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Best Ammo for Glock Handguns

What type of ammo does a Glock use?

It depends on the model of your Glock firearm.

It’s no secret that Glocks are some of the most popular firearms in the world.

But selecting the right ammo for your handgun is easier said than done.


What Ammo Does Glock recommend?

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Glock recommends manufactured ammunition that meets the standards of the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI), or other industry standards.

They don’t mention much else about ammunition on their website, and even your owner’s manual will not have much to say.

So with the many different options when it comes to factory ammo, what works best, and which ammo should you avoid?

Let’s take a look at the most popular Glock models and the best ammo that fits that particular model.


The Glock Models we’ll be covering:

  • Glock 17 ammo
  • Glock 19 ammo
  • Glock 21 ammo
  • Glock 26 ammo
  • Glock 27 ammo
  • Glock 34 ammo
  • Glock 43 ammo
  • Glock 42 ammo
  • Glock 40 ammo

Best Ammo for the Glock 17

The Glock 17 is one of the most popular Glock models in the world.

A full-sized 9mm handgun, it holds 17 rounds of ammo and is extremely accurate.

It features a dual recoil assembly that helps to reduce recoil while a modular backstrap system adds to its versatility.

I have yet to shoot anything through this gun that didn’t perform well. Favorites include:

  • PMC Bronze 115 grain FMJ for practice,
  • Hornady American Gunner 124 grain XTP JHP for defense,
  • And even cheap Tula 115 grain FMJ when money is tight!


Best Ammo for the Glock 19

The Glock 19 is one of the best overall Glocks due to its versatility.

Chambered in 9mm, it is small enough to conceal yet big enough to carry plenty of rounds and be accurate.

If I could only have one handgun, this would be my pick.

Its versatility doesn’t end there.

It can handle pretty much any 9mm ammo that you can throw at it.


Best Ammo for the Glock 21

The Glock 21 is known as a high capacity, 45 ACP handgun that provides the stopping power of the 45.

But it has a much higher round count than other popular handguns on the market.

With a length of 8 inches and a height of 5.47 inches, this is a larger frame pistol that can take a beating.

Because of this, I usually don’t mind using bigger bullets or faster loads.

  • While all brands of 230-grain FMJ work well, I prefer using PMC Bronze for its reliability when shooting for practice.
  • I like Sierra Outdoor Master 185 grain JHP loads for defense purposes.


Best Ammo for the Glock 22

The Glock 22 is built upon the same frame as the infamous Glock 17, but is instead chambered in 40 S&W.

This pistol tends to handle recoil better than other models thanks to its size and caliber, so ammo choices are plentiful.

  • Blazer Brass 180 grain FMJ rounds are my favorite for target practice
  • Speer Gold Dot LE 155 grain JHP rounds are great for defense.


Best Ammo for the Glock 26

That’s right, the Glock 26 is another compact 9mm.

Similar to the Glock 27 in size, it handles more like the Glock 19 or 43.

It can hold 10 rounds of ammo and is a very popular choice for carrying due to its size and ammo capacity.

And because it is another compact 9mm handgun, lighter loads will be your best friend.

  • For self-defense, this gun works best with Hornady Critical Defense 115 grain JHP.
  • Target practice is best suited with PMC Bronze 115 grain FMJ.


Best Ammo for the Glock 27

The Glock 27 is another compact pistol that was designed to be concealed.

It is chambered in 40 S&W and can hold 9 rounds of ammo.

It is lightweight and very concealable despite having a double-stack magazine.

Despite its small size, I have found it to be one of the most reliable compact handguns out there.

The Glock 27 runs flawlessly with:

  • Blazer Brass 180 grain FMJ
  • Barnes 140 grain TAC-XPD HP


Best Ammo for the Glock 34

While there are many compact 9mm guns here on our list, the Glock 34 is a full-sized 9mm handgun ready for competition.

Larger than most other Glock models, the 34 can hold 18 rounds of ammo and has a longer barrel of 5.32 inches.

Designed to be very accurate and provide a basis for shooting competitions, this gun is a favorite amongst those that spend their time at the shooting range.

Ideal ammo includes:

  • ZSR Ammunition 115 grain FMJ
  • Maxxtech 124 grain FMJ

Best Ammo for the Glock 40

The Glock 40 is what I carry while hunting in grizzly country, and it is a larger caliber gun that is lightweight and powerful.

Chambered in 10mm, it has more than enough power to take down large predators if needed.

This Glock works well with many high-velocity rounds.

I found that it never had any problems while using:

  • Doubletap Equalizer 230 grain JHP rounds

What’s the best ammo for the Glock 42?

My recommended ammo for the Glock 42 are the:

  • NovX Cross Trainer Competition 60 grain ammunition
  • Federal American Eagle IRT 75 grain flat nose ammo


The Glock 42 is another concealed carry pistol, but this one is chambered in 380 ACP.

While it is much bigger than other ultra-compact 380 handguns, it handles much better.

It is much more comfortable to shoot.

It is the smallest Glock pistol out there, with a length just shy of 6 inches.

It is extremely slim and compact, being just under an inch wide.

Because of the small frame, this Glock does well with lighter loads of 380 ACP when you can find them.

Avoid the 90 or 95-grain options and instead, opt for smaller loads.

What’s the best ammo for the Glock 43?

My favorite ammo for the Glock 43 is:

  • Hornady Critical Defense 115 grain JHP ammunition
hornady critical defense ammo
Hornady Critical Defense 115 grain JHP ammunition.

The infamous Glock 43 is one of the most popular concealed carry guns on the planet.

It is a single stack 9mm handgun that has a slim profile.

It can easily be concealed on a waistband or in a pocket at only four inches in height.

For ammo, the Glock 43 is best suited for personal defense rounds.

Due to its lightweight, lighter loads in 9mm are best.

Try 115-grain bullets rather than the popular 135 or 147-grain varieties.




Frequently Asked Questions about Glock Ammo

Can you shoot reloaded ammo in a Glock?

Glock advises that you use the proper caliber that correlates with your particular Glock model and to avoid reloaded ammunition. While reloaded ammo is safe to use in Glocks, using this type of ammo will void your warranty on the firearm. Because there is no quality control on reloaded ammo, Glock cannot guarantee it will not damage or hurt your pistol.

Can a Glock shoot plus P ammo?

Some +P ammunition meets SAAMI guidelines, but +P+ usually does not. This ammo may generate a higher pressure than standard ammunition, which could shorten the life of the parts of your firearm.



That covers our ammo recommendations for Glock handguns.

The best thing to do with any ammo is test it yourself. So pick up a box and see how it performs at the range.

If you’d like more 9mm ammo recommendations, check out this deep dive into the ballistics of several popular rounds:


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