Top 10 Best Biometric Gun Safe Reviewed: (Updated List)

The credibility of using biometric gun safe options cannot be denied. Here we have the top ten and best suggestions for you. Have a look at their details.

If you prefer to use a gun safe that comes with a biometric version, then hopefully these top picks will satisfy you. Furthermore, they are packed with powerful properties.

These safes are made by using reinforced solid steel. They have Built-in hinges.

Moreover, they give maximum prevention to your guns and other weapons against break-ins. They hardly get destroyed by anyone as they are injected with durable powder coating.

They guarantee to give your guns and valuables long-term protection. So, if you have got firearms and other valuable belongings and you want to keep them secure in your home, then try these suggestions.

Even more, they give you extra-fast and quickest of all 0.1-second access. These safes hold and easily carry up to 40 individual fingerprints.

Their touch lifetime is extended up to 1,000,000 times. So, what are you waiting for? Get hold of these safes and keep your guns over there, check out the details now:

10. SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe with Biometric Lock – Made Of Solid Steel

We have SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe with Biometric Lock for you.

Customers have shown massive satisfaction with this product. Want to know the best and catchy trait of this biometric gun safe, here you are.

It provides reliable and secure storage to your handguns and rifles. It runs on the fingerprint scanner mechanism and gives advanced protection to your pistols.

Most importantly, it has a gas strut so that you can quietly open its door.
It is made of solid steel and attached with a pry-resistant door.

It claims to give 100% handgun security. Apart from that, this gun safe has a manual keypad as well as an override key.

This feature or option acts as a backup entry; California. This safe is made by a high-quality brand, that is why we have suggested it to you. It needs alkaline AA batteries to run itself.

What We Like:

  • It has a pry-resistant door.
  • It is California DOJ certified.
  • It gives satisfactory and optimal performance.

9. YUEMA Biometric Gun Safe - Offer Quick Entry

Then we have YUEMA Biometric Gun Safe for you. It runs and operates on the Advanced Biometric Identification mechanism. In addition, this safe is injected and comes with a sophisticated and premium biometric sensor chip.

It tends to record 25600 fingerprint points for every single fingerprint. Besides, it has the potential to register up to 30 fingerprints.

To keep your handguns, cash, and valuable watches secure, you can have this product. Beyond, it has got a fingerprint lock as well as the auto-open door.

You can trouble-free access your valuables and firearms in less than 1 second. You can even use the electronic password mode option or use the backup keys for accessing.

Hence, this gun safe is of Heavy-duty nature and remains to stay Scratch Resistant. It prevents corrosion and claims to give long-lasting protection dedicated to your guns.

What We Like:

  • It is made of tough solid steel.
  • It has a scratch-resistant finish.
  • It has a foam-padded interior.

8. GunVault Minivault Biometric Biometric Pistol Safe - Presence of 16-Gauge Steel Housing

How about this GunVault Minivault Biometric Biometric Pistol Safe! It is infused with 16-gauge steel housing. Furthermore, this unit has a protective kind of foam-lined interior.

Its spring-loaded door is Tamper-resistant. So, quite cool and amazing features are present in it. This gun safe shows Audio and also LED low battery warning.

As it is battery powered, that is why you will experience convenience and portability.

This is a perfect option for the security of your handguns, passports. Keep your important documents, cash in this safe. Its USP is that it gets fits and remains to stay easy to operate in most of the standard drawers.

It consists of a digital keypad that manages to offer and give 12 million different and varied access codes. No doubt, GunVault pistol safes, they are always premium and runs on the high strength lock mechanism.

What We Like:

  • It has a foam-lined interior
  • Its door is Tamper-resistant.
  • 16-gauge steel housing is present in it.

7. BILLCONCH Biometric Gun Safe - Uses Advanced Fingerprint Biometric Technology.

BILLCONCH Biometric Gun Safe use advance fingerprint biometric technology. You can unlock this gun safe by connecting it through the Bluetooth App. Or you can use the fingerprint biometric unlock feature.

This is convenient and highly trustworthy to use a gun safe. It processes fast recognition speed. It has the potential to recognize and also open the safe in only a time frame of 0.1 seconds.

Moreover, it can record 20 sets of fingerprints.

The additional feature of connecting it through the Bluetooth app, this is the most amazing one. Through the use of the app, it will be easy for you to manage the system of unlocking fingerprints and changing passwords.

You can view an unlocking record on the Bluetooth app of yours. Its door area automatically opens when your gun safe will be unlocked by you.

What We Like:

  • It delivers fast and quick recognition speed.
  • It offers app control settings.
  • It has a built-in spring.

6. Verifi Smart Safe Biometric Gun Safe - Deliver Extensive Years Of Operation

On the next spot, we have Verifi Smart Safe Biometric Gun Safe for you. The fingerprint sensor present in this biometric gun safe, it is FBI certified.

Most noteworthy, it manages to capture premium and high-resolution fingerprint images. It makes sure to enhance the recognition mechanism. This way, the user can have quick access while using this gun safe.

You need to have 4 AA batteries to see the operations of this unit. And they do come along with the package.

You will be given with tamper alerts. With the help of these alerts, you will be regularly and consistently informed about unauthorized access and unlocking attempts or reset attempts.

This same guns safe has LED night light. It offers you backup-key access. This unit this wall/floor mountable. It is infused with easy user management settings and shows solid steel construction.

Lastly, it is FSD approved and also manufactured and engineered in the USA.

What We Like

  • It informs you about reset attempts
  • It is completely wall/floor mountable.
  • It tends to store 40 fingerprints.

5. Liberty HDX-250 Smart Vault Biometric Safe - Tamper Resistant Design

Moving to further recommendations, we have Liberty HDX-250 Smart Vault Biometric gun safe. You can call and term it as one of the reliable biometric gun safe systems so far available in the market.

Furthermore, it offers you secure and trouble-free finger swipe access. It is installed with 15 Fingerprint Memory. Moreover, this unit has Auto-Open Door as well as a Lighted Interior.

If you want to buy a gun safe that is exclusively accompanied by Tamper Resistant Design, then try this recommendation. It fits a large number of handgun sizes.

The package is included with a Key Backup. You will get 5 year warranty time and AC adapter. It runs on advanced and widely used finger swipe technology.

It runs and functions with supreme accuracy. It gives you the lowest fail-rate. There are Mounting holes present in it so that you can install it easily.

This gun is specifically designed and made to resist minor and major pry attacks.

What We Like

  • It is reliable and trustworthy to use the biometric system.
  • It provides instant finger swipe access
  • 15 Fingerprint Memory is present in it.

4. LETTON Biometric Gun Safe - Made of Sturdy Material

LETTON Biometric Gun Safe made of sturdy material and that is the best thing about it. It gives powerful security to your guns and valuable. Besides, this unit has a Programmable digital keypad.

It is infused with fingerprint lock and even supports simple to lock feature. Its exterior side dimensions are 13.8" x 9.8"x 9.8". And interior size measurements are:13.4" x 9.4" x 9.4".

For protecting your rifles and guns, this is an ideal product for you. It is made by using reinforced solid and also highly durable thick steel.

This whole safe box, it is packed with 0.7inches 2 live-locking kind of bolts. It has a pry-resistant steel made door. These two features will further enhance the security aspect of this gun safe.

No doubt, this safe runs on Smart Auto-Lock functioning. If you will enter the wrong fingerprints for 5 times, then this gun safe system is going to lock.

Furthermore, the alarm will get activated for one minute. Lastly, it's set up process is easy.

What We Like

  • It is made of highly durable and this steel.
  • It comprises a pry-resistant steel door.
  • It Set Up Easily.

3. CACAGOO Biometric Gun Safe - Infused With A Protective Foam

On this third spot, we have CACAGOO Biometric Gun Safe for you. It gives scratch protection to your guns and rifles as well.

We have given much praise to this biometric gun safe because it is packed and incorporated with protective foam. This way, your guns are going to ensure and experience consistent safety.

Moreover, your valuables will remain guarded against scratches. Its exterior measurements are 11.41* 8.85* 2.95 inches (LxWxH). And the interior side measurements are inches 10.23* 8.66* 2.75(LxWxH).

You can keep and store 2 pistols in it. Apart from that, it accommodates 4 clips, and also 2 pistol bullets. This is easy to install a gun safe. It has these pre-drilled holes.

It means you will not face any problem while installing it. It gives added and extensive protection to your guns. You have to use 4 AA batteries to run this safe.

If you have decided to buy this safe for the safety of your guns and rifles, then after using it, do share with us your experience.

What We Like

  • It has a protective foam-lined inside it.
  • It offers a large storage capacity.
  • It can be installed on a wall or floor.

2. awesafe Biometric Gun Safe - Runs on ideal locking mechanism

awesafe Biometric Gun Safe is the name of showing ideal locking mechanism operations. It is made of solid steel. This safe has a pry-resistant door.

It allows you access your guns and rifles n less time. You will not experience any mess or tough time. The presence of interior light will make it mess-free for you to search for your guns or essentials in darkness.

You can keep this gun safe in your closet. You can conveniently place it in any location you wish and desire!

Lastly, it has a portable design. It is made to give you consistent assurance and convenience regarding the safety of your guns. Moreover, this unit is compact and lightweight.

Though it is of small size, still it can accommodate a large number of guns in it. You can keep this safe under the car seat of yours or have it in between mattresses.

What We Like

  • It works on high-strength and easy to follow the locking mechanism.
  • It is convenient to use
  • It has a portable design.

1. Vara Safety Reach Handgun Holster Gun Safe - Contains State-Of-the-Art Fingerprint Sensors


Vara Safety Reach Handgun Holster Safe contains and composed of state-of-the-art biometric fingerprint sensors. It allows you to access your guns in the second time frame.

This safe provides you with quick and reliable access time. And you do not have compromise safe storage of yours. In addition, this unit has a Biometric Sensor.

It even operates on the unique locking system. This unit is infused with high strength and premium metal alloy lock.

Regarding the battery and mounting part, this is a great gun safe recommendation for you. You can keep it by your bedside or in your car. You can keep this safe on the table.

It gets fit and adjusts in a trouble-free manner. Plus, if its battery is fully charged, then you can use it for a long time. We want you to try out this suggestion and then share your feedback on it.

What We Like

  • It gives Fast Access and immense Protection.
  • It works on a unique biometric locking system.
  • It offers multiple mounting ways.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Owning A Biometric Gun Safe!

Should You Buy a Biometric Safe? - FutureEnTech

You might be wondering what are the advantages and disadvantages of a biometric gun safe, here are the details for you.

Advantages of Owning a Biometric Gun Safe

Firstly, this kind of gun safes offers immense convenience. You do not have to remember any codes or combinations. Simply emboss your fingerprints and this safe will be unlocked. In addition, these biometric safes are more secure.

You do not have to look after or take care of your keys. Upon using a biometric fingerprint gun safe, you do not have to get afraid regarding losing your lock keys. Only your fingerprints are needed.

These kinds of gun rifle safes offer you faster access. Like, if you want to have a gun or access any of your valuables, then you can take those essentials immediately from that biometric gun safe.

In the traditional or manual gun safe, heavy time is spend while searching for a key in case you have misplaced it

Lastly, these biometric fingerprint gun safes are comparatively more secure as compared to traditional or keypad safes. They cannot be accessed by anyone until and unless their fingerprint is recorded.

Disadvantages of Owning a Biometric Gun Safe

The 10 Best Biometric Gun Safes | Improb

These Biometric gun safes need and require power to work. As they make use of electronic scanners to do the scanning of your fingerprints, for the reason that they need constant power to operate.

These units are generally battery powered. So, make sure to regularly charge their batteries. Otherwise, these gun safes are of no use to you.
At times, false scans may occur. If your biometric gun safe is not of high-quality, then there are chances that it may carry out false scans and someone might be able to open the safe.

These false scans or you can say false positives are common cases seen in the cheap biometric safe models.

Those biometric gun safes that are not of top-quality, they may fail to scan your stored fingerprints. This happens because of the fault present within the system.

Older people especially face this issue. Moreover, biometric does not recognize those fingerprints if you are having a Poor blood flow or you have wear and tear on your fingers.

The last disadvantage of having biometric fingerprint gun safes, it is that they are expensive as compared to traditional, combination locks.

Though there are cheap biometric safes, they have already got lots of issues and problems in them.

A Complete Buyer's Guide On Biometric Gun Safe

The Ultimate List of the Best Biometric Gun safes [Handguns + Rifles]

Instant Fingerprint Recognition Processing

Look for the unit that carries out instant fingerprint recognition process. If your selected gun safe runs on the most advanced locking system, then it will instantly allow and permit you to access your gun or rifles with the single swipe of a finger.

Besides, it has to be equipped with a premium biometric fingerprint scanner. In this way, no unauthorized entry will be allowed.

Easy to Mount Design

Search for the biometric gun safe that is easy to use and convenient to mount. It should allow you to install it on a multitude number of surfaces.

Beyond, its mount should be sturdy and should be able to hold up over extensive time. If it comes along with pre-drilled mounting holes and all of the necessary mounting hardware, then you can quickly set up that gun safe.

Offer fast access

Most importantly, prefer buying that option that offers you fast access Like, you can order that lock safe for your guns that runs on 4 multiple modes.

It needs to be injected with a high-resolution sensor chip and deliver easy as well as fast access. High-class models, they offer a back-up entry, silent digital lock feature to give advanced protection to your valuables.

Long-Lasting Strength

Regarding construction, have that biometric gun rifle safe that shows a long-lasting strength. It should be made of premium solid steel.

Concerning its interior protection, if your gun safe has a foam interior, then your handguns will remain thoroughly damage-free.

Extensive Reliable Warranty Time

It is the duty of manufacturers to keep their customers happy. So, when buying a biometric gun safe, make sure that it offers you extensive as well as Reliable Warranty time.

It should meet all strict quality standards. This way, customers can enjoy and get the best experience.

Why Choose A Biometric Gun Safe Over A Manual Safe?

Individuals prefer to use and buy a biometric gun safe as compared to manual safety. There are a large number of reasons that people go with this choice.

We know that technology has by far come a long way to make things easy for individuals. Among them, we have these biometric gun safe units. They are made to fully protect your guns and rifles.

They are reliable to use. Most importantly, these fingerprint safes unlock themselves quickly and in a second during the case of an emergency. There is no need to fumble to find and look for a key to open that lock.

You do not have to remember a code. These biometric locks can be retrieved instantly and immediately with the incorporation of nothing more than using a fingerprint.


Now, you have come across the best biometric gun safe options. Order your favourite model and share your opinion about it.

As these gun safes have a biometric fingerprint scanner, that is your guns and rifles will remain consistently secured from unauthorized access.

You will be allowed to access back-up entry with the help of a silent digital keypad. You can access this safe single-handedly as well. Furthermore, it gives you fast and quiet access every time.

If you own guns and rifles, then this is the most needed unit that you should keep it in your home. Always keep tuned and connected with us, we have more amazing gun safe related suggestions for you.