10 Best AR-15 Cleaning Kits – The Top 10

The AR-15 Assault rifle has been one of the best and one of the oldest assault rifles in the shooting world.

The shooting results of the AR-15 assault rifle are so good that it has been considered and used by the troops of the biggest armies in the world.

 The AR-15 Assault Rifle made its name for a lot of reasons, but the biggest reason that this weapon got eye-catching for militaries like that of the US, is due to its compatibility. 

This weapon is more compact than the other assault rifles which reduces the weight of the weapon overall.

This weapon allows the users to connect pieces of equipment simultaneously as it comes with multiple railing systems.

Nevertheless, this weapon has more than proven that this is indeed one of the best to have.

If you want to use the weapon to the best of its abilities and want it to be durable for a good long time, then you should consider buying an ar15 cleaning kit.  

Best AR-15 Cleaning Kits Review:

1. Otis Technology Cleaning Kit 5.56/.223

Otis Technology Cleaning Kit 5.56/.223

If you are in search of the best ar15 cleaning kit and you’re only looking to choose the best of the best ar15 cleaning kits, then we bring forth this product for you.

This is one of the best cleaning kits that have been ever made.  

To be the ultimate solution and to help you completely maintain and clean your gun, this weapon comes with several items that you can use to keep your weapon maintained.

The items are fitted together in a case that features a compact and lightweight design. 

Due to these features, carrying this ar15 cleaning kit is going to be a lot easier and this won’t act as a thorn in your side.

Some items that this ar15 cleaning kits include are memory-flex cleaning rod that has dimensions of 8 inches and 30 inches, respectively. 


  • Lightweight. 
  • Comes with a lot of tools. 
  • Makes it easier to clean hard to reach areas. 


  • Some components serve no purpose. 

2. Gun Cleaning Kit Pistol for AR15, M16, M4 by Glory Fire

Gun Cleaning Kit Pistol for AR15, M16, M4 by Glory Fire

As the name suggests, this ar15 cleaning kit can be used to clean the other types of guns mentioned.

Talk about versatility! This is one of the best products on the list and has its reasons to be considered a few of the best! 

Talking about the design, this ar15 cleaning kit comes with a bag that is designed to give users the ultimate portability.

The bag is totally made from polyester.

Due to its build quality and the respective fabric used, this makes the bag soft and durable at the same time.

The bag adds little to no weight to the cleaning tools which makes it an ideal choice for people that need something portable. 

The case also comes with a snap-on design. The manufacturer has opted for such a design to ensure that all of your tools go in their designated place.


  • Lightweight. 
  • Comfortable and portable. 
  • Features a lot of tools.


  • The cleaning components are rather limited. 

3. M-Pro 7 Tactical Rifle Bore Snake Cleaning Kit by Hoppes

M-Pro 7 Tactical Rifle Bore Snake Cleaning Kit by Hoppes

Another option that we have picked for to be the best ar15 cleaning kit.

This ar15 cleaning kit has some aspects which make it an ideal choice for anyone that is looking to buy one. 

The continents and the covering bag both are composed of high-quality materials.

Being made from some of the best quality materials, this adds points to the durability of this ar15 cleaning kit. 

There are some products on the market that are not effective at all and tend to leave a huge mess, rendering users thinking that their purchase has been in vain.

Nevertheless, with this ar15 cleaning kit, the manufacturer ensures the best quality performance.

When tested out, this product was reported to have been given a lot of accurate and creative results which is just what you are looking to achieve. 


  • Comes in a hard casing. 
  • Made from High-quality Materials. 
  • One of the most durable options on this list. 


  • Some people have complained about receiving old products. 

4. Pro-Shot Double Coated Cleaning Rod Kit, Coyote Tan

Pro-Shot Double Coated Cleaning Rod Kit, Coyote Tan

This is also one of the best ar15 cleaning kits on the list. This ar15 cleaning kit comes with a coyote tan bag.

This ar15 cleaning kit comes with a double-coated rod that comes with the Spec Ops series.

This rod has been proven to be made out of the best quality and is highly used by the professionals in the game.

The manufacturer has ensured that these rods are not made too hard to touch, which makes it easier to maintain a more firm grip.

To give the rod a mirror-like finish, the manufacturer has micro-polished the rod. 

Also, to provide protection from the barrel, the manufacturer has made it go through another level of coating.

This makes this product one of the best as due to being coated the second time around, the product becomes resistant to chemicals and heat. 


  • Includes components with Spec Ops Series. 
  • Made from enduring materials. 
  • Double-coated.


  • None. 

5. Hoppe’s No. 9 Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit

Hoppe's No. 9 Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit

When it comes to the best cleaning kits, this one is one of the basic options that a person cannot go on without mentioning.

This is one of the best items on this list as it has seen to be used by a lot of experts and professionals in the field. 

This ar15 cleaning kit is based on a rod design that comes with some patches, some brushes, a cloth, and all the other necessary solvents and lubricants that you can use to clean your AR-15 Assault Rifle. 

Furthermore, these tools are covered in a hard case which allows your firearms to be protected from any kind of wear and tear and be able to withstand tough conditions.

Due to these factors, this is one of the most durable options on the list.


  • Has a lot to offer in terms of durability. 
  • Comes with all the tools that a person will need. 
  • Comes with a hard case. 


  • This kit doesn’t come with any solvents. 

6. Real Avid Gun Boss Multi-Kit

Real Avid Gun Boss Multi-Kit

Realavid has made quite a name for itself for making the products that are widely endorsed in the shooting world.

This is also one of their best attempts and this kit includes everything that you are going to need to keep your weapon neat and clean. 

This kit offers an unrealistic amount of 500 cleaning patches and a 7 piece cleaning rod that extends to 33 inches and can even fit into a small 8-inch carrying case.

As for the case of this ar15 cleaning kit, it has been made from the highest quality materials such as nylon which makes it extremely reliable and prone to rough conditions.

The best part about this ar15 cleaning kit is its cleaning rods which come as threaded. 


  • Threaded Rods. 
  • Come with 500 Cleaning Patches. 
  • Comes with a heavy-duty case. 


  • The metal fitting could be better.

7. Otis All Caliber Elite Range Box with Universal Gun Cleaning Gear

Otis All Caliber Elite Range Box with Universal Gun Cleaning Gear

If you are on the lookout for the most versatile options, then this is the product that you should be looking for.

Provided that you are looking for ar15 cleaning kits only, this rifle is a great choice and can be used with any kind of rifle.

This cleaning kit comes with inline muzzleloaders that are entirely made of cotton due to this muzzleloader, Apart from the rifles, this cleaning kit can be used for cleaning shotguns and pistols as well.

This cleaning kit is the biggest one on the market and comes with a lot of tools.

This product comes with 4 firearms-specific ripcords that have been designed for quick-one pass in the field.

If you have an  ar15 that runs of 5.56 Bullets, then this kit has got you covered.

This kit comes with a B.O.N.E tool that can easily and quickly manage and deal with some components of the assault rifle such as the bolt, bolt carrier, and firing pin. 


  • Includes a variety of options. 
  • Comes with as many as 16 bronze brushes. 
  • This kit has a reliable casing. 


  • One of the most priced options. 

8. Allen Company Ultimate Universal Weapon

Allen Company Ultimate Universal Weapon

This list includes a lot of multi-purpose options, and this is one of the best choices that can be considered.

This cleaning kit is not limited to containing tools for cleaning assault rifles only but contains components that can be used to clean out three major kinds of gun types.

These gun types include Assault Rifles. Shotguns, and Handguns. 

This cleaning kit comes with as many as 65 cleaning supplies that range from bronze brushes to cotton swabs, cleaning rods, and more. 

What is the best part about this ar15 cleaning kit is the fact that it comes with added storage and features a sturdy casing which offers solid carrying.

If you like to shoot traditionally, this is something that is going to leave your purpose fulfilled. 


  • Features a very well-constructed design. 
  • Come with a lot of storage space. 
  • Includes a lot of cleaning components.


  • If you own a .22, it might be difficult for you to clean the adapter. 

9. GLORYFIRE Universal Gun CleaningGLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning

This ar15 cleaning kit is not limited to continuing tools that can be used to clean an ar15 only;

This cleaning kit is a universal option and includes a lot of components that ensure that this product can be used for a good long time and ensures that it serves you to the best of its potential. 

The design of this cleaning kit, however, is not the most portable option.

This product can be considered semi-portable and comes with a plastic case.

A few of the components include brass rods, cleaning oil, solvents, and other kinds of materials that can be used for cleaning weapons.

With this cleaning kit, the users will be able to keep their products in top-quality condition! 


  • Includes a lot of options. 
  • Features a Sturdy Case. 
  • Features a well-constructed design. 


  • Not the best option in terms of portability. 

10. BOOSTEADY Pro .223/5.56 Cleaning Kit

BOOSTEADY Pro .223/5.56 Cleaning Kit

Boosteady got a lot of well-deserved name with the creation of their last handgun cleaning kit. With this product for the ar15 and other assault rifles, we cannot expect anything less from them! 

This ar15 cleaning kit includes cleaning components for /.223 and 5.56 weapons which make it one of the best choices.

The components have a lot of varieties in between them in terms of the barrel, length, caliber, as well as gas or piston operating systems. 

The design of this ar15 cleaning kit is pretty much like the cleaning kit of handguns that was issued by this company.

This is one of the most compact options on this list and due to its smaller size, carrying it around is not going to be an issue at all. 


  • Features a compact design. 
  • Great Option for portability. 
  • Comes with all the necessary components. 


  • The zipper of this case is not very sturdy. 

Best AR-15 Cleaning Kits – Buyer’s Guide:AR-15 Cleaning Kits

After we have suggested you the ten best products, let us bring forth some of the factors that you should be on the lookout for when looking to buy ar15 cleaning kits.

These factors are mentioned as follows:


Materials are one of the factors that determine whether a product is going to last a good time before it gives out or not.

There are different kinds of ar15 cleaning kits that are made from different kinds of materials. 

Nevertheless, there are only two kinds of materials that are used predominantly for the creation of ar15 cleaning kits.

One of the widely used materials to make cleaning kits is plastic.

Depending on the kind of product that you choose, you might end up buying a product that is made out of bad quality materials and is likely to give out a lot sooner than the other types of materials. 

The cleaning kits that are made from low-grade plastic will not even survive throughout some days of use and will give up very soon, rendering your purchase to go useless.

This is why we have brought forward only the top-notch products for you. Nevertheless, there are cleaning kits as well that are composed of metals and plastic both.

These kinds of cleaning kits are very reliable in terms of durability and service users the best.

Make sure to consider the materials of the cleaning kit before you buy them.

Accessories And Important Components: 

The main reason for buying the cleaning kit in the first place will go useless if you don’t have all the necessary components to clean your weapon.

This is why when you are considering a specific cleaning kit, look for the components that it has to offer.

There are some cleaning kits on the market and in the list above as well that offer more than the required components and accessories to the users.

This comes in handy for the users to maintain their weapons.

Make sure that the cleaning kit you are buying is the right one for you as it must content all the necessary components that you would need to clean a weapon.

If it doesn’t come with the mentioned and specified products, then the concept of buying the whole cleaning kit will be useless. 

The best of the best ar15 cleaning kits will be versatile in use and will include cleaning components for the weapons other than the said assault rifle itself.

These kits might include cleaning components for weapons such as pistols and handguns. 

The accessories that it must have are brushes, lubricants, and bore guides.

Having these things will ensure that you are able to make the most out of your cleaning kit and are able to clean your weapon. 

Portability Of The Kit: 

This feature is also an important one if you like to travel a lot. This feature determines whether it is easy for you to carry the cleaning kit from one place to another.

If you have to move from one place to another, you have to make sure that the kit features a design that won’t stand as a barrier in your way.

Most manufacturers store their materials in nylon bags for storage. Using a nylon bag is a very formidable approach as these nylon bags are usually weather-resistant as well.

These bags also don’t add any additional weight which makes them an ideal choice for carrying them around. 

However, there are some manufacturers that use plastic or aluminum kits to store their components.

These kits compromise portability but in return, they offer durability and make sure that your cleaning components stay safe.

Using a plastic kit is an essential thing to do as it will protect your cleaning components from being damaged and will allow them to stay in the best condition possible. 

If you don’t move a lot, we would suggest you buy a cleaning kit that comes with a box. 


Regardless of the object that you are buying, this is a very important feature. When you buy a product, you should make sure that you don’t pay extra for forgetting something.

This can prove to be a huge deal-breaker as you may end up buying a product that doesn’t offer much for its price.

When you are considering buying a cleaning kit, hold off the process of checking out a little bit and compare it with all the options that are available in the same price tag.

This will allow you to shortlist the best product for you as well according to your range.

Why is Cleaning Your AR-15 Important?

Buying a cleaning kit for your weapon is a very crucial thing for you to be able to make the most out of your gun.

When you own any kind of product, You need to make sure that you use and handle it with care.

Doing so makes it inevitable for the product to give out quickly. 

When you use your AR-15, your weapon is likely to get damaged over time when it is used.

When a weapon is used, elements such as corrosion and rust build upon the weapon.

Only from shooting, the friction between the components of the weapon can cause enough damage. 

To prevent your weapons from the aforementioned conditions, it is vital for you to ensure that you clean your weapon thoroughly.

Regular cleaning of your ar-15 rifle can prevent your weapon from randomly freezing, and also will prevent you from going through any kinds of problems.

This will also ensure that the weapon will stay in use for a long period of time. 

Imagine, if your gun froze in the middle of combat. That would put you at a huge disadvantage.

This is why you should buy a cleaning kit and ensure that you use it to clean your weapon on a regular basis.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Fouling?

Fouling is a term that you may have come across recently.

Every time a weapon is used to shoot through, the weapon gets exposed to materials such as carbon, copper, plastic, and lead residue around the several parts of the weapon such as the ejector, chamber, inside of the barrel, and action of the gun.

When these contaminants build-up in the mentioned part of your weapon, the condition is termed as “Fouling”. 

Fouling happens as a result of the bullets, powder, and wad, combined with moisture exposure. 

How Often Should I Clean my AR-15?

When you go looking for the correct time period for cleaning your AR-15, you get a lot of mixed answers on the internet.

Some people suggest that you should clean your weapon after you use it every time, while some suggest that you should wait at least a month to clean your AR-15.

Then there are some users that will suggest you not clean the gun at all. 

However, we suggest that cleaning a gun is extremely crucial and it depends on you. But hey, the more the merrier. 

What Happens if You Don’t Clean your AR-15?

AR-15 is a formidable weapon, but if you want to use it to the best of its abilities, you would want to make sure that you keep your weapon clean.

For a weapon to be able to function at its best, it is vital for you to keep the weapon clean. 

If you don’t clean your weapon, your weapon may hold on for a while. But after some time, your weapon may show the signs that will show that it’s wearing out.

Cleaning your AR-15 will ensure that the weapon will be able to serve you to the best of its abilities.

This will also ensure that weapon lasts a good long time. 

Will a AR 15 wrench work on an ar10?

This list includes a lot of options when it comes to choosing the best ar15 cleaning kit. This list has options that come with enough components.

There are some options on this list that come with so many options that you will be able to clean your weapon easily. 


Above is the review of the ten best AR-15 Cleaning Kits that are available for purchase in the market right now. Cleaning a weapon is an essentially important task.

The reason behind cleaning a weapon is as simple as it gets; The more cleaner and maintained the weapon is, the more precise and durable it will be. 

The value of a precise and durable weapon is unimaginable in a combat situation.

If you have an AR-15 Rifle, you have one of the all-time best weapons to have been ever created.

Whether it be precision or portability, this weapon does it all.

For these reasons alone, this rifle has been a personal favorite of armies of the biggest countries.

Now, it’s only fair that you treat this special weapon like it’s meant to be. Treat your AR-15 with one of the above cleaning kits that have been picked out specifically for you!

Before you buy a specific product, make sure that you go through the buyer’s guide sections for you to be able to choose the best product for you and your AR-15 Assault Rifle.

However, if you think we have left something out, make sure to let us know!