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Do you love camping, hiking, and hunting? If yes then you would also need a good wood cutting companion with you, which will support you in your forest journey and activities. 

No wonder a folding saw is necessary for every household or people who like to do hiking, camping and gardening and even lumbering must have folding saws, if you are involving in these activities you should eye out for the best folding saws given below. 

Now, let’s look at the best folding saws that we needed. 

What Is a Folding Saw?Folding Saw

Are you tired of finding a tool that can cut hard stuff easily? If you didn’t find it don’t worry we have the best solution for your problem. A folding saw is a kind of a curved shape blade that is sharp-toothed and folds like a pocket knife.

Moreover, a folding saw is used for cutting hard stuff like; bushes, trees, etc. most importantly, the interesting fact about the folding saw is that it can be used for multi-purposes like; hiking, camping, lumbering, and also to hunt animals as well.

Furthermore, there are many variants of it that are; Bacho Laplander, Coleman, Fiskers power tooth, Corona, and Silky tomboy which have the same objective but different nature in cutting. 

If you are a camper, gardener, or hiker, this information is for you to find suitable folding saw for your purpose. 

Why Necessary To Invest In A Folding Saw?

It is necessary to have a folding saw if you ever need to cut some hard or solid goods in your house or outside.

So, it’s important to buy or invest in folding saws. Firstly, it has multi-purpose uses in which cutting dogwood (which is kind of a tree that has the hardest timber) even it can also cut the bones.

Secondly, which is the most important benefit of a folding saw is that it is easy to carry around a light in weight as it is of a pocket-size and take anywhere you like to.

 Thirdly, it can cut anything neatly, accurately, and time-saving as well. Fourthly, it is safe to use it and has least or no probability to harm or damage your hands.

Lastly, it is also useful for people who involve in camping mostly. However, the variants of folding saw are different from one another and come in handy in different work situations.

As they have unique and diverse qualities and structure but first before discussing the variants of folding saws, we first discuss the key features of them which will help you to buy a quality folding saw according to your need. 

Best Folding Saws Reviews:

There are some best quality folding saws out there in the market that you will surely want to see them, affordable, backpack friendly, easy to carry with you anywhere, and also safe to use and have a great experience by using them.

1. Fiskars Power Tooth Folding SawFiskars Power Tooth Folding Saw

The other outstanding product is the Fiskers Power Tooth folding saw of about 10 inches total length having 7-inch stainless flexible steel blade.

Moreover, it is available in orange color. on the other hand, Some more interesting things about Fiskers is, it is light in weight which means it is portable and can take anywhere you want.

Furthermore, the Fiskers also cut neat and clean. It is affordable and available at a pocket-friendly price in the market. 

The other amazing feature of Fiskers is, it has two types of lock one like the Bacho Laplander folding saw which was a button and another is like a switch like a button, in which the user has to open the lock before using it and after folding the saw user has to push the button to lock it.

 However, talking about the handle of the Fiskers folding saw, there’s no doubt about its grip but also the user has to take safety precautions against the saw, that are user has to wear gloves while using the saw if not then consequently,

The user might end up getting hurt, in the sense that while putting pressure on the saw during cutting something the handle of the Fiskers folding saw left marks on the hands of the user which would be obviously painful for the user.  

The Fiskers folding saw also has a hole at the end of the handle which is used to put a lanyard in it to hang it on something.

Most importantly, the frisker’s producers give a lifetime warranty about the saw, which gives faith to the customer to purchase it.

Nonetheless, it is very useful for bush crafting, it cuts the thick wood and branches in approximately 12 seconds because it has triple ground teeth which easily accomplish the task of cutting hardwoods. 


  • It is easy to use.
  • Strong and grounded blade.
  • Soft grip.


  • It cuts effectively the thick woods but after that the screw gets loose.

2. Corona Razor Tooth Folding SawCorona Razor Tooth Folding Saw

Corona razor tooth folding saw is a kind of pruning saw which is very efficient in cutting branches of trees of every kind (thick or thin, green or wet) and also cuts plastic and bones.

However, it has a total length of 13 inches with an approximately 10 inches sharp and hard steel curved blade, the great thing about the blade is, it is coated with a chrome plate which reduces friction while cutting. 

Nonetheless, the interesting thing about corona folding saw is that it cuts very smoothly and neatly of the material and also very quick in cutting without any stuck in the middle of the process of cutting, that is because it has very aggressive teeth of 6 Teeth per inch blade which helps to cut hard stuff efficiently in a very less time. 

The handle provides a good grip and perfectly adjustable in hands. The most interesting thing about the handle is, it is in a curved shape which is made up of polymer plastic due to which is comfortable in cutting and holding the saw.

In addition, the corona razor tooth folding saw is available in the market in different sizes probably 7, 8, and 10 inches. Mostly, it is good for the people who used to go hiking, hunting, and bush crafting as well. 

Another important feature of the corona folding saw is, it is very light in weight of about o.8 pounds which is easy to carry with you around.

Furthermore, it is ergonomic (environmentally friendly), the blade is replaceable whenever it get rust or have any other issue like losing the sharpness, etc. explaining further, it is available in red in color.

 Now, if we talk about its lock mechanism, it has its look on the top of the handle which is obvious when you need to use it, you have unlocked it, after accomplished the task you have to lock it properly.

One thing which is a little annoying about the corona folding saw is the screw which holds the saw handle and the blade due to excessive use it got lose but there is also a good solution for this problem is,

If it loses then replace the existing screw and replace it with the stainless nylon lock nut and also you can put lock-tite type liquid into it so fix it.  


  • Curvy handle.
  • Chrome plate coated blade.
  • Good grip.
  • Quick and efficient cut.


  • limited lifetime and warranty.
  • Blade loses sharpness by extreme usage.
  • The loose nut that keeps the blade attached to the handle.
  • Blade teeth penetrate the lanyard hole.

3. Silky Pocketboy 170 Folding SawSilky Pocketboy 170 Folding Saw

Silky pocket boy folding saw is a Japanese-style pull cut saw available for multi-purpose uses means bush crafting, hiking, hunting and camping.

It is available in a simple plastic carrying case to ensure its safety. Further discussing its features, there is a carbon steel chrome plated flexible blade having a length of about 170 millimeters with a total length of 15 inches.

Mentioning the other important feature of the folding saw is the blade has 7 teeth per inch in large size. 

Moreover, the rubber on the handle of the folding saw is 14 centimeters which is red in color. Other than that there is a little amount of friction while opening and closing the saw.

The lanyard hole is also protected from the teeth penetration of the blade. The most important feature of the silky pocket boy folding saw is that it has a unique blade locking set up through which you can cut in versatile positions of the material. 


  • Chrome plate coated blade.
  • Good grip.
  • Different blade locking position.


  • limited lifetime and warranty.
  • friction while opening and closing the saw.

4. Sog F10n-cp Folding SawSog F10n-cp Folding Saw

Sog camp folding saw is made by Sog Knives A Japanese-style folding saw which is a pull cut saw mentioning the features of this saw, one of the most important qualities of this saw is first, its blade is longer than the other saws and flexible which is 8 inches with the carbon steel chrome plated.

Secondly, It is also has a lanyard hole like other folding saws which is useful in hanging. Thirdly, it has a lock back mechanism which helps the blade to cut at different angles. 

Fourthly, it has a good handle made of hard plastic which provides a firm grip over the handle and good control during the cutting of hard branches.

Moreover, it is available in a nylon carrying case which keeps it safe, and also it is lighter in weight which makes it portable. Fifthly, its total length is 17.25 inches with a weight of 9.2 ounces. Another feature is its lock mechanism which keeps it lock in open and in a close position as well.  


  • Chrome plate coated blade.
  • Good grip.
  • Long blade.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Thin blade.

5. silky F180 Folding Sawsilky F180 Folding Saw

Silky F180 professional folding saw is also a Japanese-style folding saw which is a pull cut saw, it is economical.

Moreover, it has a blade of thick carbon steel blade of 13mm with 7.5 teeth per 30mm pattern due to which it can cut soft or hard and wet and dry wood easily. 

The important thing is, the chrome plating protects the blade from rust, it can also cut with a different cutting angle like rip, cross and slant cutting.

Furthermore, silky has a thinner structure, but one thing which is problematic about silky F180 is that its lock mechanism can lock up in the open position but cannot lock in a close position which is dangerous.

Nonetheless, the rubber handle is soft and comfortable to hold, the weight is the light of the folding saw of about 0.4 ounces, available in two colors red and silver.


  • Good grip.
  • Durable blade.


  • Thin blade.
  • Lock mechanism in the close position.

6. Felco Folding Saw (f 600)Felco Folding Saw (f 600)

Felco folding saw is a pruning saw manufactured by felcos, a kind of Japanese-style pull cut saw means that (it cannot cut on the forward stroke but you have to set it back a little bit so it can cut well) with total length of 14 inches, having the weight of about 5.5 ounces, talking about the features of this folding saw it has chrome plate coated rust resistance 7-inch carbon steel blade having triple extremely sharpen teeth with the pattern of 13.4 teeth per 350mm.

The blade is flexible and resilient which can cut hard, soft, dry and wet woods even it can also cut bones and plastics as well. Above all, it can cut large diameters of wood and branches.  

Moreover, the opposite side of the blade is also very sharp which is used for the shaping of the wood or burning the fire. 

Furthermore, it is versatile in cutting all sorts of material, it is also has rubberized non-slip handle with a lanyard hole and most interesting thing about the ever saw hand-folding saw is that the blade teeth cannot penetrate the lanyard hole which is easy and allowable to put a lanyard in the hole which quite unique as compared to other saws. 

Further mentioning the features, it is also has a gear type lock mechanism which is simple and easy to operate, the lock itself a metal covered with plastic with an adjustable pivot which is used to adjust the blade of the saw as per your requirement.

Another huge benefit of the saw is its company provides a lifetime guarantee of the saw. Moreover, its handle provides a comfortable grip for efficient and effective cutting without losing control over grip while cutting. 


  • A lanyard hole is free from teeth penetration. 
  • Carbon steel blade.
  • Strong grip.
  • Quick, neat, and smooth cut.
  • Lifetime warranty. 
  • Extremely sharp.


  • None.

7. Primos Hunting Folding SawPrimos Hunting Folding Saw

The primos hunting folding saw is also a very good saw for cutting thin branches and softwood mostly in the garden of the house and the thin bushes.

Talking about the features of the primos, the first feature that I notice is that, it has a length of 11.25 inches. Secondly, it has a molded rubber handle for good grip with the weight of o.45 pounds.

Thirdly, it has a push lock. Fourthly, the blade is 5.9 inches. Moreover, it is also available in nylon carrier case. 


  • Chrome plate coated blade.
  • Good grip.


  • Difficulty in cutting dogwood.

8. Silky Zubat 330 Arborist Professional Hand SawSilky Zubat 330 Arborist Professional Hand Saw

The Silky Zubat hand saw is a new structured portable saw, it is a little expensive, but there is the thing, you get what you paid for.

So, mentioning its features that are unique from other folding saws that are, it has a total length of about 18.5 inches. Moving forward to other interesting features are, the blade has a hard chrome plate which protects it from rust and has a 13-inch length.

Moreover, it has 4.7 large teeth per inch it has a non-set teeth pattern which makes it extremely sharp and the result of its cut is very smooth, neat and quick.

Now, if we talking about its carrying case which is a kind of a sheath that holds the saw in it. The interesting thing about this saw is, the saw in the sheath is like a saw which has a clip that you can put that clip along with the saw which makes it portable.

Furthermore, the hold on the handle is quite firm and strong gripper and also provide good control during the process of cutting.

Above all, the blade is capable of cross, rip and slant cutting. The most amazing thing about this hand saw is that, it can cut 4 to 6 diameter of wood smoothly.


  • Good grip.
  • Durable blade.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Versatile cutting.
  • Long-term sharpness of the blade.
  • The unique structure of the lock.
  • Cut hard dogwood with a large diameter easily.


  • None.

Key Feature To Look In a Quality Folding Saw:Folding Saw

Whenever you go out to buy a folding saw, you need to look out for certain qualities or features in it and if you came across the one which has your desired qualities in it that you are seeking don’t hesitate to buy it.

Furthermore, talking about the key features of the folding saw which is necessary to look at when we intend to purchase it are discussed below:

Folding Saw Having Firm Grip:

When choosing a folding saw you need to check the grip of your hand on the handle of the folding saw. By doing this you may have a clear cut idea about precision and control.

However, checking the grip is necessary as to whether the handle is comfortable and adjustable in your hand or not.

Because if your hand is small and the handle of the folding saw is big or vice versa, you may have difficulty in keeping the balance during the process of cutting anything.

Moreover, you will also hurt your hand while cutting something and also your hand would be aching. Another thing which is important while purchasing the saw look at the material of the handle is made, is it comfortable when it’s in your hand, or does it irritating during the process of cutting something. 

So, it is necessary to look at this main important feature whenever you intend to purchase a folding saw to avoid the above harms and damages. 

Thickness Of Folding Saw Blade:

A fine thick blade of folding saw provides more rigidity, which gives higher accuracy and better task performance. In addition, the thickness of the blade may vary on the basis of the thing that you want to cut.

For instance, if we are cutting furniture we need flexibility and also maintain the balance of the folding saw. Another important thing is while cutting anything the tooth geometry also matters. 

For example, if you are cutting the wood the tooth geometry of the folding saw may be different but if you are cutting the ice then you may require another type of tooth geometry folding saw.

Folding Saw Tooth Geometry Need For Cutting:

When purchasing a folding saw we need to eye out the edge of the folding saw blade which should be sharp and also look at the tooth geometry related to your needs to cut a particular thing.

For instance, looking at the size of the tooth, the distance among the tooth, and also the shape of the tooth can help in cutting the different things according to their material.  

Blade Protection Of Folding Saw:

Blade protection of folding saw is essential and necessary for the protection of yourself and your surroundings as well. Most important thing is, it must have a user-friendly design.

It should not be broken when cutting something and must be flexible and also protected from rust as well. Moreover, if we use blade protection, the blade quality and duration of usage would increase.

Warranty Of A Folding Saw:

When going into the market to buy a folding saw also consider the warranty of the tool, the higher the quality the longer the warranty.

When purchasing a saw prefer the saw that has a lifetime warranty rather than other folding saws having no to least warranty which will obviously a waste of your money. 

The companies who are giving the lifetime warranty, you will notice that they believe in their product and certain that the product would satisfy the needs of the customer.

In addition, before purchasing the product don’t forget to ask that is there any money back or replacement guarantee for the saw that you are purchasing, this is because if you got any issues in the future regarding the saw you may have the above facilities to avail and have a new one.

Blade Adjustability Of A Folding Saw:

The other important thing that you must look into in a folding saw is the blade adjustability either you want to tighten the blade or loosen it while using the saw or cutting something.

Moreover, make sure to have this feature in the saw by checking it through the screw which is adjusted with the blade, and use this facility according to your requirement.   

Now, let’s move towards the best saws ranked high this year and through which people have a better experience with it so that you might get the idea for which one folding saw you should be purchase.

How To Sharpen A Folding Saw?Folding Saw

When we use saws at their maximum extent the saws got exhausted and can’t give their maximum output as they give us when we bought them.

So, in this situation we need to sharpen the saw which is less expensive and also bring the saw back to life as well. Fortunately, there are some methods and ways through which we can sharpen the saw whenever we need. 

Above all, the things we need to sharpen the saw are; some good quality filers, and a saw vice which will need to put the saw in an adjustable position to sharpen it.

After that, the procedure of sharpening a saw is very easy which is to put the old Sharpless saw in the saw vice and adjust it but the first most important thing to know about the saw file through which you are able to sharpen the saw

How To Choose The Type Of Saw File?

There are the following four basic types of tapers that you have to look at when you are sharpening the saw that is; regular tapers, slim tapers, extra-slim tapers, and double extra-slim tapers. However, there is also variation in quality.

If you tend to purchase the file which is a Chinese manufacturer which are generally economical and softer due to which you get an inferior result but if you go towards the quality files they are probably expensive but give you a standard result. 

Moreover, let’s talk about the type of filers you should be using while sharpening the saw, before selecting a file you need to see the teeth on the blade of the saw and according to that you need to buy that saw file which edge is suitable for the sharpening the saw. 

Furthermore, you also have to look the size of the saw file against the teeth per inch or point per inch of your saw.

Make sure that the saw file is adjustable according to your TPI or PPI. If you use the small file, it will dull the saw instead if sharpening it while if you use the large file, it will vague the teeth of the saw which will not provide you the exact quality of sharpness as the smaller file. 

Whether it would be a rip saw or crossing saw first should make the teeth of the saw in a uniform level by rubbing the filer over the saw’s teeth.

Then, take out the filer according to the TPI or PPI by measuring the teeth of a saw, and after measuring them put the filer between the teeth of the saw and start rubbing it in the back and forth movement. 

Furthermore, if we talk about the sharpening of the folding saw, there would be another method, which is very effective and took very little effort.

Interestingly, if we want to sharp the folding saw, first we need to separate the blade from the handle through opening the screw of the folding saw.

Secondly, put the blade into ferric chloride or citric acid for a minute, and then after soaking it in acid, the next step is to neutralize the acid by adding one tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate in 1 liter of water and soaking the blade again in the mixture and after that, you will see the wonder by looking at the saw which would be sharp as new.


Now, in the end we came to this conclusion of our review that all the folding saws are best, they are portable, sharp, and light in weight, and some of them are very durable.

In short, they are easy to use and can use anywhere. Above all, the intention of our review is that if you look for the folding saw online or offline, you may choose the best one for yourself among them according to your need, if you are cutting woods or bushes so, you have an idea what kind of saw you should be looking for cutting.   

Secondly, for your convenience, we put the link under each folding saw so that you can buy instantly from Amazon which is offering you the best folding saws along with the best quality at affordable prices.