hunter with hunting rifle and dogs sunset
hunter with hunting rifle and dogs sunset

About Us

The Real Gun Guys are a group of people who respect the great equalizing power of guns and are on a quest to learn more about our right to own them, and our duty to use them safely when necessary to protect and provide.

We cover guns, gear, and gun culture. This includes discussing all types of firearms, gun scopes, gun safes, gun holsters, and other related outdoor equipment for the modern sportsman. From hunting and survival, to self-defense and warfare, we write about all the ways guns are used. We also go into detail about how to take care of your guns. We prioritize Gun Safety above all else. Every gun should be treated with respect, caution, and skillful awe.

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Ownership History

The Real Gun Guys website and brand has changed hands several times over the past few years.

As of 2022, the brand and it’s assets are now owned and operated by Paris Vega Media (AKA, Hyper Tribal).


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