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Early Filipino peasants and nobles alike relied on the balisong, also known as a butterfly knife, for self-defense and usefulness.

In today’s martial arts demonstrations, the best butterfly knifes are most often seen swinging through the air.

It is a perfect moment to get in on the action, since the market for consumer balisongs is witnessing a resurgence, making this an ideal opportunity to get in on the action yourself.

On this list, you will discover everything from a beginner’s practice butterfly knife to a full-fledged spear point balisong that will meet your needs.

The following is a list of our favorite and best butterfly knifes. There is a lot to learn about them, so we broke it down for you.

Best Butterfly Knifes Review:


1. Butterfly Knife Trainer Balisong Trainer – Best Trainer

Butterfly Knife Trainer Balisong Trainer

Blade hardness: 67% | Durable: 73% | Design: 62% | Ease Of Use: 75% | Material: 82%| Overall Rating: 72%

GRAND WAY’s balisong is one of the best balisongs you can get for your money. Due to its high-quality materials and novel features, I believe this to be the case.

Retractable latch, clip point satin polished blade, carbon fiber liners, and G-10/titanium handles are among the features of this Batangas.

The blade has a really fashionable style that I am sure you will like looking at.


  • Dull edge for beginners to train with.
  • Blade with a crowned spine.
  • A finely tuned bushing system.
  • A retractable titanium pin.


  • None.
  • For training only.

2. Boker Plus Balisong Trainer Knife – Best Grip

Boker Plus Balisong Trainer Knife

Blade hardness: 70% | Durable: 79% | Design: 65% | Ease Of Use: 78% | Material: 87%| Overall Rating: 75%

There are two types of butterfly knives: live blades and trainer blades, which I mentioned at the beginning of this review. 

Moreover, the blade of the Boker Plus is dull as a result of it being a training knife.

Since the blade is blunt, you will not be able to hurt yourself when practicing your more difficult flipping flips.

Satin-finished steel blade, 5″ handle length, and 0.75″ blade width are some of the features of the Boker Plus.

You can not use this knife to cut anything because of its flimsy blade. Ideally, it should be utilized for leisure reasons.


  • Extra grip.
  • Easy-to-carry stainless steel clip
  • A spring-loaded lock.
  • Lightweight skeletonized stainless steel lining.


  • None.

3. FURY Butterfly Trainer Knife – Best Quality

FURY Butterfly Trainer Knife

Blade hardness: 70% | Durable: 79% | Design: 65% | Ease Of Use: 78% | Material: 87%| Overall Rating: 75%

To my liking, the Fury balisong butterfly has a decent price point, is well-made, and is elegant.

Those who are new to the art of flipping will find this butterfly balisong to be a fantastic daily carry knife.

It is 0.12′′ thick and 0.88′′ wide, made in the United States.

The cutting edge is 3.50′′, while the handle measures 5.00′′ in length, 1.00′′ in width, and 0.54′′ in thickness.


  • G10 stainless steel grips.
  • Spear-point blade.
  • Easy to Use.


  • Pricey.

4. VORNNEX Practice Butterfly Trainer with Sure Spring Latch – Best Features

VORNNEX Practice Butterfly Trainer with Sure Spring Latch

Blade hardness: 70% | Durable: 79% | Design: 65% | Ease Of Use: 78% | Material: 87%| Overall Rating: 75%

One of the earliest butterfly knives produced by VORNNEX was the Basilisk.

The Basilisk balisong was hugely popular with flippers when it was first launched, and VORNNEX produced an upgraded version of the blade, the Basilisk-R, in 2017.

There is a 4.25′′ cutting edge and 0.15′′ blade thickness on the Basilisk-R blade, which is made from 154CM stainless steel.

The handle is 5.325′′ long and 0.59′′ thick. If you are looking for a fun toy, VORNNEX recommends this Bali.

It is available in a variety of variants, including a titanium version that many flippers say is the greatest Basilisk-inspired cutting tool.

The price ranges from roughly $370 to $420 depending on the model.


  • Corrosion-proof.
  • A titanium pin.
  • Spacers are made of stainless steel.


  • None.


How to Choose the Best Butterfly Knifes? – Buyer’s Guide:Best Butterfly Knifes

1. Purpose:

The best butterfly knifes will make your flipping experience more enjoyable if you are an experienced one.

The first balisong you buy should not cost too much money if you are just starting out as a flipper. 

Flipping a knife may not be your cup of tea, and you will have wasted money on a knife you will not use. 

So start with a cheap butterfly knife, then upgrade as your flipping skills improve.

2. Materials:

Your balisong knife should be made of high-quality materials. 

Doing so will ensure that if you wind up with a poor-quality knife that does not endure, you will be the one to hold yourself responsible for your purchase decision.

For example, handles made of plastics, stainless steel, hard rubber, or aluminum are more robust and give a better grip than those made of metal. Titanium handles are standard on high-end balisongs.

3. Features: 

The safety lock mechanism on your butterfly knife must keep the blade open or closed. 

This is crucial because, for example, if your knife is not tight while in your pocket, you may easily cut yourself.

4. Size of the Knife:

All of the blades on butterfly knives are sharp, including those with the tanto, drop-point, clip-point, or spear-point styles.

Both the live blade balisong knife and the trainer butterfly knives have steel blades, so you may select which one you like. 

Trainee blades cost less than live blades.

Depending on the use of the knife and personal preferences, you should choose a blade type.

5. Performance:

The difficulty of flipping a butterfly knife depends on the blade’s size. Butterfly knives with long or short blades might be difficult to flip, for instance. 

So a medium-sized blade is the best option.

The performance of the knife will be affected by the material used to construct it. 

Without a doubt, butterfly knives created from high-quality materials will function better than those made from lower-quality materials.

6. Price:

It is up to you to decide how much money you want to spend on your butterfly blade.

Regardless of your budget, you can be certain that our list of the best butterfly knifes contains a variety of outstanding options. 

So no matter what your budget, you can discover the right butterfly knife from our list.

Are Butterfly Knifes Illegal?

The usage of butterfly knives as a menacing weapon has made them outlawed in several countries. 

Butterfly knives may be hazardous because of their ability to be deployed quickly by a person who has practiced with them for a long time.


This balisong includes some of the greatest characteristics you will find, including an attractive design and excellent materials that make it long-lasting. 

That is all there is to it! This best butterfly knifes review has been a lot of fun for us, and we hope you liked it as well.