using wood and comes with a mahogany stain.

What We Like:

  • It is designed in the form of a decorative rectangular clock.
  • It seamlessly hides your small valuables.
  • It is made of top-quality wood.

5. Birch & Forest Security Gun Safe in Books Disguise – Tough and Strong

Then we have this Birch & Forest Security Safe in Books Disguise for you. This gun safe is designed in the form of books. No doubt, it is the smartest safe design that we have ever seen!

Most certainly, you are going to order this mini diversion safe. It perfectly and ideally blends with the rest of your home environment.

If you are worried as to where to keep your valuable possessions, then do try this recommendation. It is made of solid steel. It claims to last for years and years.

In addition, this gun safe is featured and surrounded by two live-door bolts. It contains a pry-resistant steel door as well as concealed pry. On the other hand, it has a carpeted base so that your precious belongings do not get scratches.

To operate it, you need to have four AA batteries. Hence, this is a clever ‘disguise design’ box that will satisfy your needs. So, give it a try and share your opinion about it.

What We Like:

  • It is surrounded by clever ‘disguise design’.
  • It has two live-door bolts.
  • It consists of a pry-resistant steel door.

4. Handmade Hidden Gun Storage Cabinet – Keeps Your Guns Completely Hidden

Moving to the next spot, we have this Handmade Hidden Gun Storage Cabinet suggestion for you. It guarantees to keep your guns wholly and completely hidden.

This gun safe manages to get blend and fuse with your home decor in a seamless manner. It makes use of a magnetic key so that you can keep your guns and valuables out of sight and also handily within your reach.

You can call it a diversion safe. It is concealed and packed with a practical corkboard. Make sure that interior cabinet and also the Rev-A-Lock mechanism, both of them remain to stay completely hidden.

If you are interested in buying this hidden gun safe, then pen down to us your reviews about it. Remember that magnetic lock is wholly self-closing. It is made in the USA and comes in the assembled form.

Lastly, it interior side has these pre-drilled holes. This way, you will be allowed to accommodate and keep the 2 adjustable height shelves.

What We Like:

  • It carries a Rev-A-Lock mechanism.
  • It secures your valuables with a guarantee.
  • It comes fully assembled.

3. Book Mods Concealed Hidden Gun Safe – Looks Like A Normal Bible

Then we have Book Mods Concealed Gun Storage for you. The best and catchy part of this gun safe is that it looks just like that of a normal Bible.

If your handgun is 1.18″ wide, 7.5″ long, and also 5.1″ tall or less, then this is an ideal safe or storage box for them. The package is included with extra magazine slot.

Most importantly, it consists of Magnetic Closures and guarantees to fit an extensive number and types of guns.
This one is a hand-crafted Bible book gun storage safe.

It manages to accommodate compact guns and rifles. So, if you are looking for common gun storage solutions, then feel free to try this suggestion.

Upon using it, you can quickly access your guns. No one will know what have you hide in this smart-looking storage box. The other person will assume as if this is a real Bible book.

What We Like:

  • It looks like a normal bible
  • It Fits Compact looking Handguns.
  • It consists of smart design.

2. U Conceal It Concealable and Lockable Quick Access Wall Hidden Gun Safe – Fast Installation Process

The next suggestion we have reviewed for you, it is this U Conceal It Concealable and Lockable Quick Access Wall Safe. It smartly conceals and hides your items.

If you are eagerly searching for Quick, Convenient safe options, then get your hands on this product. You can mount and install it vertically or horizontally.

Most noteworthy, this one is a Customizable as well as Lockable safe. It needs a 5-minute installation job from your side.

You can secure your handguns, keys and even your wallets in it. This gun safe makes sure that you enjoy and experience a safe and stress-free time in your home.

It has got a classical contemporary look which will be loved by you. It comes in the form of custom cut boxes and runs on a magnetic locking system.

What We Like:

  • It is Quick, Convenient to use.
  • It can be installed in seconds.
  • It offers you two mounting options.

1. Professional Grade Products WS1 Wall Hidden Gun Safe – Hidden As Air Vent

Lastly, we have Professional Grade Products WS1 Wall Safe for you. You will be surprised to know that this gun safe is designed in the form of an air vent.

Here you can keep and perfectly secure your Jewelry, Valuables. You can install it in minutes. How amazing it is! No special tools are needed to set up it. It is accompanied by a false wall.

It means, no one will be able to see through anything from the vent slots. This product is made in the USA. You can install it behind your room doors or in your closet. You can mount it in your bathrooms.

Its save cavity dimensions are 13.5″ W x 4.5″ H, 3.5″ D. 0.12 cubic feet. If you are deciding to use this gun safe, then after experiencing its functions, you can share with us your feedback about it.

We are waiting for your reviews.

What We Like

  • It claims to keep your cash and valuables safe.
  • It is designed in the form of Wall Vent
  • It is installed in minutes.

Best Hidden Gun Safe – Buyer’s Guide!

Pin on between the studs storage

Safely and Perfectly Hides Your Valuables

Firstly, you can buy that hidden gun safe that can perfectly hide your valuables. It should have a smart design.

Furthermore, it needs to be easily accessible. It should not give a hint to the other person as if you have stored something in this safe.

High-end Construction And Quick Installation

Look for the hidden gun safe model that is made of high and top quality materials. It need not require a lengthy installation job.

High-quality gun safes, they last for years and generally need little care from your side.

Maximum Storage Space

Search for the option that gives you maximum storage space. This way, you can conveniently keep your jewellery, extra cash or your bank cards and guns in it.

Moreover, it needs to have enough compartments and at least 3 shelves.

Simple and User-Friendly Design

It is recommended to buy the hidden gun safe unit that has a simple and user-friendly design. It needs to be easy and trouble-free to hang and open. Besides, it should only make use of a single AA battery.


Now, you have come to know the best options regarding hidden gun safe versions! Which one you want to buy! All of them are available in clever designs.

Some of the recommendations are made in book form, some are available in wall clock form. Furthermore, some models look like that of electrical outlets.

Using these gun safes will offer you a great and smart place to hide your guns, cash and valuables.

Moreover, they are made by using high impact plastic and also metal. They Conceal your valuables in the best way in your home. Along with that, they offer easy installation.

Keep in touch and stay tuned with us. More smart and clever looking hidden gun safe versions are arriving sooner.