10 Best Car Gun Safe Review – A Complete Buyer’s Guide

If you fail to get the 

for yourself, then these recommendations and below mentioned details can help you immensely.

They are made to give thorough protection to your guns.

Furthermore, these are portable and travel-friendly handgun safe boxes. They offer you with quick access and also cutting edge storage options.

Moreover, they come along with an Anti-Theft Cable.

If you want to enjoy quick and reliable access to your gun, then use any of these car gun safes.

Even more, you can keep any kind of handguns, ammunition, or your passports, cash in this much needed safe box. These boxes are used for home defence, as well as for emergencies.

Besides, these safes have pre-drilled anchor holes. The package is included with screws so that you mount them easily.

Their overall construction is of heavy-duty and premium nature. In other words, these safes are made of top quality steel.

They run on a Simple Key Locking Design and remains to stay compact and slim.

Now, let’s have a look at the benefits of car gun safe.

Benefits Of Using A Car Gun Safe

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There are enormous benefits of using a car gun safe, below you can check out a few of the highlights:

Individuals prefer to purchase or buy a gun safe for their car so that they can prevent the situations of stealing or threatening. These safes ensure the security of all of your valuable possessions.

Having a gun in your that is secured in a safe box will at least give you this assurance that your life is not at risk.

If a thief comes or someone threatens you, then at least you can tackle that situation as you own a gun.

Apart from securing your gun in these safes, you can keep your cash, jewellery in them as well.

As these safes are spacious, that is why they can well accommodate and store a large number of things in them.

Now, let’s start our review…

10. Bulldog Cases Car Gun Safe – Superior and premium kind

Bulldog Cases Car Gun Safe is one of our experts suggested choices. You might be wondering why you buy this model, here is a clear reason for you.

This car gun safe is of superior and premium quality.

Most importantly, it is made of steel. It is immensely lightweight and portable.

If you carry a gun and you want to keep it in your car, then secure it in this car gun safe.

The package is included with a 3-foot security cable. You can secure and mount this unit without the need and help of a bracket.

No doubt, this is one of the best and reliable car handgun safe options for you. It works efficiently.

It conceals and secures your firearm and you can then access it comfortably. If you are planning to buy this Car console safe, then this is a great idea.

You can access it very conveniently and very easily. It opens with a key. It is injected with a Black Matte and Powder Paint Finish.

This way, this car console safe will turn out to be more attractive and also elegant.

What We Like:

  • It works efficiently.
  • It has Powder Paint Finish.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction is present in it.

9. Younion Portable Travel Car Gun Safe – 3 digit combination lock

The next review is about this Younion  Portable Travel Gun Safe. It makes use of a 3 digit combination lock.

Want to know the best quality of this recommendation, here you are. This is a car-friendly gun safe. You can keep your other valuables in it.

Customers have extensively liked this portable gun safe as it can be concealed and placed under a car seat of yours.

If you want to secure your cash, passports or your jewellery and pistol, then install this safe in your car.

It runs and functions on the combination locking system. In other words, it makes use of a Re-settable and 3 digit combination lock. This way, you do not have to use keys.

Such a kind of combination lockbox, it is always easy and quick to operate. You can quickly and seamlessly open it in emergency situations.

In addition, this pistol lockbox is featured with a heavy-duty and 16 gauge steel housing.

It comes in the form of a sturdy metal box. This construction will give a long-lasting strength to your car gun safe.

What We Like:

  • It is made of 16 gauge steel.
  • It consists of four-layer protective foam.
  • You will get 12 months replacement warranty time.

8. MobiSafe SL-8500 Portable Combination Car Gun Safe – Consist of matte Black finish

You may order this MobiSafe SL-8500 Portable Combination Car Gun Safe for yourself. This is a highly portable looking unit.

It is made by using 16 gauge Steel. Besides, this unit comes with a Matte Black finish.

It weighs just 3.8 lbs. You can keep it in your car under seat. This is the perfect and ideal location where you can secure this car gun safe.

On the other hand, its Aircraft cable is made by using woven Steel. And this cable is encompassed by a Black Vinyl coating.

Its internal dimensions are 9.8″ x 7.2″ x 2.8″. You must also know that the interior side of this gun safe is lined up with foam. This way, your gun will not slide while the car is in driving mode.

It will not be scratched. Lastly, this safe consist and comprise of easy-to-use dials. You can make up to 1,000 Possible Combinations.

And these combinations are free to be converted all into a non-resettable mode so that you can give extra security to your gun.

What We Like:

  • It consists of an interior foam liner.
  • It allows you to make 1,000 possible Combinations.
  • It gives extra security to your valuables.

7. SereneLife Pistol Handgun Safe – Safety tested gun safe

Most probably, you may prefer to buy this SereneLife Pistol Handgun Safe. This s a safety-tested recommendation for you.

You can order this mechanical firearm can gun safe for yourself as it ensures to give maximum security to your pistols and valuables. You can keep your firearm, pistol or handgun in it.

Moreover, you can keep your money, small accessories or important document file, jewellery in it.

It is infused with a compact locking trait as well as open lid design. You will be provided with 2 lock keys for fast and quick access.

It has these pre-drilled anchor holes. You can mount it on your car floor. Or on the wall of your car.

Hence, this gun safe is the name of showing utmost sturdiness and stability. It manages to prevent and avoid unnecessary theft.

Regarding its construction, it is made by using rugged and also durable heavy-duty steel. It is ideal to be used in a car, truck or in any vehicle and under the seat.

What We Like:

  • It allows wall or floor mounting.
  • It permits quick access.
  • It is made of durable and heavy-duty metal steel.

6. Caesar Safe Car Multipurpose Laptop Gun Safe – Packed with solid steel construction

Caesar Safe Car Multipurpose Laptop Gun Safe is embossed with solid steel construction and that is the highlight of it. You can fit this gun safe easily and quickly under a car or truck.

It has got a steel tethering cable and manages to resist cutting. There are two override keys that come along with the package.

Most importantly, this safe runs on a  locking latch locking System.

You should have 4 AA batteries to run it. And upon buying it, you will get 1-year manufacturer’s warranty time.

It is time to keep your valuables like your guns and passports and also electronic gadgets secure in your car. For that, you have to invest in a good quality car safe option.

This specific recommendation comes with a carrying handle and some of the additional security features.

It operates on a powerful locking system and you will experience reliable fitting time.

This is the best suggestion for you as Caesar Safe is one of the leading manufacturers regarding making gun safes.

What We Like:

  • It operates on locking latch locking System
  • You will get 4 AA batteries along with the package.
  • The 1-year limited warranty is offered.

5. Champs Portable Travel Gun Safe – Multipurpose safe

Champs Portable Travel Gun Safe is a multipurpose safe option for you. People are loving to use this Single pistol lockbox. This is a great and reliable looking safety storage options.

Furthermore, it keeps your handguns and ammunition, passports secure.

It guarantees to keep your cash, mobile phones and credit cards safe and sound. Moreover, it is easy to use. It makes use of a traditional key lock.

This is a durable and pry-resistant option. It is made of Well-chosen Materials.

Besides, this product is infused and injected with 16-gauge steel housing. It comprises 1500 lb rated security cable so that best of all and added protection can be given.

And this car gun safe is lined and completely covered with high-density memory foam.

The package is included with four thick and protective foam inserts. It is TSA approved and remains to stay guarantee defect-free.

What We Like:

  • It is made of High-quality Materials.
  • It is installed with 16-gauge steel housing.
  • This is a portable lockbox.

4. FSDC-MLC5200 Caretaker Steel Lockable Car Gun Case – Offer lots of storage applications.

Here we have the next recommendation that offers you with lots of storage applications. We are talking about FSDC-MLC5200 Caretaker Steel Lockable Car Gun Case.

You can secure and attach it with any of the fixed objects. If you want to prevent theft, then this is an ideal safe box for you.

In addition, its package is included with 35” steel cable. You are also given the option to mount it permanently.

As the unit comes and accompanied by 2 through holes right in the bottom, it means no installation difficulty will be faced by you

Its external size dimensions are 9.5” x 6.5” x 2.25” And the internal size measurements are 9″ x 6″.

It is made of 20ga. powder-coated steel. This box can be placed in a drawer or you can keep it under your car seat.

Moreover, it is lined up by a combination and set of convoluted flat foam.

This element is here to surround and fully protect gun or your valuables. You can keep other kinds of essentials in it.

As an example, you can keep your cash, jewellery. You can put your passports, credit cards. Hence, it gives you a maximum number of storage applications.

So, when you are going to securing your firearms or valuables in this case, do let us know.

What We Like:

  • It fully protects your valuables.
  • It offers wide storage applications.
  • It is premium and long-lasting.

3. Back to 20s Portable Biometric Car Gun Safe – 2 ways of opening

Next, we have this Back to 20s Portable Biometric Car Gun Safe for you. It runs and functions on Biometric Fingerprint Sensor. On the other hand, you are offered two ways of opening this car gun safe.

One, you can make use of the Programmable Sensor. And second, you can use the mechanical key.

If you are opting for the biometric mode, then you can store and record 120 Different and unique range of Fingerprints. Most importantly, this gun safe operates and work on the easy Fingerprint registration process.

You just have to scratch and emboss your fingerprint for 4 times and then then they will be recorded and also registered successfully. The package comes with manual keys.

This way. you can have a reliable backup time. Lastly, this car gun safe is lightweight and portable. It is slime enough to get adjusted in any car.

Its internal dimensions are 7 3/8″ x 7 1/4″ x 1 3/4″ and it can well accommodate one Regular Personal Firearm of yours/

What We Like:

  • It has a Programmable Sensor and store 120 Fingerprints.
  • 2 ways are offered to open the gun safe.
  • It is Portable and Lightweight.

2. Southern Homewares Portable Car Handgun Safe – Reliable quality

You may make your mind and plan to buy this Southern Homewares Portable Car Handgun Safe. It is a great option to keep your money and guns safe.

You can use this recommended to keep and secure your keys, mobile phones and also your passports and sunglasses. Feel free to keep and place anything in them.

The package comes with a 3 FT multi-strand cable. This is a braided steel cable. You will get the instructions as to how to install this car gun safe. So, do read the instructions.

This recommendation comes in the form of Tubular key lock. And the user will be supplied and provided with two keys. Regarding the outer case construction, it is made of 2mm thick aluminium. On the other hand, the drawer is made and constructed with the help of 1.2mm steel.

The external dimensions of this safe are 8 1/4″ x 2 2/3″ x 6″. And its Internal Dimensions are 8″ x 2 1/2″ x 5 3/4″. Its weight is 2.8lbs.

So, to secure your pistols and passports, this gun safe box should be purchased by you. It has got a steel shell as well as an aluminium drawer.

What We Like

  • You will get a braided steel cable.
  • It is made by using 2mm thick aluminium.
  • It is ideal and best for handguns.

1. SnapSafe Portable Steel Car Handgun Safe – Multipurpose and Highly functional

The last recommendation is about this SnapSafe Portable Steel Car Handgun Safe. This is a large lock box. Its dimensions are 9.5”x 6.5”x 1.75”.

You can utilize this box to keep your handguns, jewellery. Keep your cash, medications and needed passports, tablets in it.

Moreover, it is featured and installed with a heavy-duty and top-end 16 gauge steel housing. The package is included with 1500 lb. rated top-class security cable.

It has a Patent pending design and infused with the space-saving receiver.

Most probably, this gun safe ensures and guarantee a maximum amount of interior storage space.

It is composed of four thick and protective foam inserts. These inserts claim to give your guns maximum security and prevent them from having scratching or damage.

This recommendation meets every single TSA airline firearm standards and guidelines. It is approved in the form of firearms safety device right by the California Department of Justice.

So, have you decided to try out this SnapSafe Lock? We hope that you will like it.

It comes with a heavy steel cable and you can secure that cable right with your Lock Box. Feel free to give your opinion on this suggestion.

What We Like:

  • It has a heavy-duty and 16 gauge steel housing.
  • It gives your guns maximum interior space.
  • It is packed with thick and protective foam inserts.

A Complete Buyer’s Guide on Best Car Gun Safe!

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Combination Locking System

First of all, you can buy that car gun safe that runs on the combination lock system mode.

If it makes use of a 3-digit and owner-set combination, then that is great. It should not give you any hassle to operate it by using keys.

Protective Foam Interior

Moreover, you can have that car gun safe that has a protective foam interior.

If the foam is inserted in that lockbox, then your valuables or gun will not get scratches. They will not be damaged at any cost.

Heavy Steel Cable

You can prefer buying and selecting on that car gun safe that comes with a heavy steel cable.

In this condition, your Lock Box will remain firmly secured to the stationary object and gives your guns and valuables added protection.

Solid Steel Construction

Top and high-quality car gun safes, they are made of solid steel. Any gun safe need to last for extensive years. It serving time should belong.

If it is made of solid steel, then we are confident that you can use that specific gun safe for many years.

Rapid to read fingerprint sensor

If your chosen car gun safe is biometric, then you have to make very much sure that it comes with rapid to read fingerprint sensor.

This way, that box will be able to get unlocked in 2 seconds. Biometric gun safes, they are made to give huge convenience to the user.

Furthermore, they save precious seconds of yours in an emergency.

Manual Override Keys

Lastly, look for the pistol car safe whose package is included with Manual Override Keys.

This way, you can have immediate access to your guns and firearms in case the built-in fingerprint sensor fails to work.

How To Install A Gun Safe In Your Car?

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There are two methods to install a car gun safe. The first method is to attach and secure it with the help of a cable. And the second method is to secure it by completely bolting it down.

By cable method, first, you have to decide the location where you want to mount this gun safe.

After that, you are free to attach as well as secure the cable all around the bar.

And if you prefer to install a car gun safe by following a bolting method, then what you need to do to decide the location initially.

Start to draw the lines all around the perimeter of your car gun safe. Decide for the anchor holes and install your gun safe over there.

Moreover, you have to insert the bolts in those anchor holes.

Lastly, secure them with the help of a socket wrench. This is all, your gun safe is installed in your car.


Do share with us which of the car gun safe you want to pick! We are waiting for your answers and feedback. Hopefully, this car pistol safe boxes will not let you down.

They will perform ideal for you. You can secure your handguns and other kinds of your valuables in them.

Furthermore, some of them are included and accompanied by a heavy steel cable.

This way, your Lock Box is going to remain secured and attached to any of the stationary objects. No doubt, great qualities are present in these safes.

They are made of heavy-duty 16 gauge steel and contains a Protective Foam Interior. Stay tuned, more up to date details are coming up.