1000 Yard Scope

Best 1000 Yard Scope: Buyer’s Guide

In this article, we are happy to enlighten you with all the information that we have regarding the best 1000 yard scope.

There are many listed in our topic today from which you can choose the one which suits you and your rifle the most. This topic consists best over the best 1000 yard scope you can choose from.

There is a milestone that every shooter wants to achieve of hitting the target 1000 yards away and can be only achieved with the best 1000 yard scope only.

Many shooters look forward to doing this while trying and achieving their ability to shoot the targets to get them even more skilled behind the rifle.

It might be one of the best feelings for some shooters while they are behind the rifle to hear a gong ding from such a long distance.

This could only be heard when the target is hit after a carefully executed shot is made, and this can be only done by the skilled shooters to achieve and maintain their honor of shooting targets at this sight range only with the best 1000 yard scope.

While it takes a hell of a fight in skills to hit a target at this range and there are very few that can make this happening only with the correct optic.

Without wasting any of our time let’s get you going to the review of the best 1000 yard scope.

1. Primary Arms SLX 4-14×44

Primary Arms SLX 4-14x44

If you are looking for an optic scope to reach your milestone of 1000 yards you would find the name Primary Arms in most of the top-rated best 1000 yard scope with good reasons.

The SLX series is one of the strongest and greatest optics, as it is a great line that offers the best high-quality lenses with rugged constructions.

This scope comes with a magnification up to 14x to make your target clear at sight and in the range up to 1000 yards and beyond.  

The reticle is that is used in this optic scope is graduated, and is also calibrated for 30-06  which is a cartridge that is extremely helpful for reaching out extensive ranges.

On the other hand, the reticle is very helpful in ranging out situations in hunting as its turret is capped. As most of the hunters know, the capped turret is ideal for hunting targets over 1000 yards.

But in hunting situations, somehow this feature can be overlooked because it does not give you the total and actual amount of time to fully calculate the DOPE of the target that might be only available at that position for a short amount of time.

But this optical scope by the Primary Arms is still chosen by most of the sharpshooters to finish the endgame of a target.

2. Mueller Target Rifle Scope

Mueller Target Rifle Scope

If you are here finding the best 1000 yard scope in an easy friendly budget than this scope by Muller is the accurate choice for you as it is a budget-friendly optic scope.

That can come in handy for shooters to achieve their milestone of hitting the target at 1000 yards or beyond.

This scope holds some of the best features you can find in the highly expensive ones, and yet it is a reasonable choice for most of the shooters these days.

The magnification power which you get from this scope is 8-32x, which is more than enough to off-limit your comprehensive sight to achieve hitting the target even far away from 1000 yards.

This optical scope offers Mildot reticle, which will assist you in holding over the range while further assisting.

You in range estimation, with its exposed turrets and parallax adjustment, features you can easily adjust the DOPE of the target easily while at the time of the shooting.

On the other hand, this scope is featured affirmatively choice for bench rest shooters as this scope weighs about1.6 pounds, which can be helpful in absorbing the recoil while you settle your rifle for firing. 

3. Burris Optics XTR II

Burris Optics

While we were conducting research on this article, we were amazed by this specific scope by Burris.

There are not very compatible optical scopes by this brand as the only referring brands of creating one of the best scope holders are Leopold, Zeiss, or Primary Arms.

But this scope amazed us in a way with its high-class specs and features that we could not resist to include it in our list of best 1000 yard scope review.

Whereas, this scope holds exposed turrets and parallax adjustments which are commonly preferred by the shooters that they want to use for maximum long-range shots.

Another feature of this optical scope is that it holds zero stops, which makes it extremely practical for making adjustments without the effort of lifting your head from the back of the optical scope, which is one of the best features to mention.

Another great feature that is offered by this fantastic scope is that the magnification can be lifted up to 40x, which is foremost enough for tracking the target while it is on the move.

The 50mm objective lens paired with a 32mm main tube offers a wide variety of structural lengths that can be used to have the shooter they’re off-limits for hitting the target.

4. Primary Arms Classic Series 4-16x44mm

Primary Arms Classic Series

As we discussed before that whenever you are looking for the best optical scopes that have the ability to increase the shooter’s aim up to 1000 yards you will find the name of this brand Primary Arms in most of the lists.

This is another great creation by Primary Arms in the field of best 1000 yard scope.

It might look difficult to find a scope that would keep standing while the testing time and rigors of intermediate cartridge recoil.

But we can assure you that you can always trust the products by Primary Arms for being affirmatively strong in their build quality.

This optical scope offers you a wide variety of magnification that would make you take an executive shot over a 1000 yards away target.

Whereas its exposed turrets and parallax would give you a peaking opportunity to adjust your DOPE for the target.

The turret makes a very precise of ¼ MOA adjustments with tactile and audible clicks for assisting you to make the adjustments without picking up your head from behind the optical scope.

Which makes it easier for the shooter to take and aim easily even after they do their adjustments.

For choosing your shot primarily over long-range shots make sure your scope is at its maximum magnification in this reticle because it is a second focal plane reticle.

5. Nighforce Optics 12-42x56mm BR

Nighforce Optics

This optical scope is for those who have dreamt to be the most precise about their target even away after 1000 yards.

The Nightforce is the very best optical scope which is precise in their scopes, believe us this is the scope to use.

This is the scope from the ground up specifically that is built to meet the demand of every bench rest shooter, in a situation.

Where every inch of the fraction is critical and crucial for maximum consistency and accuracy.

With this scope on your rifle, you can be assured that any miss from the shooter would not be from the moderation of the scope from any variation between the shots.

The scope comes with large exposed turrets and parallax in the right place you would ever want them to be for the maximum accuracy on the Nightforce scope.

We bet you won’t know what makes this scope so ideal for bench rest shooters and why is this scope preferred by most of the bench rest shooters is because of its .125 MOA adjustment of the turret per click.

This is only offered in the most precise optical scopes available in the rifle optics from any scopes from the market, which is meant to ensure accuracy while aiming.

Another feature that makes this scope ideal for stationary shooters is that this item weighs about three pounds, making it an ideal decision for having the best aiming stability to its recoil whenever a bullet is fired. 

6. Leupold VX-5HD


When it’s the talk about long-range optical scopes we can not miss the name Leupold a manufacturing brand which is known in the market for its best rugged optical scopes.

Which are very best and precise for taking long-range shots to another level of advancement.

When we are talking about durability, we mean the real military level grade durability; the brand is known for its superior level lenses made by glass and military level durability on their products.

Whereas, when it’s the big talk about the magnification, the Leupold offers a 3-15x magnification in this scope, which is fair enough for about 1000 yards away target.

On the other hand, there are five different reticle options placed that you can select from which is why it is a great option for nearly any preference.

As this scope is a battery-based optical scope, there is this great technology introduced in this that the illuminated reticle is endured with a motion detection sensor that will power down illuminated projection to save the battery.

But it will instantly power it up when the scope is even slightly moved for the shooter so there would be no inconvenience while aiming at the target.

The turrets which are used on this scope are relatively low profile, which can be nice for those hunters or tactical use for less likely to be caught while on the move.

Best Scope for 1000 Yard Shooting: What to Look for?
Buyer’s Guide:1000 Yard Scope

Before purchasing any optical scope there are some things that should be kept in the notice before you make a purchase, elsewhere on the other hand.

You must have knowledge about the product you are about to purchase to make the right decision and a worthy one.

If you do not have the right information, on the other hand, it would lead you to a total loss and a decision that isn’t very much in your favor. 

Sometimes some people might have this misconception when looking for a sniper rifle scope which would offer them the stability and aiming abilities to even reach over the 1000 yards away target.

Whereas, if this is not the case, there are many shooters that rely on 9x or even greater to be more than enough and might even prefer some of the most extreme magnification ones which are available in the market. 

We genuinely and generally prefer you to use an optical scope with the least a 9x magnification or more if you desire not to miss the golden one-time shot or a one-time chance.

You would get to hit a target over 1000 yards and for that, we are here to guide you on what to look for in the best 1000 yard scope to make your choice a worthy one.


As many shooters have different preferences and it would be a waste of time arguing over which reticle is better or which reticle is superior for long shooting ranges and it would be considered a mistake on arguing this.

Whereas, we suggest you always look for an optical scope that has to offer you a graduated reticle for your assistance in making the superior adjustments to your own defined point of aim.

As for giving you a release for making time to time changes and adjustments on the turrets as well.

This can become very aggravating when you have to compensate for changing winds or moving targets. 

While there is another thing that you should make sure is that your graduations present in the reticle matches the ones on the turrets;

even though whichever they are, the MOA or MRAD make sure they match or you would end up in the situation where you would be continuously solving math equations when converting data from reticle into turrets.

Main Tube and Objective Lens Size:

Whenever you take this to an expert, they would always tell you that the physical sizing of the scope is very much important when you are in a situation where you start ranging out for the other target.

Whereas, in short, the larger the objective lens the wider view of the field you would get which makes it pretty simple why to choose a lens with the larger objective lens. 

And this especially comes in handy when you are in a position where you have to do the scanning of the targets.

Whether you are in a hunting or a tactical situation. On the other hand, a larger objective lens also helps in gaining more light.

Where the larger main tube stand is that the larger main tubes allow you to do the necessary elevation adjustments, the standard sizes of the main tube on the majority of the scopes available on the market is 30mm.

But sometimes which is not enough and does not leave you with the kind of elevation adjustments you want to make.

Whereas, the 30mm leaves you with plenty of room for a flat cartridge like the 6.5 Creedmoor.

But if you are having your goal to make a 1000 yards away short with this (which is very challenging but possible.

You would require all the room for adjustment as possible and a bigger main tube scope would be helpful for that.


As we are purchasing the optical scopes for a heavy-duty purpose to hit a target which is 1000 yards away and would be doing.

It with an intermediate or a large calibrated rifle whereas, most of the users can also be using the pretty impressive heavy-duty rifles especially one of the bolt action sniper rifles.

Where on the other hand both of these badass machines mean that there would be a significant amount of recoil present at the time of firing a bullet any.

Where you might not need an optical scope that is bombproof you would still be required an optical scope that can handle each and every sensation made by every shot that is fired.

We are pretty sure you would be damn disappointed when purchasing a scope from a poorly manufacturing company that boasts their product is affirmatively strong.

But wouldn’t be able to handle the regular use under the circumstance would make you lose hope. 


In this article, we lend you all the information we had with the best 1000 yard scope that could be a great choice for making a shot over 1000 yards.

Our job was to lead you to the best and the best 1000 yard scope and we are happy to tell you that we have done our job, each and every scope that is listed in our article is one of the powerful scopes.

You could find in the market and all the information related to them is from a verified source as well.

We hope that you would like the information that we have shared with you and would make a worthy choice for choosing any 1000 yard scope relatively.