10 Best 308 Rifle Scopes (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

Here we have shared the Top 10 Best 308 Rifle Scope of 2021!

The 308 is one of America’s favorite sounds and supported the armed forces for such a long time and another point to take notice of the .308 gun Winchester is that it was like rifle full-powered and.

It is suitable for long-range shooting and moderates both so you have to pair it with the right scope for .308 because it offers what it promises.

 In 1952 the category was first who discovered the .308 Winchester has gotten one of the most mainstream rifle chambering available.

Accessible in each rifle activity type from semi Auto to bolt .308 offers plenty of choices.

How to Choose a Rifle Scope for a .308?

The scope is an important part of a rifle which gives you the strength to catch your target even if it is on distance.

In a 308 rifle, you have a lot of options in scopes because there are several scopes introduced with this rifle with the best features.

308 has too many options and best features in it and if you use the right scope with it you will sweep your target and kill him on the spot.

308 never misses its target and is a good performer in the field of war and always delivers you as its promise the best. 


These rifle scopes come in different sizes and features and all sizes have different prices. You can purchase it according to your budget easily.

If we talk about sizes so there are 40 mm to 56 mm objective lenses which are the best performance of your rifle scope.

For an average shooter, it comes in 1-inch tubes to a 30 mm along with the best sizes and increases in weight. .308 mostly Rifles are heavy in weight like 8 pounds.

If you can’t carry the weight of these Rifles so don’t worry it comes along with stands by which you can easily carry the rifle. 


If we talk about features so all Rifles have different features and they all give their best while you are hunting for shooting something.

They have the best lenses and best shapes which attract you towards them. Many Rifles come in lightweight which is easy to carry for Hunters.


You can purchase these Rifles on your budget and these Rifles come in at $300 to 1300 dollars.

But nowadays these riflescopes cost $500 in the industry and if you want the best features in a rifle so you can also find it for $1000.

Best Magnification for .308 Rifle Scope:

Aim at least for a sight that can fire the lengths you intend to shoot and a kit that is able to bring for the entire day.

You can purchase those scopes which have the best magnifications and are really simple but if you go shooting for the first time, you will immediately regret it.

So you have to purchase rugged exterior coatings and BDC reticle magnifications which are the best for .308 rifle scope.

Red Dot VS Fixed Power VS Variable Power Optics for .308:

Red dots have different types of sights that display an illuminated and act as the operator’s exact aim level.

But if you want the best Red Dot scope which is mainly designed for objectives within 100 yards so AR-15 is the best for you. 

You can also find the best-fixed power scope on the market like Leupold Scout, Bushnell banner, 4 Weaver, CV Life, and many more.

The fixed power scope is the best scope because it has unique features and designs which are used to control and adjust the scope. The benefit of a fixed power scope is that you have a better and sharper vision of the set area.

In variable power it is a high optic energy factor which applies to the magnification scale to any rifle scope at a genuine 1x power and maximum magnification is 4x, 6x, and 8x.

Nikon M 308 VS P 308

Nikon M has the best weight and looks like the weight of the product is 4 to 16×42 which is best for scopes and extremely heavy but understandable.

If you want this product, Matte black looks fantastic on the top and there is also a label on the eyepiece M-308 which can be hidden quickly.

Best Scopes for .308 Rifles on the Market Review!

In the market, you can find many categories of .308 rifles along with the best features and sizes.

All these rifles come at different prices according to your budget, so here are 10 best rifles reviewed for .308 you would love definitely.

1- Vortex Optics Crossfire II 3-12×56 AO Hog Hunter Riflescope

It is one of the best performer scopes in our list vertex optics 3 – 12 x 56 crossfire ll.

This scope is for professional shooters and hunters who want to achieve their target and want incredible performance and success while using 308 scopes.

Using a 308 type rifle with such a scope of vortex you will feel yourself one of the best hunters.

This scope is itself very well performed if you are using this scope in low light for achieving the target like you are going in the early morning or the evening.

When the light is extremely low this scope will help you to see the object with a bright reticle and you will find ease to short your target.

In most of the scope, your eyes are not relaxed because of a long time fitting in this scope but you will find you are in the more relaxing mode in this scope because they have given a comfortable eye box so that you can easily picture your target.

Everyone wants to relax mode to picture their target and if you have a scope like this you will perform very well. 

This scope is made up of a single tube of aluminum which is constructed very well and also helps you in shocking situations because it is shockproof fog proof and even waterproof. It is made up of nitrogen-purged seal design.

If you are in force and you will find that there is the objective lens in this scope you will appreciate this scope because if you are in fieldwork and your scope there is objective lens it will give you more advantage than your enemy and you have a clear view with a multi-coated lens which make you superior than your enemy

It also has an anti-reflective coating which helps in boosting light transmission and gives you a perfect result to view.

This scope will entertain the professional shooter in hunter especially in the armed forces of the countries.

2- UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope

If you are looking for compact scope then this scope will be the best option for your rifle.

All the professional shooters love to shoot with this scope because of its performance and also that attracted by its price it is the best option for hunting and professional shooting.

This scope is suitable for AR-10, AR-15, and 308 rifle scope. With this scope, you can experience much unique shooting and it with the advanced features of this scope will make your shooting more beneficial and easier.

You can find this model in multi-colors which will suit your rifle. This scope is available in the market with almost 36 colors.

The scope which will fulfill your requirement along with beauty will be a good option to purchase.

This scope is a good performer in low light. Because many scopes will help you in shooting in daylight but if you are shooting at night and scope is specialized in working with low light that will make your shooting more interesting and awesome.

In low light, it gives you a perfect target for achieving performance. This feature is one of the best advantages of this scope.

Everybody wants to lock the target very hard so that this shooting becomes successful. This scope has zero lockings and zero resettings which will give you genuine strength and command over the target.

You can easily trust it because of its key features like waterproof shockproof and fog proof. And your performance will never be interrupted while using this scope with your rifle.

This scope is easy to adjust and has the perfect accuracy which will make you fall in love with this scope.

3- Nikon Buckmasters II 3-9x40mm Riflescope

This scope is also highly recommended by the menu of the professional armies of the world; this scope is made by Nikon.

Rifles like 308 shooters love this kind of scopes which are famous for their wide range shooting and accuracy. This pop is also known for its highly waterproof quality.

This scope is made up of a very strong body and comfortable to use. It is able to lock its target and it gives the shooter a calm environment to hit the target.

This scope can cover a large range and can help you in aiming the target especially at the fore range.

Many world shooters recommend this scope because of its great waterproof feature and it also has O’Ring sealed This scope can help you shooting in long sleeves because it is set at a hundred yards distance.

This scope will help you in any of the situations low light highlight even in a fog because it is waterproof for proof and is considered best for its special purpose.

4- Primary Arms 4-14×44 FFP Riflescope

Primary Arms 4-14×44 FFP Riflescope

This scope is number forth on my list. It also has unique features like every other scope that’s why they are famous all around the world.

This scope is highly recommended because of its special performance and its durability that’s why I have selected this scope in my guide.

This scope is made up of aluminum with high quality. It was launched in the market in black color.

If the scope is Best in working and also strong by the body then everybody wants to have a scope like this and will enjoy it with the rifle.

It also has a long-range and shakes less environment if the shooters will find a shapeless scope with fog-proof then the fun of shooting will increase double and you will now easily hit your target and achieve your best. 

This scope has been used by many armies of different countries and they found it best while shooting in hitting the target and they also praise its features. Which are very unique and different from another scope.

This scope is loved by those who are shooting from high ranges and want this scope with their rifles like the 308 and others to make the performance best with the combination of rifle and scope.

If you are a Sharpshooter and want sharper results than others then you try this scope with your rifle and it will find yourself special for others.

5- Vortex Optics Diamondback HP 4-16×42 BDC Riflescope

This scope has been manufactured by HP company. The features of this scope are highly professional and best for hunting.

This scope has been chosen by a number of armies in the world and their Sharpshooter uses this diamondback optics scope of HP.

This scope is famous for its long-range shooting and it is made up of a very strong body e with the best features in it like shake-proof for proof and we’ll also be able to find the target in low light and make the shooter comfortable with it. 

This scope is highly versatile and has very good dimensions and this scope can easily be attached with a large number of shotguns and rifles like blackboard rifles and rimfire rifles.

If you are a good hunter and have a rifle like a 308 and its scope like diamondback HP then you will feel yourself in paradise that whenever you shoot you will hit the target with the help of this wonderful combination of scope and rifle.

It is also recommended because of its fast focus eyepiece which is playing a very beautiful role in this scope. Which helps the hunter to focus the target speedily and easily.

This scope is easily available in the market and if you are from the armed forces then you can easily purchase it and also try it with your rifle and I am sure that it will give you the best results as per your wish. 

As told you about that this scope is getting famous among hunters and shooters because of its features it has a wonderful feature like fog proof.

Which will help you shoot in a fog environment with a high level of confidence because your scope is fog proof and also do not shake while shooting which means you have a proper chance to hit your target with the highly professional scope and rifle.

6- Burris 2-7x32mm Scout Ballistic Plex Reticle Riflescope

Here’s come another masterpiece on our list. This group has all those qualities which a professional shooter is expecting.

This scope is made up of strong material. It is very accurate in achieving its target because it has a cozy lock system which helps in accuracy and also has a steel post with coil spring.

This scope has the ability to hit the target even in the long long range and this scope has a very comfortable lens in it.

The way this scope behaves with the rifle it gives the hunter complete confidence that he can achieve with this combo all the desired targets with this rifle.

If the scope is not good enough and the rifle is quite good it will not work that good which you were expecting but if you have a scope like this which will give you maximum result up to 95% and it has a clear view to your target. 

This scope is completely waterproof for proof and checks proof which will give great confidence to the shooter and it will find the target very easily and shoot it very strong.

This scope looks very nice with the rifles and especially with 308, the combination of both these two will give the hunter powerful vibes that help him in achieving the target and hit it right on the aim.  

This scope has very tight control and provides complete eye relief to the hunter and also so famous because it does not create dark rings at the age of the scope;

These all qualities will help the shooter to achieve the target in the very fast mode which will make him more secure and confident.

7- Leupold VX-3i 3.5-10x40mm Riflescope

This scope has attracted my lot because it is an all-rounder scope that is beyond the skills of the hunters and shooters.

I feel that this scope has quite good features than others and it must have to be in the list of best scopes all around The World especially for the rifles.

This scope has a duplex reticle which makes it more awesome and perfect in working because the professional shooters and hunters always want the best rifles to short their target and it also needs the best scope for the rifle.

Because the combination of a good scope like Leupold VX-3i is best for the shooters especially the professional shooters of armed forces of the countries. 

The scope is made up of strong and tough material. And it is very easy to target because it is so satisfying and easy to do so.

It has fast eyepiece which makes you very confident in aiming your target and you are a hundred percent sure to hit your target hard.

There are many more features in this scope which will make you love it.

With a strong body, it has features like waterproof for proof shake-proof and much more which will help you to shoot in low light dark light and every mood and make you more professional and perfect in the shooting.

The riflescope also has heavy recoil with ammunition and rifles which makes you more perfect and 0% chances of losing.

Every shooter wants his eye in relax mode and complete relief while shooting and this scope takes care of it.

How to Zero a Scope for 308?

Based on whether you choose miles or MOA, the most typical zero for .308 rifle scope would be 100 yards or 100 meters.

Most hunters would either have shots inside hundred yards so for most targets this is an easy straight point to be willing their base changes on the scope. 

So as long the first shots are on goal at this range, zero is fairly straightforward. You can also be zeroing a .308 rifle scope at 10 yards to 25yards.

How to Mount a Scope?

This will be known that you are trying to reach an optimum decision while mounting a scope onto your .308.

In long-range shooting, there are enough considerations that might be unreliable such as the ability of the gunman, the standard of ammo, and the barrel’s position.

In any difficult case, you don’t require an incorrectly positioned scope. You have to mount the rings, choose the rings, lapping the rings, lock down the scope, and leveling the scope in the ring for mounting a scope.

How Far Can .308 Shoot?

Depending on the gun a .308 projectile may travel miles while shot from a weapon.

The projectile is transonic at about 1100 yards and if you use modified ammunition a projectile that moves from subsonic to supersonic can lack momentum and the precision can decrease considerably.

What are Some Scope Magnifications You’d Recommend for .308?

Configuration is very important because all the 4x is a perfect magnification for a War weapon or combat weapon.

Everyone wants a power rangers configuration for big gaming hunting about 3x to 9x. And for precise rifles, these magnifications are between 8x to 12x which has different applications and variances.


The .308 rifle is the best choice for you because it can steer you in the right direction and provides you with the best lenses you want to combine with your weapon.

It has the greatest tool in Arsenal which has the best ability to work ultimately.

You can enjoy it by using these weapons and spend more time on it for New Shooting set up.