10 Best Fixed Power Scopes In 2021: Reviews

Many people love animal hunting. As we all know animals can easily harm persons at any time. For this reason, it is necessary to aim at them from a distance.

If we increase the distance, it becomes difficult for the shooters to aim at the animal or object. To resolve this problem, scopes are introduced.

Scopes are used with rifles to clear the scene view. With the help of scope, the shooter can easily aim the object from a large distance.

In this article, the best fixed-power scopes are discussed. So that you get to know about their benefits. Let’s start with the reviews.

Best Fixed Power Scopes Reviews:Fixed Power Scopes

Here we listed the top 10 fixed power scopes that are fit to your budget.

All these scopes have different functionalities and features so that you can select the one according to your requirements.

1. Leupold Fx-ii Scout 2.5*28 Mm Duplex

Leupold Fx-ii Scout 2.528 Mm Duplex

Leupold FX-II Scout is very effective for hunting. You will get the best value for your money if you buy this fixed power scope. During shooting it removes all your problems.

In this case, all you have to do is to get the target. After you set the target, adjust the windage, and press the trigger.

This fixed scope will be invaluable when you make quick decisions. This scope gives the best results if you use it for hunting deer.

Moreover, the best thing about this scope is that it gives accurate and desired results and at the same time it is very simple to use.

A blend of Krypton and Argon is manufactured with this fixed power scope. Leupold FX-II is sealed with robust O-rings by a reputable manufacturer.

O-rings are used for sealing to make sure that water does not get into the scope. Besides that, there are some downsides to this fixed power scope.

There are some complaints from the people. If they want to repair something the manufacturer takes delivery fees from them.

After that, not a single complaint is received. But for the betterment customer helpline should be changed.


  • The design consists of a single piece
  • With a diamond-coated lens, it is manufactured
  • The construction is robust


  • Need to improve the customer services

2. Ade Advanced Optics Fixed Power Scope

Ade Advanced Optics Fixed Power Scope

You might want a scope that fits your budget. Ade advanced optics fixed power scope is surely the one for you. It gives you the best results within an affordable price range.

For a tactical application, this power scope is perfect. It is specifically manufactured for the encounters of short and medium range.

Due to its multiple functionalities, it can be used for competition and self-defense.

For this reason, many people praise the fixed power scope. High-quality aluminum is used to make optics. This optics is then manufactured with the fixed power scope to increase its durability.

The aluminum material is waterproof and shockproof which is used to construct Ade advanced optics fixed power scope. The visibility of the fixed power scope front sight is high.

This feature enables the scope to catch the eye in bright and low light conditions. The best thing about this fixed power scope is that it works exactly as advertised.

In the reticle, you have full permission to change the different color illumination. This is a cool scope that attracts people with its functionalities.


  • This fixed power scope’s front sight has high visibility
  • This scop works exactly as advertised


  • The manufacturer should improve the parallax because it is terrible.

3. Bushnell Bt1040 Tac Fixed Power Scope

Bushnell Bt1040 Tac Fixed Power Scope

If you want an option for a longer range then Bushnell fixed power scope is ideal for you. You will get a 10x scope by using this fixed scope. Also, it has an objective lens of 40mm.

You can verify that a 10x is the highest magnification value that you get in any fixed power scope.

To increase the magnification, you have to be a little higher because you can not increase the magnification level.

Especially for tactical applications, these fixed power scopes are made. Before purchasing this product, you can see what you are getting.

There are lots of things to consider when discussing the fixed power scopes. Durability is the most obvious and common factor to consider. Other considerations are weight and size.

With fewer moving portions, most of the fixed power scopes are manufactured in the market. This is the main reason why these scopes are durable.

They contain fewer things that have nearly zero chance to go wrong. Because of this reason, these fixed scopes have tougher construction.

Bushnell Tac scope is smaller in size and lighter in weight. For elevation, the scope’s reticle has an amazing means to compensate. This is the most noticeable thing about this product.

Also, you can use reticle precise and accurate features Mil-Dots if elevation is not enough. Moreover, a lens coating is used as a barrier protection in this scope.

This coating helps to keep the lenses of fixed power scope safe from oil and abrasions. The main reason to use this scope is that the images are clear which this fixed scope provides.

You will get clarity to an amazing level by using this fixed power scope. In low conditions of light, you can also use it. If you have a retro rifle then you should not leave behind this scope.


  • To repel oil and water it has a protective coating on the lens
  • This scope is boasts of high-level transmission of light


  • The cost is high

4. Nikon P Tactical 3*32 Matte Bdc Carbine Fixed Power Scope

Nikon P Tactical 332 Matte Bdc Carbine Fixed Power Scope1

Nikon is a well-known company that has been manufacturing quality scopes for a long time. Also, they make the best lenses at a reasonable price for many applications.

Fixed scopes that are made by Nikon are not an exception. Nikon does not just manufacture scopes that work as a normal fixed power scope.

It makes sure that the hunters will feel happy and enjoy their hunting experience using their products.

Magnification power is one of the best things about the fixed power scope. Also, we admire its objective diameter.

The standard of Nikon is high because its main purpose is to make the customer happy.

For this reason, they try their best to remove every single flaw from the scope. For this effort, many people trust and love Nikon.

With the help of its multicoated lenses, even in dark conditions, you can have a brightness of excellent level.

Rather than that, to shrug off the oil and moisture these lenses are manufactured. Moreover, you will always get corrosion and waterproof design with fixed scope models.

A proprietary reticle is also incorporated by the manufacturer. At any range, you can get a high-level precision by using a reticle that is made for NATO rounds.

They have an indicated range of 100 to 600 yards for hash marks in their package. Moreover, you will get an elevation that is spring-loaded.

It is one of the best-fixed power scopes that are made with turrets. Turrets are detailed that everyone can easily read. You can smoothly operate them.

Between a premium and high-value product, this fixed power scope is a good spot. This scope is filled with many features but you can get it at an affordable price.

If you love hunting, then it makes your life easier. It is the best-fixed power scope that will never break your trust or disappoint you in any case.


  • All of its operations are smooth
  • By using different elements its protection level increase


  • It does not work as the manufacturer describes

5. Trijicon Tr23 Acupoint Fixed Power Scope

Trijicon Tr23 Acupoint Fixed Power Scope

Trijicon Accupoint fixed power scope comes with a point illumination. To reduced your normal working hours this aiming point illumination helps a lot.

Moreover, the dual point system is boasted by this scope. With the help of an illumination system, you can adjust the brightness of a point.

So that to the existing lighting conditions you can adapt. With a manual brightest override, you can adjust the reticle. Also, you can adjust your preferences by using this fixed power scope.

Unlike other scopes that have low quality, this Trijicon power scope is waterproof and made with durable material. To make your view clear it consists of lenses.

These lenses have superior quality. Moreover, it allows you to gather light from the environment. Due to its construction with aluminum of aircraft-grade, it becomes durable.

It means that without disappointing you these scopes can work for years. Also, this fixed power scope can withstand any weather situation.

As the magnification increase, the size of the reticle will remain constant. It means you can have more precise aims at higher levels of magnification.

The important thing about this scope is that from the objective lens this reticle does not produce any type of illumination.


  • It does not contain any emissions
  • Its construction is done by using aluminum of aircraft-grade


  • It can not gather enough light from the environment

6. Barska Varmint Mil Fixed Power Scope

Barska Varmint Mil Fixed Power Scope

Barska fixed power scope comes with a 20x magnification power. For perfect accuracy, it contains the click adjustments. This scope is made with high-quality durable material.

It contains a large amount of optics with multicoating. This helps to get a clear view to aim precisely. This scope has a reticle with a target dot crosshair just to make your targeting easy.

Due to this reason, it is considered the ideal fixed power scope for the shooting of any type. But especially to withstand the reverse recoil that air guns produced this Barska scope is made.

To provide more benefits to the users it is designed shockproof and waterproof.

The manufacturer includes all the important features that use in the shooting in this fixed power scope.


  • The high-quality material is used in the construction
  • Made with a unique and attractive design


  • This product does not give the warranty of a lifetime

7. Vortex Optics Crossfire Fixed Power Scope

Vortex Optics Crossfire Fixed Power Scope

For hunting and shooting at different ranges, this fixed power scope is the best option. It consists of long eye relief and enables you to get a clear picture of sight in a short time.

You can also focus on the reticle due to the eyepiece of the scope. Also, the lenses that are used in this scope have a multi-coating and are anti-reflective.

It contains all the features that give clear and bright views to the users. In this scope, you have a maximum of 60 MOA elevation adjustment. Also, with fingers, you can adjust the capped reset turrets.


  • It contains multicoated lenses
  • Aluminum of aircraft-grade is used in the construction of the scope


  • You will face some issues while mounting this scope on A17.

8. Utg 4 16×50 Hunter Fixed Power Scope

Utg 4 16×50 Hunter Fixed Power Scope

Especially for predator hunting, Utg fixed power scope is designed. Moreover, this scope is filled with nitrogen and sealed completely.

To provide more benefits to the user it is made fog proof and waterproof.

Also, to withstand all the weather conditions it has an EZ TAP two color modes illumination enhancing system.

Using the fixed scope also features a turret with zero resetting target and zero lockings that is premium.

The best thing about this fixed power scope is that it has a more precise and consistent MOA per click.

The other worth mentioning feature about this scope is the lens that is coated. Moreover, if you want to aim precisely then you can use the estimating reticle.


  • Zero lockings are boosted in this scope
  • For predator hunting, it contains special features


  • To use this scope is not an easy task

9. Vision King Rifle Fixed Power Scope

Vision King Rifle Fixed Power Scope

Vision king fixed power scope is both fog proof and waterproof. Most importantly this scope is shockproof and easily available.

It gives you the facility to adjust elevation and comes with positive windage.

To make sure that this scope gives the maximum number of transmissions, it is structured creatively. By using this fixed power scope, you will get the image with the sharpest quality.

You will get the true return on your money if you properly use this scope. By using this scope, you can understand that it can be used in the rough fields.


  • Provides the maximum number of transmissions
  • Gives the clear with the sharpest quality.


  • The overall product quality is not so good

10. Mueller Target Rifle Fixed Power Scope

Mueller Target Rifle Fixed Power Scope

Muller fixed power scope has all the abilities to feature in the best scope reviews.

Its amazing features include a crosshair that is microfine with target dots and a side focus adjustment of parallax.

You can get a fixed power scope that is reliable and comes with top-to-top clarity and eyepiece with a fast focus. It is durable and available at a low cost.

If you do not have a budget to buy high-quality powerful fixed power scopes then you can confidently buy a Muller scope.

The reason is that it contains all the features to be used in place of powerful scopes.


  • To adjust elevation, it comes with attractive clicks
  • It helps to get a clear view


  • The weight of the scope is a bit heavy

Best Fixed Power Scopes: Buyer’s Guide:Fixed Power Scopes1

There are many fixed power scopes are available in the market. Each of which consists of different features. To buy the one according to your requirements you have to keep in mind some factors.

The presence of these factors is necessary for each scope. If the scope has all the following factors then without any doubt you should buy it. Let’s have a look at these factors so that you can know their importance.

1. Lens Coating

When shopping for the fixed power scopes, you might hear the terms like coated and multicoated. The lenses in fixed scopes are coated with anti-reflective films.

The coating allows more light to enter the scope. Due to this, the user gets a clear picture of sight. This helps the hunter to aim precisely. Also, this coated layer prevents the reflection of light.

Because of this, you can easily set the position to hit your target. If you want to get the best-fixed power scope then go for multicoated ones.

Make sure that both the lenses have multiple coating layers.

2. Weatherproofing

If you want to use a scope for hunting purposes then the fixed power scope should be waterproof. To purge inside of the scope many reputable manufacturers use inert gas.

O-rings are used to seal both ends of the scope. Inside the fixed power scope, argon is used to prevent the entrance of water in the tube.

Moreover, it will also prevent your lens from getting moist due to fog.

It is considered better to select a weatherproofing fixed scope so that you can comfortably use it in any situation.

3. Eye Relief

Eye relief is considered the most important factor while buying a fixed power scope. If your scope gives the facility of eye relief then you can aim your target from a long distance.

To prevent the scope bit, it is important to have the right eye relief. Scope bite is an example where the fixed power scope eyepiece gets slammed in the user’s face.

When you select the longer eye relief you can mount the scope forward beyond the rifles’ actions. Due to this, the scope will not hit by the expelled cartridges.

4. Objectives Lens Size

In the front part of the fixed power scope, you can see an objective lens. The basic purpose of the objective lens is to collect enough light from the surroundings.

Due to more light, you will get a bright image of the scene. If you think that getting a larger size objective lens is the best solution then you are wrong.

The fixed power scope will become heavy by the use of a larger size objective lens. To avoid this problem, you should get an objective lens that fits with your scope.

5. Reticle

In the fixed power scope, the reticle is the superimposed image. In aiming the target precisely, a reticle helps the user. Nowadays, there are many types of reticles available.

You can select the one that fulfills all your requirements. If you are inexperienced in shooting or just start it then you should select the Duplex.

6. Magnification

Magnification is considered the most necessary and crucial factor that you should never forget. Make sure you get the fixed power scope that has 10x magnification.

Because after buying the scope you can not increase its magnification. That’s why it is advised to select the highest magnification scope.

7. Durability

To get a durable product is everyone’s dream. Because a durable product lasts for a long time. You should select the fixed power scope that has a robust construction and dust-proof feature.

The durability of the scope ensures you that it will work for many years without disappointing you for a single moment. It is a good investment for your money if you get the right scope.

8. Lightening Your Wallet

Budget is an important factor as it allows to you select the best and higher price products. The scope is a necessary thing if you love hunting.

So, make sure to buy the fixed power scope that does not disturb your budget and you feel happy and comfortable while paying for it.

There are many options for you in the market. Scope of every range is now available in the market. You can get a cheap scope, medium price scope, or a high price scope.

It all depends upon your budget, if you think that getting a low price scope is the best option then somehow you are wrong.

Because the quality of the scope is not so good and it will stop working after a short time.

Buying a medium price gun is the best option as it fits with your budget and lasts for a long time.

Also, if you can afford you can go for a military-approved fixed power scope. The price of this scope is quite high but it is durable and lasts for a long time.

9. Moneyback Guarantee and Warranty

The warranty allows you to return the product if it has any defect or does not work properly as described.

The scopes that come with a warranty are considered good. Also, if you get a moneyback guarantee for a fixed power scope then it is good for you.

As you can easily return the product and get all your money back if you are not satisfied with the product.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some questions about the fixed power scopes. Have a look at them to clear your doubts.

Can you use fixed-power scopes for hunting?

Yes, you can use a fixed power scope for hunting. But you have to be careful about selecting the one that does this job.

Because there are many scopes in the market and not all the scopes support hunting.

Only some scopes are effective for hunting. If you are not sure that the scope works well for the hunting or not then you can ask the manufacturer about it.  

Are the Leupold fixed power scope models any good?

Yes, both the new and old models of Leupold fixed power scopes are good for shooting.

What is the best-fixed power scope available?

There are many best-fixed power scopes available in the market like Leupold Fx-II, Ade Advanced Optics, Trijicon Tr23 Acupoint, etc.

But the one that suits your requirements and budget is best for you.

So, make sure to consider all the important factors before buying the fixed power scopes.


These are some best-fixed power scopes that help you to precise your aim. As a shooter, you will love to have a scope.

The reason is that it reduces your maximum effort and time that you put in adjusting the rifle to get a clear view of the scene.

Also, by reading the factors you will get to know about the one that you needed. Always select the one that suits your budget and fulfills all your requirements.